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different between liberty and new york


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Good comparison, but there are people here who don't speak German - I do however. I'll throw a link here for an English version. So no problem. smile.gif



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They did get the church wrong. I don't know who, but they had a perfect match of the one in the trailer.

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Vanilla Shake
They got the Empire State Building part wrong. They say that it's in the exact right spot in relation to the rest of the city. However, at the end of the trailer, it shows the Empire State Building near the Brooklyn Bridge, which is in Downtown. The Empire State Building in real life is in Midtown, nowhere near the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Stop promoting your site in every single thread icon13.gif

Technically, as long as it's news and info, he is entitled to do so. It is nothing different to Jordan posting links to his comparisons, etc.

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just went to GTA 4 vehicles topic and saw a picture of a LCPD police car.So i think it will be a changed Lc with some of the old things back and some new added and a tottaly new storyline


Good comparison as well.You can translarte the text via google translate

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