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killer striker

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killer striker

how to complete this lame mission ow come on i have to ride around all the 3 islands in 8 minutes!!! i hardly complete 2 islands! muppetmaster_karma.gifanuj_cop.gifdie.gif ( mission is called : esperanto-2-go)

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I think you mean Expresso To Go wink.gif


The best way to the mission is as follows. The time limit only starts when you hit the first stand and as you know they don’t show up on your radar unless you have been to the district or are nearby the stand. So its best to drive around before destroying the first stand so they are all on your radar, there are 9 stands in total.


The locations of the stands are as follows -



Salvatore's mansion

Harbour entrance



The park near Ray's missions

Near car park in Newport

Statue in Torrington

Down the street from the church

In front of the church



In front of Francis International Airport

Hospital at Pike Creek

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I think you mean Espresso-2-Go! wink.gif


And you can find a good mission walkthrough here.


That also contains a map of the stands.

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The best idea is to drive around and find all the stands BEFORE you attack them. Once they are all on your map it's easier, then get a Yakuza stinger and start from one end of the city and work your way across. Drive carefully but fast!, you only have to ram the stands to destroy them, drive away before the columbian inside can shoot at your car (avoid getting out at all, you'll waste time!, if your car catches fire pray for another fast one nearby) and you should be ok.

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Eternal War0

Just thought I should add... For some of them you should just hit them with a rocket launcher... at least that's what I did with the park and the SV subway one


Also use the cheetah, and when in Portland drive like a maniac when you see ANY mafia guys.

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