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PS2 Rampage locations


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Can someone tell me exactly where the number 13 rampage on this map actually is?

I just can't seem to find it.




I have the PS2 version of VCS. That map shows the PSP locations and they've all been right except this one. I know they've added 5 extra rampages on the PS2 version and I've found them, but I'm wondering if they've moved that number 13 somewhere else.

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You are right that you can't find that rampage, because it isn't there in the PS2 version of Vice City Stories. The replacing rampage can be found near the dirttrack. It is on the southside of the dirttrack that is in the north of downtown. The rampage is in a corner of a building.


Ther are also 5 other rampages that are not on your map:


From this topic about exclusive PS2 content.




1. 40 Cholos - Shorty Shotgun - Little Havana

On top of Guano's Cafe, Little Havana. There's an alley with a series of ramps and jumps that eventually leads to this roof from the north.


2. 15 Vehicles - SPAS-12 - Starfish Island

On the front porch of the house next to and west of the Diaz Mansion.


3. 15 Vehicles - Rocket Launcher - Prawn Island

On the fountain in front of the Mendez Mansion. It's hidden behind the trees and there's a health power-up nearby.


4. 70 Sharks - M249 - North Point Mall

In the Security booth near the center on the ground floor of the mall.


5. 25 Sharks - Dragunov - Ocean Beach

Up the stairs from an alley that includes a Red Balloon and a parked Comet. Going north along these rooftops will lead to a Unique Jump.

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