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Desktop versus Laptop


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I've been torn between buying a desktop and a laptop for a while now. The situation is that I am in college and currently have a desktop. I mainly use it for gaming, then college work and my current PC is just too bulky, loud and isn't working the best.


My question, should I buy a laptop which would cost more but I can bring to college and home with me every weekend, or a desketop which would be cheaper but only can have in one place. Its not an easy decision.


I know if I spent the same amount on a desktop as on a laptop I'd get a much better gaming PC, but is it worth it if I only can use it maybe 4 days a week while I'm in college? confused.gif

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Maybe you should try to find a gaming laptop. I remember there use to be some tailor made for gaming, though I'm not sure with all the newer hardware and more demanding games. I know that Alienware, Foxconn and Acer made some pretty good laptops for this purpose.



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Well my budget is around maybe €1600/£1100/$2200. Primary use would be gaming/internet then college work i.e. word, powerpoint, excel etc.


I was looking at the Dell Inspiron e1705 (9400) which seems pretty snazzy but then someone told me I should hold out for DX10 cards. Also you can get a much better Desktop for the same price...

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Yeah, wait for DX10.


However, seeming though you go to College, I'd recommend that you'd get a decent Laptop with a good graphics card, good RAM etc. This will enable to to do work and games aswell , multi-tasking.


A PC is obviously good too, but you need something that you can move around, I'd recommend you get a decent Laptop.






Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

At least 1gb of RAM

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I've got an inspiron e1505 from Dell.

After messing with the video card drivers, I could play the R* games. All the other games I've every tried (BF2, BF1942, BF vietnam, Americas Army, etc) have worked perfectly.


Love the 15 inch widescreen.... mmmm...


I spent a little extra and got a bigger HD, good screen, fast dvd burner, etc.

Still cost a few hundred (dollars) less than what you've got to spend...


Prices have probably changed, so it'll be cheaper now (i bought mine about 6 months ago).


By the way; if you have an option (i can't remember if it's default or not), GO WIDESCREEN.


Also check out the e1405 (14in screen) and the e1705 (17in screen).




That's just my experience. A lot of people will say dell computers suck, but if you spend an hour and get all the sh*t they put on there off (GET FREE EARTHLINK NOWWWW111eleven), there are NO problems, and good customer support.

Oh yeah, that reminds me. Get the 4 year complete coverage for everything (you could drop it off the empire state building sometime in the next four years and get a new one).

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Well the problem that I see, and don't understand, is how in American laptops are much cheaper than over here in Ireland, even though its made by the same company! And you generally have more options too, which is kinda frustrating.


Does anyone know when DX10 cards will be available in laptops? I hope its not too long... confused.gif

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I'd say that Toshiba is one of the best for what your saying, and anyway, by the time we actually need to use DX10, (As in, there are some good games, etc) there will be better, faster graphics cards, for example, later this year nVidia is starting its 8900 GeForce Series.
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Get a notebook, I just got one and I f*cking love it. I would recommend getting a dell inspiron 1505, they are mad cheap for great specs. Search google for "dell coupon codes", theres one going on right now for $400 off a $1400 inspiron purchase. That means you can get 2GHz intel core 2 duo, 2 gigs of ram, 256MB ATI graphics card, and DVD burner for under $1300... Even if you went all out and got the 4 year coverage + a whole sh*tload of extras It'd still be way under your budget. I was seconds away from buying one last week, but I got a MacBook instead. biggrin.gif

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Yes, a notebook. If your budget is still about 2200 USD, the e1705 is a great choice for you. Here's some things I know about it:


*My friend owns one

*I have had a wonderful past experience with Dell

*On your budget you can get:

e1705 with


256 mb ati card, GREAT gaming!

*free vista u-p-g-r-a-y-e-d-d (meh...),



*Dell Media Direct (whose button can be used to boot the computer from a shut down state, which I will soon try to map to a linux partition for my buddy, since we deleted the media direct devil.gif ), which is indeed an awesome mediacenter-like jawny, if you like nex-gen computer media playback,

*Choice of their HDDs,

*lots of accessories,

*kick ass warranty,


The inspiron has always been notorious for running hot, but none of mine, nor the one my friend now has (the new one you can buy), have ever been hot to the point of discomfort or fear for the systems icon14.gif

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