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Zero Mission - Air Raid


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After 20 attempts I'm a bit frustrated, but would still like to do it on my own.

Does anyone have any advice for me please? Playing with Logiteck Attack 3 controller - It's super sensitive - Very hard to target planes.

Suction Testicle Ban

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I use the mouse to control the gun & it's pretty easy to shoot down the planes with it (for me). You may be able to change your settings to use the mouse by going to the options menu & redefine the controls. Also, I believe that it's easier to see the targets during daylight hours. Lead the target a little & 'walk' your shots back to the target. Keep an eye on the radar & go after the close ones & don't shoot at them if they've already dropped a bomb. Hopefully you'll get them before they can drop their bomb!

Hope this helps.


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When I did this mission, I entered the slomo cheat. It was like shootin' a barn with a shotgun from 5 inches away. I later went back over it at normal speed and passed it third try anyways. I love the minigun...

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