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Wang Cars Ltmd

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Wang Cars Ltmd

And it was working great!

Then, whilst trying another mod, I messed it up and had to reinstall, yes I know I should have backed up, I feel like a prick now!

Anyway, I go on it and its working again, except I was using the gta noobmode save games before, now they won't work angry.gif

Do I need to re-download the save files?

Thanks biggrin.gif

Ps, not sure of the forum, also posted in mission help.

"This is ridiculous," said Bart Kramer. "I don't even think there's a sniper mission in GTA Vice City." His friends then laughed him out of the store. Witnesses reported seeing tears in his eyes while he waited outside for his mother to pick him up. Clearly, Kramer had not advanced far enough in the game to get to the helicopter sniping in "Phnam Penh '86."

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