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Super CJ Problem!


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Is there a way to turn it off?


When I dance or play some other minigames the game freezes, I can't make it trough "life's a beach", and when I change the SUPER CJ main.scm to the Normal CJ the save can't be opened and the game crashes. sad.gif


There is nothing wrong with my computer:

Here are:


Windows Vista Ultimate (Evaluation experience 5.1)

Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 Processor

512MB NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX

4GB RAM Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM @ 667mhz

1Terabyte RAID0 SATA HDDs (2x500GB)


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It will be the mod at fault, and chances are you're royally screwed. You could remove the mod to revert to the faultless original SA. The catch? You'll have to start a new saved game since it's a main.scm mod (or load up a saved game created on the original script).

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Did you try to deactivate the mod (by turning Subtitles OFF) ?? If you already tried that, then your're indeed 'royally screwed'.

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