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Game runs on PC with brutal graphic glitches

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Okay, so I'm running VC on my laptop, and It runs smoothly on full resolution, the audio is fine, the load times are brief...except I constantly have a graphic glitch in the text (flickering) and I constantly have a 'character map' (every symbol possible) flickering on the screen....The gameplay itself runs great, and I suppose I could technically play the game...if I could withstand the constant character map interference. I meet all the system requirements and then some, my only concern is my graphics card as it is an integrated card and I have had problems with it running other games...but not one's as old as VC. I do meet the minimum (32mb) though...I've made sure my drivers are up to date (as mentioned in the bug list post) and they are...Has anyone heard of this specific issue regarding the character map continually interfering? Thanks for any help in advance...


GTA Vice City, Retail, right out of the box, no mods or patches.

Windows Vista Ultimate

Dell Inspiron 640m: Intel Core 2 CPU [email protected]

Memory: 2Gigs

Mobile Intel 945GM express Chipset Family

Video Ram: 37mb



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(I am assuming that you have the 32-bit version of Windows Vista Ultimate, and that you have absolutely no PCI-e graphics card installed.) The first thing to do is to uninstall GTAVC fully by using Add/Remove Programs, and then delete the entire main game folder after that. Now go into 'My Documents' and delete the [.set] file. Uninstall all Intel chipset drivers (sound, graphics, etc.) so that I can make sure you didn’t happen to download the "wrong" drivers. Get the latest drivers Here.


After you have done the above, reinstall the game and try using Win 98/Me/XP compatibility mode. Set up the display settings to the maximum resolution that your monitor can support, and choose the 32-bit color depth as well as turning on frame limiter. Run the game and test the graphics.


EDIT: I saw many problems when using Intel onboard graphics under Windows Vista. The best thing to do is to go buy a Geforce 8800GTS/GTX depending on your budget, or wait until the weaker ones come out or R600 (Radeon X2k series). If you really don't care about DirectX 10, I consider you getting a Radeon X1950 PRO/XTX; the graphics hardware and drivers for it are stable. Wait, don't tell me...


Guy you are screwed, but luckily you are not alone:

This is why desktop is better for gaming. Always make sure the laptop you're buying has a decent graphics card. Edited by Ring_of_Fire

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Well I will be completely honest with you...I didn't think it would work, I've been having a massive amount of problems with this 'card'...Well, I tried it...and it worked! I uninstalled my current drivers and deleted the .set file. I didn't uninstall the game, but after downloading and going through the install process for the new drivers, the game runs ace! However, you are absolutlely right about the Intel integrated onboard graphics card being CRAP. I can't run a ton of games (Titan Quest, Oblivion, Tiger Woods 07) despite meeting the requirements and then some in all other categories.


But, VC is running, I am a happy camper. Thanks for taking the time ROF, I really appreciate your help. biggrin.gif


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Urban Legend

Just a quick question, is your graphical problem fixed? Because I have the same problem on my windows vista. but it's a desktop.

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Maybe install 1.1 patch? Even though updated drivers can make this patch useless, it might just allow whatever graphics/integrated card giving you texture problems to become easily compatible with the game. Another thing to do is to try Win98/XP compatibility mode -- lol


Tell me your motherboard chipset and graphics card maker and I might help you a bit futher. Could be because of the drivers, or because you downloaded the wrong one...


Once again, to make the game recognize the new drivers, uninstall the game fully and delete the [.set] file. Now reinstall and make sure that frame limiter is turned on, and that the maximum resolution for your monitor is set to 32-bit.



EDIT: I think uninstalling and reinstalling is too much time being wasted. Just delete only the [.set] file for every new piece of computer hardware/driver installed.

Edited by Ring_of_Fire

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Urban Legend

what about downgrading the drivers...

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Normally you shouldn't have to do that -> upgrading is more preferable. Downdating drivers just to make the game work doesn't necessarily help all the time, can cause system instability, and will probably make newer games work much worse. It's all about updating the Windows Vista chipset/sound/display drivers (uninstalling previous drivers along the way) and then reinstalling or deleting the [.set] file to make the game get use to the new set of hardware drivers. From those options, you still can try installing Patch 1.1 or use compatibility mode. Maybe that'll make the game work better... I think you may want to try it out.

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