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GTA1 real car names


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Hello, somebody has some information or mod that it causes that the names of the cars are real (the file .FXT)

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I've seen a few but they where usally horribly wrong (they called the Penetrator a Ford Capri 3-litre, which it obviously isnt). I named a few myself though


Bug - VW Beetle (obviously)

Love Wagon - VW Type 2

Regal - Chrysler K Car (also known as a Manana!)

Porka Turbo - Porsche 911

Beast GTS - Dodge Viper

Mundano - Ford Mondeo (called a Ford Contour in the USA i beleive)

Cossie - Ford Sierra Cosworth (or perhaps Escort Cosworth, my money's on the Sierra though)

F90 - Ferrari F40

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ahh yeah, now that i look again it looks too rounded to be the Sierra


I'm sure the Repair Van is a Land Rover Defender, not much of a "van" but it looks right. Also the Flamer says some kinda Chevy to me... though modified heavily

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Oh no! I have advised you the old version of 'Real Car Names', but now I have replaced that file on new, you can download it once again.

(http://delta-shadow.narod.ru) > Download > GTA (file - 0.rar)


Repair Van is Land Rover Defender, I know. oipolloi, please help me! I wanna to complete this file.

Edited by delta-shadow
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  • 11 months later...

Hey Delta-shadow - i tried to get into the link that you posted but it didn't work (the colored ones didn't link and the url got me to a home page and i couldn't find down load.

could you try and link to the actual page?

Edited by Sektor
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  • 2 months later...
Ghost glendale fan 4 live

Regal - Chrysler K Car (also known as a Manana!)


What do you mean? I have played Gta1 and there was no car that looked like the

Manana (The Coolest Car in Gta III)

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