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Help Me Find My Drivers!

Dome Piece

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Can someone please help me find audio drivers for my onboard sound. I cannot find them anywhere on the internet. I was given no disk with my drivers.


I just bought a new PC and it had vista installed, after a week of nothing but problems with that piece of sh*t I formatted an reinstalled XP.


I have found my VGA drivers for XP but can only find Vista Drivers for the audio. I've had no sound for a while now and its pissing me off.


My motherboard is a Foxconn P4M9007MB. The Foxconn website with all drivers is HERE but I cannot find XP audio drivers.


Please someone help me find them!


Remember, its for XP, thanks for the help. smile.gif - Dome Piece

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Ah brilliant, thanks alot! smile.gif - Dome Piece

Och, they were on the site and everything... suicidal.gif

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