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3rd Generation RUF CTR to be made


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RUF is known for their legendary CTR models.


First one was the Yellow Bird in the late 80s. Leaving the supercar range in those days (F40 etc) for dead.


Then mid 90s the second gen came out and with 520hp it had enough grunt to outclass the F50 etc.


Both first gen's were 911 based, however the new 3rd gen will be based on the Cayman.


Powering it will be a 3.8 litre twin turbo pushing out 700hp. Torque is a mindblowing 890nm all hooked onto a 7speed sequential box.

Enough to power the Cayman up to a top speed of 360 km/h, again out classing most of the modern day supercars.


More info will be posted as it's released.


user posted image


For those unfamiliar with the CTR series here are some vids of the old ones...


Yellow Bird:








CTR Showcase





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