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SketchUp coll problems..


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i have heard that many people's objects made in Skecthup for GTA create invisible walls, which of course has to do with the .col

the further problem is (and i cant understand why this happens), these walls do not appear in CollEditor nor in Zmodeler if i import the dff


furthermore, the 'Optimize' option from the object menu does not fix this problem

there must be a solution. these walls must generate from somewhere, and we have to find this 'somewhere', they cant just appear on their own. so there must be a solution


the problem is that i got no idea on modelling with other 3d apps such as 3d studio max or zmodeler.


so please can you tell me what can be done to somehow 'fix' this problem? or at least give a link to a topic with the appropriate solution.

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