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VC coding problems

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Oh yeh its a mistake. Ok Ill try "playing" with distances smile.gif

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Well it looks like it works with the first car. But still the same thing with the second one. The mafiosos return to the car and wait till i get close. If i destriy the car while thry are inside the game crashes. I dont know what to do sad.gif

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sorry i edited that, was thinking there is something but it turns out i was wrong. if car s2 upon damage is crashing the game- is that all the code that refers to this car and actors inside? because i do not see any hazard in this code. maybe some delete stuff like marker?

Edited by PLPynton

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well with car it all the code. well there is another gosub witch leads to a code for disabling dead actors markers. I used a check


00D6: if 0

0038: $8D8 == 1 \\ integer values

004D: jump_if_false £return

00D6: if 0

0118: actor $m5 dead

004D: jump_if_false £other_actors _from_car

0164: disable_marker $8DE


:other_actors _from_car

the same...no mistakes...



0051: return


maybe there is a mistake. BTW I used the same gosub for every actor, not only in that car. With additional checks, of course. Like this with $8D8...

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it seems to be you are right. under switch $8D8 you shouldn't have actors m5-m8 with markers $8DE-$8E1 but actors m1-m4 with markers $8D9-$8DC. swap the switches, that should do the trick.

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Nope, doesnt help... suicidal.gif what can be wrong...

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Umm hi. Im a pot of problems smile.gif so I faced a bit funny problem though I dont know how to fix it. Ive create a few missions where the player is chased by a helicopter, and a shooter shoots from it (turret mode) at the player. In my newest mission i wanted to do the same but... no one shoots at me. I was wondering why couse I did everything exactly the same as in previous missions. When I looked up at the hely I noticed that the shooter is dead. Dead man on the turret mode. I tried to change actors creating coords, offset values but everytime he is dead. Could someone help me?

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