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Jack Sues ESA, ESRB, GamePolitics, Kotaku, Spong

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I hope someone does actually take some physical action against this motherf*cker. I don't think that we'll have to wait long considering all the threats he and his family are getting.


I'll throw a f*cking party if Jack is raped by wild gorillas and then fed to crocodiles.


Go to hell you stupid bitch!

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Here's a conspiracy on par with Steaks on a Plane


Jack Thompson is secretly in the pocket of Rockstar. Initially, he was "fighting" for good and wholesome entertainment back in the 80's and 90's, but once he found the fight was futile, he gave up...fresh on the scene was DMA who had a controversial game and no market..."Let's hire the crime fighting lawyer to sell our crime riddled game!" they said, with the biggest pair of testicles the gaming world had (never) seen.


So began the (love)/"HATE" relationship between Jack and GTA. Through the years, Rockstar would climb the ranks of powerhouse developers and create a legacy beyond any before it.


"How can we top ourselves now?"

"Yes, we had him sue us, then us sue him...let's have him sue our retailers, then 'lose the case' a week before release. This will make the buzz a roar."


And so goes the hidden agenda of Mr. Thompson, suing unsuspecting businesses associated with gaming, all the while fattening his own pockets and Rockstar's marketing campaign. It's a win-win. Sure, Jacky gets labeled the bad guy, but if he's smart, he's working on commission.




Hmmm. Link won't work...gonna have to replace "*" with "u"

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He won't win.

No sh*t.


Jack Thompson ran out of GTA games to go against, now he's suing the people who sell it.


I might send an email to him telling him in a mature manner, of how senseless his lawsuits are, and how stupid these accusations proceed.


You wait and see.

Trust me, that won't work. I sat down and wrote out a long, well-though out email with many good points, and his response was "Get a life".

That's it. Really.

So, I wrote him back. Less friendly this time, but still polite enough not to resort to name-calling or threats or profanitry.

His response:

"Stop bothering me or you will find yourself with a lawsuit"

So I wrote back again, this time saying:

"That's really all you have to say? I gave you way too much credit. I thought there might be an inkling of intelligence in that big head of yours, but I was wrong apparently."

I never got slapped with that "lawsuit".

So don't bother trying to write him, you won't get any response worth your time.

As far as the attacks on his family are concerened, I think that as long as it's not violent or physical, he has nothing to stand on. I'm not condoning revenge on him, I just think that all's fair in war. And this is what it has boiled down to with him. It's a war between his "crusade" and our beloved video games. I love my video games, and I will defend them any way I can. Now, Mr. Thompson might take that as a threat, but the reality is, if he manages to succeed in his quest to morally rape the world, then I have no choice but to defend my rights in any way necessary. It's not even a matter of being able to play my violent video game. It's the fact that I am 29 years old, and some jerk is telling me what is appropriate for me. I can decide that for myself thank you. This is far more than one man's fight against violent video games, it's a step towards Stalin-esque politcal correctness.

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...sent dozens of items to Thompson’s home and office via overnight courier and mail, sent sex aid products to his wife, threatened Thompson’s son, shot at his home, sought to incarcerate Thompson, “bookstormed” his book, Out of Harm’s Way, at Amazon.com, orchestrated and knowingly incited harassing phone calls and letters...


You know what, I think he did it all to himself and to his family just to get all the attention. The horse-sized dildos were addressed to his wife because it would have been too obvious if he sent them to himself.


EDIT: What's this thing about a son!? His kind shouldn't be allowed to breed!!!



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