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2 alien models needed

gangsta lies

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gangsta lies

i am making a few mission scripts for gta:sa and I need 2 alien models to be modded for me with their texture. i am not good in making my own models so help will be greatley appreciated. they are key components in the missions of my future mod which will have a unexplained phenonema background in which youy are an agent clearing up strage occourances for the usa and keeping the truth secret.



Model 1:

Grey alien: a bit bigger than CJ. if cj is 4/4 and his legs make up 2/4 the ufo must be 5/4 of cj's size

the alien texture must be grey with jet black, big eyes.


user posted image


model 2:

Green alien: This is a short dark green alien. it must reach up to cj neck 3/4 of cj's size

It needs to have big jet black eyes


user posted image

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