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i have 1 balloon left help me please


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hello, i have only 1 balloon left can someone please help me? here is the picture

http://img86.imageshack.us/img86/815/dsc00304pz8.jpg (kinda blurry but i think you'll see)

can you make a mark of where it is and post back please?

That's not really workable, but if you go here you will find a map you can probably print and then compare to what you're seeing on your screen. Far and away the quickest way to answer your question.


Two likely suspects: if you haven't yet popped one that's way high up on the side of a skyscraper near Hyman, it might be that one, which generally needs a sniper rifle. If you haven't yet landed a helicopter in the hole in the middle of a downtown building to get one, it's that one.

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It's not very easy to see, but it looks like you haven't got one in downtown. It's number 25 on this map. It is in the north of downtown in a palm tree next to an empire building.

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