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Greating new city


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I'm going to make my own home city for GTA:SA. tounge.gif

I have downloaded map editor and I have got SkecthUp already.


And here some Questions:

1. How I can remove old map?

2. How I can make my own houses etc.

3. Should I need some other programs? Map removing programs? wow.gif


If this is impossible "mission", tell me that blush.gifbiggrin.gif

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Don't worry it's a possible mission smile.gif.


The first thing I must tell you is to back up your game. If a mod you work on or install doesn't work and you haven't backed up your game you'll have to reinstall, this gets very annoying. Alot of people will just back up the files that they mod, but I just find it easier to back up the whole game, and unless you're short on hard drive space I'd reccomend doing that.


Next thing, cleaning the map, Steve-M has released a tool to do this automatically. SA Map Cleaner


Making your own houses and other buildings, this process is called modelling, simple models with hardly any detail or effects are easy to create, however to produce good models with alot of detail and effects takes a bit of practice. The Tutorial Forum has alot of tutorials on modelling with various programs.


Different tools, you will need alot of tools:


  • SA Map Cleaner as I have already explained.
  • A modelling program capable of exporting the right file formats.
  • A texture creating program
  • A TXD creator/editor (TXD Workshop)

They are just the basic tools to get a model ingame, technically SA Map Cleaner isn't needed to add models to the game as GTA SA has a few model slots avaliable. To create a successful mod that works right ingame requires many more tools, SCM file editors, GXT editors etc.


I suggest you have a good look about the forum before starting to create any mods.

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Let me throw one more thing in there: gMax. And if you like that enough, 3DS Max.


KAMS is listed in the tools directory pinned topic. That's the GTA script pack, as well as Deniska has released a new pack that compliments KAMS very nicely and I hear does some things way better.


Worth a try. And if you have tried it, go to 3DBuzz.com and watch their free max videos. You have to register, but their resources are well worth it. I've been recommending them for years. Once you watch those first videos, a lot of stuff that left you like "Huh?" before will definitely make a lot of sense. It's just laid back like that and you'll get the hang quickly.


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