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The BSM (Bike Stuck Method)


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Okay, here's the deal. I saw this on the thread about the best way to get to the second island early and followed everything I found there to get it to work. I can tell SOMETHING has changed after doing this trick(the one that's supposed to make it where you don't fall off) because when I bump into a wall or something, he tries to climb instead of just stopping.


But he does still fall off! Is this trick supposed to get him completely stuck on the bike until you press triangle or not?


I also can't seem to get high enough to land on buildings quite yet; but that's probably just something I have to practice on (doing the proper wheelie, all that jazz)..


Oh yeah - I have the PS2 version of the game, if that helps/hurts.

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Someone atleast tell me if bumping into a bike with another, resulting in the climbing walls thing, is supposed to make it where I never fall off.. smile.gif

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