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My tank model: M4 Sherman


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It's a really nice model, but way too high poly for use in the game at around 230,000 polys! I know some people :cough: Tick :cough: like to boast of poly counts heading up to half a million in their conversions, but it's not sensible for runnning in a game engine. If you could cut it down to maybe 30-60,000 it would be much better as a game model.


It looks like you have a lot of poly detail in the machine gun (which does look great, by the way). However, you could probably acheive a similar look in game with texturing for those details instead and just a fairly basic shape for the gun. The main body of the tank should be ok, it's just the details; lose some of the polys on the curves, simplify the machine gun (maybe use an alpha channel for the holes in the barrel guard), stuff like that, and you'll be good. You seem to be a pretty awesome modeller, so I'm sure you can manage! You honestly won't notice much difference in the game doing that, except that it will run about 20 times faster... smile.gif


Good luck!

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