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I didn't go out with denis robinson and now when i go for a date she dumps me i saw this topic in which it says that after collecting all oysters they well not dump u so i collected all oysters now she dumped me again what should i do

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when the ladies say "It's over!", that pretty much means it's over biggrin.gif


there's not much more you can do except start from a save wehre she's still dating you...the oysters don't bring back girlfriends that have dumped you...they only remove the appearance requirements that every girl demands of CJ, and makes him always desirable when he's dating them...this does not mean that CJ can't be dumped...


You'll Never WalK Alone

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its not actually necessary to date any of the girlfriends, except one. Millie, in Los Venturas is the only person that you really need to date, just up until she gives you the keycard that you need for the mission anyway. Once you have that in your hot little hands, then you can waste her ass if you like. dating the gf's is not needed to give you 100% game completion.


hope this helps.

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