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A few questions...

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So yeah I beat VCS and stuff but after the last mission, after the mendez's are gone and so is that martinez guy, after the credits roll.... Nothing...


MY game freezes up everytime at the credits... Thus forcing me to restart and go all over again. sadly the first time this happened i didnt realize i had gotten to the last mission so quickly so i had to start waaaaaaay back at the last time i saved which was about...mmm. 6/12 hours of lost gameplay. cryani.gif


I play on PS2, although I sold my original ps2, and my brother bought a new one but its the skinny one. Maybe that affected it? or something? this same sh*t happened to me on San Andreas too, before my copy of that game got stolen and before i sold every game i had. (when i sold my old ps2...)


so yea I was wondering if maybe i screwed up and saved somewhere i wasnt supposed to or something and screwed up my game somehow... I didnt cheat once in VCS so i know thats not the problem...in GTA:SA i cheated like a bastard and i figured thats wat caused me problems but i dunno.



every fricking GTA has done this to me which sux because i liked going back after story mode is done to mess aorund with all the unlockables ive gained... The last GTA to let me go back after beating story mode was GTA 3 which was no fun cuz claude is mute lol... though he does look cool...


MAN what am i doing to my GTA Files that screws them up so badly? cryani.gifsuicidal.gifbored.gif .


plz halp me lol.



oh and p.s.


(after story mode on VC and VCS i still have no clue... uhm... WHO TEH F*** is Pete? Pete Vance? wtf? I thought there was only lance vance and victor vance.... im confuzzled.)

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