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Grand Theft Auto IV: New York

Tommy Montana

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Tommy Montana

Here is a Fanfic I made on a small community forum and they said it was good. At the moment, I'm trying to finish the last part of the story. But for now, you can read this part of my Fanfic. Enjoy.





Grand Theft Auto IV: New York


"I'm a Hitman, not just any usual Hitman, I've got a gift. I use my special gift to kill people and get money back. Maybe, just maybe, this city can offer me more than just money"



Main Characters


Tom Armstrong

Age: 25

Likes:Cars, Guns, Money, Mansions

Dislikes: The Police

Bio: Tom use to live in Chicago, and moved away to get rid of his past, he starts his new life in New York.



Local FigureHeads




Age: 35

Contact Number: 23477654



Age: 24

Contact Number: 5234798

Character Information: A club Manager that lives on the East side of New York



Age: 40

Contact Number: 23654587

Character Information: A Business man that works with Don Martinez



Age: 25

Contact Number: 26674268

Character Information: He owns the Largest GYM in New York. He too Friendly which becomes a problem.


Ya Boy LB

Age: 23

Contact Number: No contact Number

Character Information: One of the gang members from West Side Hoods.



Each of these Contacts you meet will give you a Job, so don't refuse their offer, they're giving lots of money.



Radio Stations


Head Radio

Hosted By: Mikey Windsor & Barbara Hatcher


Opera FM

Hosted By: Domonic Hustin


K-Jah East

Hosted By: Dwayne


New York Jam

Hosted By: Sizzle & N.V.


MSX 05

Hosted By: DJ X


Rise FM

Hosted By: Andre the Accelerator



Hosted By: Laslow



How To Find Your Way Around



East Side Of New York


This is the Industrial Zone. You will find the docks, the east side of Downtown, Warehouses, Factories, Markets, Garages. This Part of the city is mostly for people who are despertly looking for good uses of jobs, money, and even houses, you'll be bound to find alot of jobs here.



DownTown New York


This is the Centeral Business District. This is where all the big business takes place In New York. You'll find many Business men and women walking their way around town. You'll be amazed that all the jobs they have here are all full, you best find a job here before everything at the Job Center get's filled in.



West Side New York


Formaly Known as The "Bad Land". This place is were most of the robbery's happen by the Gang Bangers. Along side, killings happen too, So BE CAREFUL not to get in their way or they'll be after you. Jobs in this area are poor, so no point of coming here unless you want to robbing youself.



North Side New York


Surburban Bliss and tranquillity New York Styles. Home to many of the Richest people living in New York as you know it. Jobs here are as frequent in East Side New York, but their are more houses here than anywhere else. You best get a nice mansion before it get's taken away by someone else.



South Side New York


This area is just filled with Factories, and Construction areas, This Island is still under construction due to bombing's that happened a few years ago that let the town go donwhill, so you won't be able access it until their finished,





Latin Kingz - Known as one of the ruthless gangs to be around in New York, they don't like police, S.W.A.T. or Undercover Cops, If they actually see any of them in their site, they actually would just kill them. They live in the East Side of New York.


The Martinez Crime Family - The only mafia gang to be living in New York, they're leader is the Don Vincenzo Martinez. Their gang hate Triads and want them dead. As well they live in the North side of New York.


Looney Tunes - A gang with Mental Disabilities, they not allowed to enter the main city because of their illness, but they live in a mental hospital up the hills. They live in the North side of New York.


The Scientists - A smart gang with future technology that could change the world. They don't use their Technology for the good, they use it form their gang. They live underground the South Side of New York.


West Side Hoods - A cool, smooth gang that knows what it's doing, They smuggle drugs, guns and money from other country. They live in the West Side of New York.


Street Warriors - A gang that loves Illegal Street Racing, they live for Adrenaline, and also live for money, power and cars. They live in Downtown New York.




This is the First Page that contains all the Information, the next Post I do will show the story line, and the Missions.

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Tommy Montana


Mission 1:Introduction




Tom is in his apartment, looking through magazines. And then he switches on the TV. He looks bored, like he's got nothing to do until someone calls him.


"Phone Ringing"


Tom: Hello?


Stranger: Is this Tom Armstrong?


Tom: Yes, it is. Who is this?


Stranger: I can't tell you.


Tom: Why not?


Stranger: On a Need to know basis.


Tom: What should I call you then?


Stranger: Call me "Mr X".


Tom: Ok then "Mr X", what do you want?


Mr X: Ok, here's what I heard from my Organization, they said you would do anything for money right? So I thought maybe you could work for me and I could give you some money.


Tom: Ok, but how did you find my Phone Number?


Mr X: Again, it's on a need to know basis.


Tom: Ok...


Mr X: So here's what I want you to do, I want you to go to the Strip club were a man called Mickey works, go at the back of the Club and use the service door.


Tom: And...?


Mr X: He will give you a Breifcase, DON'T look in it, it's got private stuff, besides it could be locked and then you head to the Cafe were one of my men will be, he's wearing a blue suit on so you can't miss him, give it him and get the f*ck out there.


Tom: Why do I have to leave?


Mr X: Because some goons will be after it.


Tom: Ok, I'll do it now.


Tom Puts the phone down, get's ready and heads to the Club.




Tom: Ok, I need a car, time to get to the garage.


Tom heads to his garage and get's into his car.


Tom: Ok the club is at Marina.


Tom heads to the club and heads at the back of the club to use the Service door.




Tom Knocks on the door.


Mickey: Who's this?


Tom: I've been sent my Mr X, to pick up a Briefcase.


Mickey: It's on the side of were you're standing.


Tom picks it up.


Mickey: Get it too Barney's Cafe before 5 minutes.


Tom: Ok.


Tom walks away and back to his car.


Tom: Damn! Five minutes...


Tom drives to the Cafe and see's the Guy in the blue suit sitting in the cafe.


Tom: Here's you're briefcase.


Guy: Thanks, get out of here NOW.


Tom walks out and see's some guys wearing Red Suits.


Red Guy: GET THAT c*nt!


Tom: sh*t!


Tom get's in his Car and escapes away from the Cafe.


Tom then Later arrives back at his safehouse.


Tom: Atleast I'm active again!



Respect: 1+

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Tommy Montana


Mission 2: Cut Throat Business




Tom is in his apartment watching TV until the phone rings.


Tom: Hello?


Mr X: It's me again...


Tom: Uh... Now what do you want?


Mr X: There's a special job waiting for you...


Tom: What is it?


Mr X: Killing Someone.


Tom: Really!? About time.


Mr X: Your objective is to kill a former gang member of thr Latin Kingz. This man is around the alley way in DownTown New York waiting for someone, his contact will be their at 21:00 in which you've got 3 hours to assinate him.


Tom: I like that, but my weapons were taken away from my Land Lord and I can't get it back.


Mr X: Well Find any weapon you can and kill him. Ok..?


Tom: Yeah Alright...


Tom puts the phone down and heads outside.




Voice: Can you hear me Tom?




Voice: Sorry to scare you Tom, It's me Mr X, I'm watching you.


Tom: Oh... Why the f*ck do you want to watch me!?


Mr X: To make sure you're going to do the right thing. Now their's a Dagger in a box next to you're car, pick it up.


Tom Picks the Dagger up.


Mr X: Good, now I want you to go to the alley where the former "Gang Banger" is.


Tom heads into his car and goes straight to the alley way.


Mr X: Good you're here.


Tom: So he's in there right?


Mr X: Yes, go get him.


Tom runs into the alley way and see's a gang member leaning on the wall. Tom makes his move and attacks him.


Gang Member: HEY!! WHAT THE...


Gang Member: AHHHHHHHHH!!!


Tom begins to stab the gang member until he stops breathing.


Mr X: Ok, now I want you to grab the body and put it in the dumpster.


Tom puts the body in the Dumpster and then the contact comes.


Mr X: Good job Tom. One contact, but no gang member sight. Ok you can go back to you're safehouse and get some rest. It must of took some time to kill that gang member.


Tom: No professional killer get's tired of this job, I'm ready to kill any of these gang members since they desserve to be killed.


Mr X: Good, then this means more work for you. I also forgot to mention that at you're safehouse their's a briefcase containing money. It's got $5,000 and it's yours to keep.


Tom: Finally... Some money.


Tom heads out of the area and back to his Safehouse.


Tom: Ok, well im tired. yawn.gif Time to go bed then.


Tom walks back to his safehouse.




CASH: $5,000

BONUS: Dagger is available in the Basement in you're safehouse.

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Seems really interesting, but there's one really anoying grammar mistake you do often.

"Your" means possetion of something, like "There's a brieface in your apartment"

"You're" is short for "You are", like "You're stupid"

Try not to mix those 2, it get's anoying to read it like that.

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Tommy Montana

Oh man, I forgot about that, I'm just tired thats all, even in this sentence I've put, so I'm not going to change it since I don't feel bothered. In my next Mission I'll take your advice in my next mission





Mission 3: Meeting Mickey




Tom is in his bed sleeping until the phone starts ringing.


"Phone Ringing"


Tom: Hello?


Mr X: It's me again.


Tom: Now what? I'm trying to sleep here.


Mr X: Yeah, I know, but their's a job I want you to do.


Tom: Let me guess, it's another boring job...


Mr X: No. I want you to contact Mickey, the guy you met at the club.


Tom: Ok, but why?


Mr X: Because, he's got work for you and he thinks you're pretty good as a Handy-Man.


Tom: Oh really?


Mr X: Yes, His contact number is 23477654. I repeat it's 23477654.


Tom is writing the address down.


Tom: Ok, I got his number down.


Mr X: Good, that means their's no jobs for you from me now. If there is any, I will contact you directly.


Tom: Alright.


Tom puts the phone down, and goes back to sleep. A few hours later he contact's Mickey.


Mickey: Hello? Who's this?


Tom: My name is Tom. I'm the guy that got the briefcase at you're club.


Mickey: Oh yes, I know you, I you did a good job for getting that briefcase back to it's owner.


Tom: So, you're looking for a Handy-Man that could do you a job huh?


Mickey: Yes, I am still looking. You Interested?


Tom: Yeah, I can help.


Mickey: Good, meet me at my club, I'll be at the back of the club waiting.


Tom puts the phone down and heads straight to the club.


Mickey: Good, you're here. I want you do me a favour.


Tom: Ok sure. How much money will it be?


Mickey: Depends. If you do a good job, you're reward could be more than Mr X gave you.


Tom: How'd you know him?


Mickey: He contacted me.


Tom: Ok then. But now, whats's this favour?


Mickey: I bought some new cars, but the thing is that asshole that owns Auto-Cars isn't allowing me to get the car. So I want you to kill him and get the car back to my Lock-Up. You got it?


Tom: Yeah Man, I got it, I'll head there right now.


Tom Heads out of the service court.




Mickey: Here take this, It's a Cell Phone.


Tom: Ok, thanks.


Mickey: I'll try and contact you as long you pick it up.


Tom: Ok.


Tom heads into his car and goes to Auto-Cars


Tom later walks in and see's a man refusing to give a car away. So Tom thinks that could be the car Mickey was talking about.




Car Salesman: YEAH... Take it... Don't hurt me...


Tom get's into the car and heads away, finding out that the Cops were watching him.






Tom heads to Pay'N'Spray and get's the car colour changed.


Police Radio: The suspect is still at large, find him at all means.


Tom heads back to the lock up and locks the car up. Now the cops are after him.





Whenever you get into trouble, you'll get a Karma Star shown up next to you're Health and Armour Bar. This means that the Police are after you. To avoid them, you need to find a * and then the wanted level will be decreased. Cops around the area won't give up getting you, so if you're in A situation were you have to lose them, use you're weapons. But this will Increase you're wanted level and the Law will try to get you much harder than before. You can change clothes to get rid of you're wanted levels and you can also lose them by completing a mission. Note that if you still have stars after you're mission, this means the cops are still after you.




CASH: $3,000


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Tommy Montana


Mission 4: The Getaway




Tom goes to Mickey's club, and heads straight to the Service Court to talk with Mickey.


Tom knocks on the door.


Mickey: Hey Tommy...


Tom: It's Tom you fool...


Mickey: Yeah. So you interested in another new job?


Tom: Yeah So what do I have to do?


Mickey: 3 friends of mine want to start a bank robbery, so I need you to head over to their place and get ready for the heist.


Tom: Okay, but where are they?


Mickey: Eastern Basin, next to the Cargo Ship.


Tom: Ok, I'll head their.


Tom leaves the Service Court and heads straight into his car.




Tom: The Eastern Basin is just around East Side New York, but I don't know who these guys look like. I'll just have to find them first.


Tom heads to the Eastern Basin Cargo Ship.




Tom: Are you the guys who are going to do the Bank Heist?




Tom: Aye man, chill. Mickey told me about you guys, so I thought helping you guys could get me a bit active than my old day.


Guy: Well if your a friend of Mickey's, then my name is Slavik. My other friends are Oscar and Akuma.


Slavik: Ok, there's some threads in the house over their, get in them and meet me outside.


Tom: Alright, I'll be back in a few minutes.







When you stand in front of a house, the door could be open, Press :triangle and you can open the door. Make sure if an enemy is next to the door, you can open the door stealth by holding triangle and pushing the up slowly. If the enemy is standing right in front of the door you can bash the door open. To do this press triangle twice and you can bash the door open. To make sure anyone is behind the door, you have to find a optic cable which can be found somewhere in the city OR you could look through the key hole to check if someone is behind the door.


Tom walks into the house and finds a Black Mask with Orange Prison clothes.




If you see a clothing Icon, that Icon can change your clothes that your previously wearing into the clothes that you want to wear, go next to it and you can change your clothes. If you don't want to wear the clothes on go back to your safehouse to change it.


Slavik: Good, now you're a REAL robber now. So before we go, I want you to do something to make sure your not rusty. There are some dual pistols, go pick them up.


Tom picks them up.


Slavik: Good, now shoot the Bottles on that stand there.





Press circle to fire. Press L1 to aim and then press circle to fire at the target.


Tom shoot's at all of the bottles on the stand, then he reloads his guns.


Slavik: Good, now I want you to go up that car, and use manual aim and fire at the gas tank. This will make the car explode.




To manual Aim, press L1 and use the analog stick to move around. Then you can fire anywhere by pressing circle


Slavik: Go Tom!


Tom shoot's at the car and the car explodes leading the car to hit Tom. Tom then jumps out of the way.


Slavik: Good Let's go to the bank.


All of the guys leave the area and head straight to the bank.




Slavik: Alright, guys listen up. Here's the plan, I want Oscar and Akuma to stand around the front desk, while me and Tom head straight upstars to the vault ok? Now let's go!


Akuma: Man, What happens if we get killed?


Slavik: Shut up! It happen as long as you listen to me. You clear?


Tom get's out of the car and heads straight into the bank with the guys.












Everyone in the Bank head to the wall and look at it while Slavik, Oscar, Akuma And Tom talk.


Slavik: Tom, come with me. Akuma and Oscar, well you guys just keep these asses from moving ok?


Akuma: Alright.


Slavik and Tom head Upstairs.


Two gaurds see Slavik and Tom and they both fire.


Tom: DAMN! These guys have got SMGs!


Slavik: Just shoot!


Both Gaurds are killed, and a few minutes later they make it to the safe.


Slavik: Ok, we're here. Tom make sure no one is their and don't let any gaurd pass you OK!?


Tom: Ok, ok...


A few minutes later Slavik puts some explosives and makes a run for it.


Slavik: Alright, STAND BACK!


The Safe explodes.


Slavik: C'mon Tom quicky, let's get the money.


Tom: Alright let's go!


Tom and Slavik get the money and get out to the main desk.


Akuma: About time boss!


Slavik: Ok guys let's go.


All the guys get out of the bank, while a officer calls the S.W.A.T. to get them.


Slavik: Alright Oscar, get that car and get us out of here.


Oscar steals the car, and the others get in.




While getting back to the safehouse, both Tom, Akuma and Slavik fire at the S.W.A.T. van thats following them.


Tom, Oscar, Slavik and Akuma make it back to the safehouse.


Slavik: YEEE HAAA, We got $,300,000 in cash.


Akuma: Yeah, now we are rich.


Oscar: Let's get this monet stashed.


Slavik: Ok you guys get it stashed and Tom, Thanks for helping us, for a reward, here's your money.


Tom: Thanks.


Slavik: I'll call you later if anything needs to be done.


Tom walks into the house to get changed, and walks away from the safehouse.



Respect: 3+

Cash: $10,000

BONUS: You have the dual pistols available at your safehouse.




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Would much prefer it if it was an actual story, written in prose. Not to detract from the goodness of what you have here, but it's just a script. Well, not a script, just dialogue. I mean, with the ideas you're creating, it would be much more effective to write an actual fanfic/story as opposed to just dialogue.


Not fond of these types of things. confused.gif

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