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Mapping Liberty City (Laying Out Liberty City)

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They look indeed like the buildings from Queens.

Seen them a lot of times while landing at JFK, they're right at the ocean.


I believe I took a video of them a while ago... maybe I can find it...



EDIT: I think they look a little like those (Pic I took shortly before landing at JFK)


user posted image

The area in to the right in this picture is Spring Creek/Starrett City. To the left that Canarsie (where I live). This is in Brooklyn and on the opposite side of where Long Island City is.

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At this screenshot

user posted image

imo you can see replica of Long island gantry cranes at Gantry Plaza State Park:

user posted image

Imo also you can see gantry cranes at this shot from second trailer:

user posted image

btw i don't understand what are the building at background-maybe it's buildings from Manhattan East Harlem:

user posted image

or buildings from Queens Astoria:

user posted image

or it's LaGuardia houses from Manhattan Lower East Side:

user posted image-?

well since the Long island gantry cranes are in Long Island City in Queens then the buildings in the screenshot are from one of the housing projects in that area. Its probably either Queensbridge or Ravenswood projects, most likely Queensbridge considering its right by it and is also the largest projects in the world

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pretty sure it was said at some point that the island that is made up of dukes and broker would be called east island.

Where did it say that? I can't recall reading something about that. Although "East Island" does make more sense than "Last Island", since Broker and Dukes are the easternmost boroughs in the city.


Man, seeing some of these areas and real life buildings just makes me think of how much this game is going to bring back memories of being a wee little tyke growing up in Queens.

I still live here lol planning on movin though goin to Bayside Highschool right now


Live in Flushing

It's allright 'cause you're saved by the bell.

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cookie.gif Cookie cookie.gif

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That picture showing the "LaGaurdia Houses" looks just like the Pruit Igoe housing project in the 70's. (That'll be the one which turned out to be a complete disaster, haha!) So yeah, maybe that's why Phillip Glass features in-game with some of his weird 'n wonderful music - a link between the two perhaps? I dunno. You just gotta love reading into these things though, 'cos it keeps you busy whilst that clock keeps on a-ticking 'til the big day! biggrin.gif


Anyway, great topic guys - nice to see people using their noddle for the greater good! Here, have a cookie.gif 'n enjoy! lol.gif

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The map looks great, well done guys, I wouldnt be surprised if its almost identical.

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this shop is in hove beach i think:




You can see the entrance of this store on the bottom left corner of this shot:




Great find! It looks spot on. Great work on the map all, if you look back when we started this, the work we've accomplised as a community is incredible. Cookies for all cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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Àt this shot imho there is Metropolitian Opera replica:

user posted imageuser posted image

& also at left imho there is New York State Theater replica at Lincoln Center

user posted image


Edited by ron222

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I saved the rough map with screen shots highlighting the various bridges, don't know if that was after Bluespot made his find off the trailer boat scenes...anyone recall a link to that? Might be from this thread... I saved it to my HDD, the maps were not very accurate but the bridges appeared to be, quite impressive going from the still shots!

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Nice find everyone here.

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If anyone has noticed A police station in Algonquin resembles the United Nations building with the flag polls outside.

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