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making particles appear in especific part


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Hey again guys. Now the thing I was thinking to do is like this:


IFButtons 1 and 2(to be defined)are  pressedTHENcreate explosion in front of car



Or this



IFbuttons 1 and 2 are pressedTHENset car speed to very highcreate particles on boot


can this be done?

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Ha, you can count on random to be the most helpful of all people. tounge.gif

Why the sarcasm? He answered all of his questions!




Seriously though. At least after knowing its possible, he should do such easy research on his own, like searching known opcode sources for "particle". You don't have to go that extra few meters like you have. tounge.gif

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i think he was talking about creating emitter at specific component of ingame vehicle, which is impossible neither on SA engine. creating static fxsystem will not satisfy his needs in this case either. finally these "atached" to ingame objects are not atached they just get new coordinates for emiter from i.e. vehicle position, what means: at speeds i.e. above 10m/s the effect will be terrible as the particles will travel at speed assigned from the definition file not a vehicle.

thru opcodes you are unable to attach particles in the way the game engine does that (giving them correct velocities of vehicle) and spawning them at vehicle components.

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Well, this isn't quite 'placing on a certain component' really, as he just wants the boot - basically simply the end of the car, which is fairly possible to achieve I'd say, without hardcoding offsets/coords.

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hmmm, ok... How can I make it make an explosion in the front of the car, like a bazooka or make it shoot? I know I might be asking too much... biggrin.gif

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are we talking about visual effects now or about enviromental effects like explosion (visible plus physical)?

get vehicle coordinates XYZ with offset, then create explosion or fxsystem at coordinates you have.

if you want to make vehicle shot non guided missiles you just create apropriate missile/object and then make it move-most probably in loop.

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