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OK, so... i've just installed a clean install of SA onto the pc so that i could install myriad, installed myriad, tried to run the game but instead i get an error like so


user posted image


but the problem isn't just with the myriad install, it's with all installs of SA that i have... and i have 4 a liberty city version, a normal version with a few random mods, a myriad version and a clean original untouched install. All of which come up with the error stated above except for the untouched install. But the problem has only just started today, whereas yesterday i only had the normal modded version and the liberty city, and both were working fine. I've tried copying the vorbis.dll file from the untouched install but it doesn't help, i've tried moving them to different folders but it still doesn't work, i'm afraid that i'm going to have to delete them all and start over, which isn't too bad as i have all the mod files on my system.


Has this happened to anybody else? Is this all because of the amount of San Andreas folders on my system...

ok well all help is appreciated...


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