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request :)


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so good morning people

i would really like to make a request for you'll there who can edit Map's and do it really great ( most of you'll)( and btw sorry for my bad english... I am actually Moldavian)

so lets get to the point:

i would like a mode that would include (something like Admin Console (which exist's) but with a feature to control ped's (spawn them (allso gangs))

some mode's to make my SA more like LS (more real), some smart Ped's (cops and gangs), more real attacks on my Turfs ... well what i mean that i want my SA to look more Real but i still had possibility to control every thing around ME smile.gif hopefully it could be done smile.gif (and i realy dont care if you Edit the main.scm , and i have to start the whole game allover again:)


and if you dont have Time or just didnt read every thing i wrote : can you just give me some hints which mode's (and combos of) will coplete my requests smile.gifwink.gifrah.gif

btw feature to control my Stars (posbility to frezz stars, add 1 star etc.)

thank you'll for attention smile.gifbiggrin.gif

.... hm i think you'll want to say : killyoursellfyoudumdum! suicidal.gif

am i right? biggrin.gif

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You don't need to post this here... there's a recruitment & request forum for this...

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That's not a map request - it's largely a SCM request. Do you want the map edited at all?


In any case, the best place for you to post this is as a reply to Coding Requests.

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