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GTA2 Manager problems

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I've donwloaded the GTA2 from Rockstar website, everything works great but this:

in GTA2 Manager/Video I choose "Window" in Display Mode section, but then when I hit "GTA2" button to play, the game starts in Full Screen mode.

I close the game, restart the Manager and I find the dot is on "Full Screen", while I before checked "Window".

Is there a solution for this? (I run it on WindowsXP sp2)


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window mode only works in 16 bit desktop color depth.


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Thanks a lot, with 16bit I can see it windowed.


Now I've another little problem: no matter what I choose the resolution is always 640*480...

What is this due to?


Thanks again...

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i think that is a bug of free edition of gta2.


also on my gta2 free edition thee is it. with any resolution selected.

Edited by FulValBot

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Pilot Veteran

The changing of resolution in GTA 2 windowed doesn't worked on my computer also.But efter i turned my computer off and was watching TV i turned on computer again and tryed to launch GTA 2.And the changing resolution was working.

To example when i launch GTA 2 windowed mode in 800-600 i go to the game and see menu as 640-360 but when i click to launch the city it gets bigger to 800-600.I can't explain it. mercie_blink.gif

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