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Multiple Texture GTA3 Player


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I recently installed GTA3 again, felt like modding it up and i noticed that you can't replace Claude with any model that has more than one texture, body and head for example. I was planning to use the Tony model, seeing as i recently played through LCS again. But you have to choose from either a correctly textured head but wrong body, or a correctly textured body and wrong head. (Edit: Tony uses 3 textures in fact, the third being luigi's head for Tony's neck.)




user posted image

(I recoloured his purple suit to black, like the Leone outfit from LCS.)


So, is there any way to play as another story character? I've tried the change skin cheat but seems as though you can only change to peds. Any help appreciated.

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Wow, thanks very much! biggrin.gif Did you remap the texture? I thought it might be something like that but i've only got Milkshape 3D and Zmodeler2, and i'm not really experienced with GTA models in either.

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