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Favorite VC Mod + Glitches


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==============Whats Your Favorite VC Mod?================







================My Own GLITCHES=====================

1. There is a building in the area of the ocean view hotel in the alleys that you can walk through a portion of it.


2. If you keep shooting the python gun then hold down the left or right arrow you will see tommy put his legs together.


3. -Difficult- First go to the greasy chopper (downtown) and look at the bike shop in front of it. Behind the door is a secret interior shop with a desk and stuff that ive accidently landed into. First get a pcj600 and fly of the ramp near that weird white building next to the greasy chopper bar. Then land on the roof and keep driving striaght then land on top of the bike shop sign that has a little lidge on it. If you land into the intersection of the sign and the wall like this: wall ---> |_ <-- ledge- land into the the corner intersection. you might glitch into the intersection and land on top of the pcj 600 room roof then you might see greyish white walls that you can jump thru. But carefully try to jump on the counter top or desk because its hard and you can stand on it. Its hard but it takes practice. Or you can try get an angel motorcycle and ram into the pcj 600 room wall or wall corner. This makes you fly and lands u on the roof. There is the two ways of doing it. Ok. So please do not tell anyone that this is your glitch because its mine.

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My favourite VC mod would have to be Dem's Time Vault (one of his many Code Tools). If we're including trainers here, the VC Admin Console is a winner in my books, too.

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