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The name of this film...


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My friend reminded me of a film he saw years ago that I said I had also seen. Neither of us could remember the name but could just about remember the basic plot. I dont think it was a very good film at all to be honest but now that I am trying to remember what it was called its driving me nuts not being able to remember it.


Basically it was an American film (i think) about a girl that throughout the movie gradually got drawn into the world of prostitution (cos of the people she was hanging out with). I cant remember any of the characters names or who was in it. Just that at one point she is up in a tall apartment block with a rich pimp who is trying to slowly seduce her to work for him. The pimp gets angry with another one of his girls (I think she was black) and he grabs her by the throat and almost throws her off the balcony.

Another scene I remember is the main character (the girl slowly being drawn into prostitution) having an argument with her mother (who is, throughout the film, trying to reason with her and find out what she is up to and where she's going). At the very end the girl has been told by the pimp to go to a motel to wait for a client but at the last minute she doesnt go through with it and the police find her or something.


I think the film might have been set in the 80s-90s but my memory is pretty hazy so I could be wrong. It certainly wasnt older than that though.


Im afraid thats all I can remember of the movie, as i said it wasnt that great. Its not like my life depends upon finding out what it was called but its so annoying not knowing!


Anyone that can remember anything at all I would be greatful! Thanks in advance. smile.gif

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Sounds like a great film, but i've never seen it. I'll ask around for you.

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