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Xbox (first gen.)


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my first time posting in this topic place thingy majig and i did not search (lazy American)


Has anyone filled their xbox hard-drive completely?

like as in can not save on the hard drive anymore.


or even lowerd the memory size at all?


cuz im just curious and wondering if it is possible

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heh, I remember way-back-when thinking that my free memory would never drop below '80,000+ blocks'.. tounge.gif



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Yes. But mine was chipped and I would install games to the hard drive so they ran faster.

Same, I also put music and videos in the bitch. XBMC ftw!

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I copied Vice City (which I own) in order to mod one of the cars, I replaced the Infernus with a Countach BTW. It still said I had 50,000 plus blocks (on the game saves portion anyhow). It really depends on which drive you put stuff on (if you are modded).



International Vehicle Importers

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