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Hi, me and a few other guys are planning a project. I don't want to tell too much about it but we're extremely keen on doing that! Don't compare the mod with others of my projects like vice village etc, because here we're planning something different, something rockstar-like. :>

It's not ought to be a replica of a city, not a completely new game, although it's ought to come like a new gta. So, it's not gonna be a real city like GTA Frankfurt or GTA Berlin, no,

we want to parody a city but not rebuild it, but how I said, I don't want to tell too much at this moment.

That's why the whole thing will happen excluding the community initially, untill we have something to show. Then there will also be the first information etc.

Of course now you're wondering "What is this wacko now opening this thread for?" ^^, but I can tell you. :>

I'm opening it, because we're still looking fpr members for this project, no matter what skills they have. A project like this

needs helpers and the more the merrier. :> If you are interested you can contact me via PM or ICQ. (number: 209056214)

Alright then, see ya. :>





A little clue:


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The Mod Showroom is only for posting previews/downloads of completed or near finished mods.
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