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(Mod idea) Liberty City: CJ's story

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We all know that CJ was in Liberty City before coming back to SA, so I though that it would be cool to have a mod where you take control of CJ when he was LC. There's already a mod that puts LC into SA, but I'm talking about a mod with missions, kinda like a second Liberty City stories "story". Of course, some things in that map mod should be changed, like Fort Staunton shouldn't be destructed, just like in LCS, the "Dolls House" should still be ok and other things.

CJ tells Salvatore that he had a chance to work for Joey Leone in LC, so it should be based around that. I also made up the begining of the whole thing. Here it is:


[Cutscene start]

CJ walks along a sidewalk somewhere, trying to get in cars, but he finds them all locked. A random car stops at some traffic lights nearby. CJ walks to it, throws the guy out and gets in the car, then drives away. CJ is driving through the city, a phone ring is heard in the car. CJ: "What the...?" CJ pulls over into a back alley (I'd say inside that alley in the red light district, near the sex club), finds a cellphone, picks it up.

CJ: "Uh... Hello?"

Voice in the phone: "What the f... Who the f*** is this??"

CJ doesn't say anything.

Voice in the phone: "Isn't this Toni's car?" (no, not Toni Cipriani's). CJ: "Well... Not anymore...".

Voice in the phone: "Did you f***ing steal Toni's car?"

CJ: "Uh... Kinda..."

Voice in the phone: "You di- YOU DID??? Who am I talking to?"

CJ doesn't say anything.

Voice in the phone: "Don't worry, I'm not gonna kill you, it's just that if you managed to steal Toni's car, you're more use to me than him. There's a body in this car..."


Voice in the phone: "Yeah, yeah. Toni, a guy who WAS working for me was taking the body to the crusher, but, since he's not driving it anymore, I want YOU to take it there. After it's crushed, use this phone to call me, I might find some work for you."

CJ: "Ok... I guess..."

[Cutscene end]


Player is in a car.

Mission briefind subtitle: "Take this car to the crusher"

*you park the car in a marker in the crusher pick up zone*


[Cutscene start]

CJ gets out of the car, the car gets crushed. CJ takes out the phone, uses it.

CJ (into the phone): "Hello?"

Voice in the phone: "You done? The car is crushed?"

CJ: "Yeah, just as you said"

Voice in the phone: "Great. Come by place in the *insert place here* (needs to be thinked of) and we'll talk" (Hangs up)

[Cutscene end]


Objective: "Drive to the place in *insert place here*"

*you drive to the place and stop in some marker*


[Cutscene start]

CJ walks into a room with a bunch of expensive looking things.

A guy in a suit walks in.

Suit person: "So, you're the guy?"

CJ: "Yeah, I guess..."

The man (points his arm to CJ, waiting for a handshake: "Joey Leone, nice to meet you"

CJ: "Leone?"

Joey: "Yeah, yeah, Salvatore Leone is my father"

CJ: "Wow. (shakes Joey's hand) Nice to meet you then"

Joey: "Yeah. First, you can't work for me if you can't handle a gun good, so we're going to a place where I can test you out"

Joey and CJ walks out the room. Outside:

Joey (gets in a Leone Sentinel): "Get in!"

[Cutscene end]


*you get in the car*

CJ: "Where to?"

Joey: "Ammu-nation, it's not far from here"

Objective: Drive to the ammu-nation gun shop

*you drive to the place*



Joey and CJ get out of the car.

Joey: "Here, take this (hands CJ a pistol). Take a few shots at those targets on that wall."

Objective: shoot the targets with the pistol

*you shoot the targets*

Joey: "Yeah, I guess that's good enough for me. I guess you work for me from now on. Come by my place later. (hands CJ some keys) This is a key to a place where you're going to live from now on. It's a nice place not far from here (the safehouse Toni has in LCS). See ya later."

Joey get's in the car and drives away

[Cutscene end]





A safehouse icon appears on the map




So, that's what I made up yet. I might make up some more missions, if anyone gets interested in this idea.

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This sounded good til I read your terrible script

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This sounded good til I read your terrible script

Terrible? cryani.gif

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Not being funny, But TonyZimmzy has a point, That script is really well... Rubbish.

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What's so bad about it? I was trying to keep it all simple, so it could be easily remade with the SA engine. Afterall, this is a mod idea.

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