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3 mafia family bosses = friends?


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First of all, we all know that Sonny is kind of the ex-leader of the Forellis, because his last name is "Forelli". In the intro cutscene in vc, he is sitting in the Saint Mark's Bistro with 2 other guys, and he mainly does the talking. But at one point, the guy with bright hair says some line and, by the voice, you can understand that he is Salvatore Leone, who is the Leone family boss. And, if you think about it, the third guy is possibly a Sindaco family boss, possibly Paulie (or whatever his name was) Sindaco. So, in 1986, all 3 mafia family bosses are sitting in 1 room, talking like good friends, but they become total enemies in all other GTA's. So, in 1986, the 3 families are friends, but they are already enemies in 1992 (when SA story happened). We can all only wonder why they became enemies.


I think this leaves place for thinking.

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Tommy Dickfingers

I found this extract on Wikipedia


"The Leone family was also active in Las Venturas, where they held a stake in Caligula's Casino with the Sindacco and Forelli families, as agreed upon in 1992 (San Andreas), possibly in an attempt to unite the organizations. Salvatore Leone would eventually seize total control of the casino in 1992 after the death of Johnny Sindacco and the murder of Giorgio Forelli, only to have his casino robbed later in a heist organized by former ally Carl "CJ" Johnson. It is assumed that because of the great loss of money from the heist, Salvatore abandons his investments in Las Venturas and returns to Liberty City, allowing the Sindacco family to retake their position within the city, however this is merely speculation. Not only that, but the shock of Carl (previously a loyal associate) betraying him and stealing so much of his money right from under his nose drove the Don to paranoia."


This can be found on this page.



So there you have it. They were friends until 1992 where they had a stake in Caligula's casino, but Salvatore Leone decided to seize control, thus ending the friendship.


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