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Making a car exclusive


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Hello, I'm new to these forums and had a few questions...


I've recently started to mod my GTA:SA game, and all was going well until I started getting 'random' crashes mid game. I think the problem lies in one of the cars I downloaded. I downloaded a BMW M3 GTR that had 3 extra paintjobs included as well as some custom body kit pieces (looks very nice BTW). It was supposed to be subbed for the elegy but I put it in for the bullet instead (I kinda wanted the BMW to be more exlcusive). This lead to a lot of problems, I think because the bullet doesn't have quiet the mod range the elegy had (extra paint jobs ect). So I put it in for the elegy and it works just fine (no crashes so far... crossing my fingers on this...)


After all this I have a few questions

Can I put this BMW in for the bullet, with the extra paintjobs and body kit parts? If so would I need to rename all the extra paintjobs?


If no then


Can I make the elegy a more 'exclusive' car? Can I make it appear less often, maybe only at the wang's car dealer?


Also just as another point of information, is there a debugger for this game? Like a program that will tell me what is causing my crashes? It kinda sucks trying to guess why the game is crashing, then changing something, then testing the game for 15-20 mins only to have it crash again...



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You can replace the bullet instead, but it will be pretty complicated; you'll need to edit the carmods.dat (replace the bullet mods data with the mods for the elegy) and possibly the shopping.dat (can't remember how much the M3 changes them) so that the bullet will accept all the mods the elegy normally takes, as well as making all the other changes.


Adding the paintjobs to the car if you replace the bullet is just a matter of renaming them to bullet1.txd, bulllet2.txd etc instead of elegy1.txd, elegy2.txd etc, like you said.


Installing the car is complicated enough to start with, so I'd recommend just changing the frequency so that the elegy appears in game less often. The value you need to change is the 'Frq' (Frequency of appearence) column in vehicles.ide. I think the default is 7 for the elegy. A lower value will make it appear less often. Set it to zero and it should only appear where it's set to appear as a parked car, like in Wang's, so that should work exactly as you want it. smile.gif


I don't think there's a debugger, but if you're getting crashes every 15-20 minutes (assuming it isn't overheating related, which it probably isn't if it used to work fine), it might be worth reinstalling the game and DirectX. I've had GTA SA mess up my DirectX installation after a really bad crash, but reinstalling both fixed it.

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