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GTA1 Crash in Windows Vista


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Hola, espero que alguien me pueda entender. puedo jugar al gta1 en windows vista, el problema es que cuando lo ejecuto por segunda vez el juego, me da error, he podido descubrir que es cuando sales de la partida se modifica el player_a.dat y parece ser que windows vista lo modifica mal.

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Hello, I hope that somebody can understand to me. I can play gta1 in Vista Windows, the problem is that when I execute the game for the second time, it gives error me, I have been able to discover that it is when salts of the game player_a.dat is modified and seems to be that Vista Windows modifies it bad.


Translation provided by http://www2.worldlingo.com/en/products_ser...translator.html and no, I cant help.

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Some people get the same error with Windows XP. It doesn't happen on any of my computers, so I can't even test anything to find out the cause. All you can do is, make a backup of player_a.dat (before you run the game for the first time) and then restore it when you want to play again. You could setup some security setting so GTA1 cant write to that file.

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Seeing as your spanish, this is what sektor said:


Alguna gente consigue el mismo error con Windows XP. No sucede en cualesquiera de mis computadoras, así que no puedo incluso probar cualquier cosa descubrir la causa. Todo lo que usted puede hacer está, hace una reserva de player_a.dat (antes de que usted funciona el juego por primera vez) y después la restaura cuando usted desea jugar otra vez. Usted podría setup una cierta seguridad que fijaba así que el canto GTA1 escribe a ese archivo.



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Toni Antonio Cipriani

I've tried to play GTA1 on Windows XP with the same computer and settings with Vista, and on Vista, it works much better, although there's this problem too. Thanks for the help guys! I'm a crazy GTA fan, and not being able to play one GTA game on my PC makes me crazy (other than LCS and VCS, which I have on my PSP).

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try to reinstall your gta1 and NOT use compatibility option, because with win 95 compatibility option there is also a error with kernel.



read before post

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The answer is very simple: I've found a working version without playerA.dat bug, the game works every time. All u need 2 do is download a version called: GTA 1 + London 1969 + London 1961 (no install) from torrents (mininova.org or thepiratebay.org). U don't even have to install it. Since this game became a freeware, I believe there's nothing wrong to download it from torrents. This should also run clean in XP (I have a Vista) if not U may check the other version from torrents -especially those who which weight less than 150 mb (I've downloaded a few but the version above works well) - they're definitely different than version from rockstargames.com and they should do the trick.

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George Brosnan

You know you can still get the early PC versions of GTA, check out cex.co.uk, and find a store near you, they are usualy about 1-4 quid.

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