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[SnP] Driving School


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Missions: Driving school.

Link: http://gtasnp.com/1795

notes: I did everyone of them except city slicking... If you're wondering, FIrst, I need ALL BRONZE, then ALL SILVER, then all gold. So get a gold in city slicking, then get all the bronze ones to silver, then get silver ones to gold. Thank you

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Ok if it is the Hotknife you want you dont need to get All Bronze then All Sliver then All Gold. If you get gold on them all the Super GT, Bullet and the Hotknife will all swan outside the Driving school. Oh and also what version is it.

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I hope that you're right.


version 2


wait, on gta-sanandreas.com, it says that you need all bronze to get super gt, all silver to get the other car and all gold to get hotknife. Just do what they say. I really want all three cars

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For: xt0ny

Mission: Back to School (gold)

Helper: HerrieM

Link: Here

Notes: The Super GT, Bullet AND Hotknife spawn outside the driving school.

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