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All in SA?


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A few days ago, there was a topic in the GTAIV section concerning whether or not we would see Vice City or others in it.


I replied, "Probably not as it would be too big."

After my response, I got a reply saying that someone had made a mod for San Andreas that also contained Vice City and Liberty City, so it couldn't be much bigger than that.


My question is, does such a mod really exist? The best I've seen so far is replacing San Andreas with Liberty City.


Any help would be appreciated.


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nop, that mod doesn't exist. Vice City and Liberty city are just too big to get in same game with San Andreas

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O rly?


Yes such a mod does exist.


This mod is for vice city though but it does combine all 3 citys and adds even MORE on.

user posted image


mod it with Nitrous Oxide and chassis dyno.
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