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Blind Joe Death

Album Collection

Recommended Posts

Who says I've downloaded it?

Who says I was referring to you?

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Who says I've downloaded it?

Who says I was referring to you?


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[insert many albums here]

Wow, that's crazy. Tupac and Agalloch in the same list? Your stuff is half good, half crap...In my opinion.

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Okay here we go..in no paticular order:


The Killers-Hot Fuss

The Killers Sam's Town

The Killers-Sawdust

Placebo-Black Market Music


Placebo-Sleeping With Ghosts

Placebo-Without You I'm Nothing



The Lightning Seeds-Like You Do...The Best Of The Lightning Seeds

Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand-You Could Have It So Much Better

The Fratellis-Costello Music

Envy & Other Sins-We Leave At Dawn


R.E.M-In Time-The Best Of R.E.M 1988-2003

The Strokes-Is This It?

The Strokes-Room On Fire

The Strokes-First Impressions Of Earth

Electric Light Orchestra-Time

Electric Light Orchestra-Discovery

Electrigt Light Orchestra-Balance Of Power

Electric Light Orchestra-Secret Messages

Electric Light Orchestra-Face The Music

Electric Light Orchestra-Out Of The Blue

Electric Light Orchestra-A New World Record

Electric Light Orchestra-Light Years:The Very Best Of E.L.O

Muse-Origin Of Symmetry

Mus-Black Holes & Revelations

Pixies-Best Of Pixies:Wave Of Mutilation

Dirty Pretty Things-Waterloo To Anywhere

Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory

Linkin Park-Minutes To Midnight


Arcade Fire-Neon Bible

Blur-The Best Of

David Bowie-Best Of Bowie

Duran Duran-Greatest

Duran Duran-Rio

Duran Duran-Astronaut

Duran Duran-Red Carpet Massacre

Gorillaz-Demon Days

Blondie-Greatest Hits

The Beatles-Please Please Me

The Beatles-A Hard Day's Night

The Beatles-Beatles For Sale

The Beatles-Help!

The Beatles-Rubber Soul

The Beatles-Revolver

The Beatles-Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Beatles-The White Album

The Beatles-Let It Be

The Beatles-1962-1966(Red Album)

The Beatles-1967-1970(Blue Album)

Blink 182-Take Off Your Pants & Jacket

Oasis-Stop The Clocks

A-Ha-Headlines & Deadlines-The Hits Of A-ha

James Bond Soundtrack-Best Of Bond

Life On Mars-Life On Mars Original Soundtrack

Evanescence-The Open Door

The Automatic-Not Accepted Anywhere

Sweet-Greatest Hits

New Order-Singles

Led Zeppelin-Mothership

Bloc Party-Silent Alarm

The Hoosiers-The Trick To Life

Various Artist's-Supercharged

Billy Talent-Billy Talent

Billy Talent-Billy Talent II

KT Turnstall-Eye To The Telescope

Radiohead-OK Computer

Radiohead-The Bends

Radiohead-In Rainbows

Arctic Monkeys-Favourite Worst Nightmare

Kaiser Cheifs-Employment

The Human League-Very Best Of

Kaiser Cheifs-Yours Truly,Angry Mob

My Chemical Romance-Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade

The Cure-Greatest Hits

The Cure-Pornography

The Cure-Wish

The Cure-Disintegration

Marylin Manson-Lest We Forget-Best Of Marylin Manson

Marylin Manson-Eat Me,Drink Me

Marylin Manson-Mechanical Animals

Razorlight-Up All Night

Gary Numan/Tubeway Army-Premier Hits

Jimi Hendrix-Experience Hendrix: The Best Of

John Lennon-Lennon Legend

Sum 41-All Killer No Filler

Sum 41-Does This Look Infected?

Sum 41-Chuck

The Bravery-The Bravery

Eminem-The Eminem Show

Eminem-Slim Shady LP

Eminem-Marshall Mathers LP


50 Cent-Get Rich Or Die Tryin'


8 Mile-8 Mile Soundtrack

D12-D12 World

D12-Devil's Night

Limp Bizkit-Chocolate Starfish and the Hot-dog Flavoured Water

The Jam-Very Best Of The Jam

Blue October-History For Sale

Hard-Fi-Once Upon A Time In The West

Edited by Immortaliss

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50 cent: the massacre

50 cent: get rich or die trying

50 cent: curtis ssk

kanye west: graduation

young buck: get buck

eminem: marshall matters lp

eminem: slim shady lp

eminem: 8 mile

eminem eminem show

eminem: encore

biggie smalls: greatest duets

2pac: greatest hits

g unit: beg for mercy

hitclub tounge.gif


and many, many albums on my hard drive tounge.gif



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VA - Hardstyle the ultimate collection vol.1 2008


CD 1


1. Melbourne Shufflers - The Hard Shuffle 3:42

2. Showtek ft. MC8 & DMC - Born For Thiz 2:42

3. Walt Jenssen - Walt Mart 3:38

4. Outsiders - 99 Problems 3:59

5. Dj Gizmo & Symastic - Pump Up The Bass (Digital Punk Rmx) 5:22

6. Wildstylez - K.Y.H.U. (Keep Your Head Up) 3:05

7. Kold Konexion - Something Sweet 3:52

8. A-Lusion - Veritas 4:12

9. Abject - In Our Memories 3:57

10. Frontliner - Tuuduu 2:39

11. Brennan Heart - Faith In Your Dj 4:28

12. Southstylerz - Crystal 4:41

13. Scope Dj - Rock Hypnotic 4:00

14. Noisecontrollers - Venom 5:10

15. Trilok & Chiren vs. The Alpha Twins - Two Gates 4:21

16. Outsiders - Maneater 4:23

17. Headhunterz - The Power Of The Mind (Qlimax Anthem 2007) 4:03

18. Pavo - Elektronik 4:14



CD 2


1. Kold Konexion - Minus One 4:55

2. Vodka Brothers - Cocaine 3:03

3. Haze - Systematic (Haze vs. Djeux Edit) 2:20

4. Wildstylez - Clubbin` 4:42

5. The Revivals - Final Prayer 4:20

6. Dr. Rude - Jump It Up Yo (Digital Punk Rmx) 4:44

7. A-Drive - Your Life 5:19

8. Chuckie mts. Trilok & Chiren - Never Scared (Brand New 5:00

Studio Mix)

9. Dj Syro - Shocked Phuture 4:41

10. Dj Main - Another World 5:24

11. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Evolutionz 4:23

12. Clive King & Xzellar - Erotic City 4:25

13. Tatanka - Let`s Rock 4:28

14. Headhunterz vs. Wildstylez - Blame It On The Music 3:13

15. The Nasty Boyz - Angel 5:39

16. Frontliner - Rock That Thing 2:21

17. Zany & DV8 - Distorted 4:04

18. The Beholder mts Dj Zany - Euphoria 4:08




Edited by Waddy

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Hahahahahahaha! My album collection is all Vinyls!


Peter Frampton:

Frampton Comes Alive!


Allman Brothers:

Live at the Fillmore East





David Bowie:

Diamond Dogs


Jefferson Airplane:

Flight Log



The Jimi Hendrix Experience:

Axis: Bold AS Love


Grand Funk Railroad:

Grand Funk

E Pluribus Funk

On Time



Blue Cheer:

Vincebus Eruption



Grateful Dead:

Wake of the Flood


Buffalo Springfield:




Let it Be


Elton John:

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


Pink Floyd:

Dark Side Of The Moon


Rolling Stones:

Black and Blue


Dickey Betts:

A Great Southern


Bachman Turner Overdrive:

Head On

Not Fragile


Boz Scaggs:

Boz Scaggs


Nilsson Schmillson:

Nilsson Schmillson


Emerson Lake & Palmer:


Emerson Lake & Palmer


Paul McCartney:



Jefferson Satrship:



Black Sabbath:


Master of Reality



Steppenwolf 7



Point Of Know Return












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LP? CD? 8-Track tapes? Cassettes? or.... Reel to Reels??

How about DATs?

I would imagine with everyone downloading these days, that would amount to quite a lot of music. If you are into music more then background music, which I am!

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Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold - City Of Evil

Avenged Sevenfold - Waking The Fallen

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

blink-182 - Enema Of The State

blink-182 - blink-182

blink-182 - Dude Ranch

Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire

Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison

cKy - Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild

Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists

Disturbed - Indestructable

Down - NOLA

Dragonforce - Inhuman Rampage

Enrique Iglesias - Insomniac

Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High

Foo Fighters - The Colour And Shape

Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

Foo Fighters - In Your Honour

Foo Fighters - One By One

Foo Fighters - There Is Nothing Left To Lose

Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival

Green Day - American Idiot

Green Day - Dookie

Guns & Roses - Appetite For Destruction

Gym Class Heroes - As Cruel As School Children


Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden - Killers

Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast

Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind

Iron Maiden - Powerslave

Iron Maidne - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

Iron Maiden - Somwhere In Time

Kanye West - Graduation

KoRn - Follow The Leader

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

Linkin Park - Meteora

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction

Megadeth - Cryptic Writings

Megadeth - Killing Is My Business

Megadeth - Rust In Peace

Megadeth - The System Has Failed

Metallica - ...And Justice For All

Metallica - Garage Inc.

Metallica - Kill 'Em All

Metallica - Load

Metallica - Master Of Puppets

Metallica - Metallica

Metallica - ReLoad

Metallica - Ride The Lightning

Metallica - St Anger

Muse - Black Holes And Revelations

Nirvana - Nevermind

One Republic - Dreaming Out Loud

Paramore - RIOT

Slipknot - IOWA

Slipknot - Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses

Sum 41 - All Killer No Filler

Sum 41 - Chuck

Sum 41 - Does This Look Infected

System Of A Down - Toxicity

System Of A Down - Mesmerize

Tenacious D - The Pick Of Destiny

Tenacious D - Tenacious D

30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie



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Blind Joe Death


LP? CD? 8-Track tapes? Cassettes? or.... Reel to Reels??

How about DATs?

I would imagine with everyone downloading these days, that would amount to quite a lot of music. If you are into music more then background music, which I am!

Can you shut the f*ck up? Just for once, please?


We all know you're awesome, now run along and don't step foot into this topic ever again. Unless, you leave the ego and spam out and post what this topic has asked of you - to share your album collection. I'm sure you know what an album/LP is, being such an almighty music lover.


Sorry to be the one to have to snap at you (not that you don't get it all the time), but you really get on mine and many others nerves.

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Peter Frampton:

Frampton Comes Alive!


FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE?!  Everybody has Frampton Comes Alive.  They used to pass it out in the Sunday paper with samples of Tide.


It's so true. I've had a copy rotting in my garage for the better part of my life.

Edited by darthYENIK

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Jay-Z- The Black Album

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*deep breath*



Amon Amarth

-The Avenger

-The Crusher

-Fate of Norns

-Once Sent From the Golden Hall

-Versus the World

-With Oden From Our Side



-Am Universum




-Far From the Sun

-The Karelian Isthmus

-Privilege of Evil

-Silent Waters

-Tales From the Thousand Lakes



Aphex Twin




Arch Enemy

-Doomsday Machine



-La Masquerade Infernale

-The Sham Mirrors

-Sideshow Symphonies



-The Apostasy





-Bondage Goat Zombie

-Goatreich - Fleshcut

-Lucifer Incestus

-Necrodaemon Terrorsathan

-Pestapokalypse VI



-Dictius Te Necare











Brad Sucks

-I Don't Know What I'm Doing




-Daudi Baldrs

-Det Som Engang Var



-Hvis Lyset Tar Oss



-Corona Borealis

-So Pale Is the Light


Cannibal Corpse

-The Bleeding

-Butchered at Birth


-Tomb of the Mutilated

-The Wretched Spawn


Carpathian Forest

-f*ck You All!!!!


Celtic Frost



Children of Bodom

-Are You Dead Yet?


-Follow the Reaper

-Hate Crew Deathroll



Cradle of Filth

-Bitter Suites to Succubi

-Cruelty and the Beast

-Damnation and a Day

-Dusk and Her Embrace

-From the Cradle to Enslave EP



-The Principle of Evil Made Flesh






Demons & Wizards

-Touched by the Crimson King



-The Dethalbum


Dimmu Borgir

-Death Cult Armageddon

-Enthrone Darkness Triumphant

-In Sorte Diaboli

-Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia





Dying Fetus

-Destroy the Opposition

-Grotesque Impalement

-Killing on Adrenaline

-Purification Through Violence

-Stop at Nothing

-War of Attrition



-Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk

-Emperial Live Ceremony

-In the Nightside Eclipse

-IX Equilibrium

-Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire and Demise

-Wrath of the Tyrant





-Victory Songs



-Antithesis of Light

-A Caress of the Void

-Embrace the Emptiness




-Jaktens Tid


-Ur Jordens Djup

-Visor Om Slutet



-Beg For Mercy

-Terminate on Sight


G.G. Allin

-Freaks, fa**ots, Drunks & Junkies

-The Singles Collection 1977-1991 Expose Yourself



-As the Angel Reach the Beauty

-Collateral Defect

-Engraved in Black


-Scourge of Malice

-When Daylight's Gone


The Guess Who

-The Guess Who: Greatest Hits


Hate Eternal

-Fury & Flames



-Domus Mundi

-Opus Magnum

-With Vilest Worms to Dwell



-The Adversary




-At the Heart of Winter

-Battles in the North

-Blizzard Beasts

-Damned in Black

-Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism

-Pure Holocaust

-Sons of Northern Darkness


Immortal Technique

-Revolutionary Volume 1

-Revolutionary Volume 2


In Flames



-Come Clarity

-The Jester Race

-Lunar Strain

-Reroute to Remain

-Soundtrack to Your Escape




-Atlantis: Hymns for Disco



-The Black Waltz



-They Will Return



-Epic: The Poetry of War

-In the Arms of Devastation


-The Prophecy

-Serenity in Fire

-Shadows & Dust



-Brave Murder Day

-Dance of December Souls

-Discouraged Ones

-The Great Cold Distance

-Last Fair Deal Gone Down

-Tonight's Decision

-Viva Emptiness






-Hau Ruck









-Spirit of the Forest

-Tales Along This Road


-Voice of Wilderness


Lord Wind

-Atlantean Monument




-Purifying Fire




-De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas



-Catch Thirtythree





-...And Justice For All

-Black Album

-Garage Inc.

-Kill 'Em All


-Master of Puppets


-Ride the Lightning

-St. Anger



-All Dead Here


My Dying Bride

-The Dreadful Hours

-A Line of Deathless Kings

-Songs of Darkness, Words of Light



-Straight Outta Compton




-Onset of Putrefaction



-Dark Passion Play






Old Man's Child

-Born of the Flickering

-Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion

-In Defiance of Existence

-The Pagan Prosperity

-Revelation 666: The Curse of Damnation




-Blackwater Park


-Ghost Reveries

-Still Life




-Amor Fati

-Lost in Reverie

-Strangling from Within



-To the Nameless Dead





-Reise, Reise





Rob Zombie

-Educated Horses

-Hellbilly Deluxe

-The Sinister Urge



-12 Inches of Snow


Strapping Young Lad

-The New Black


System of a Down




Thou Shalt Suffer




-Battle Metal

-The Varangian Way






-Shadows of the Sun



-Distractive Killusions

-Firefrost Arcanum

-God the Lux








-The Imaginary Direction of Time








50 Cent


-Get Rich or Die Tryin'

-The Massacre




Yeah, that's about it.

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Twang of Calimari


Since I have tons of albums, I'll just post the ones I didn't steal on the internet.

*albums I own*

Wow, that's a bit outdated. Must have at least quadrupled this list by now (though it's still not particularly huge).


Here's an updated list.

Edited by Twang of Calimari

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I don't have a huge album collection, as I usually throw my music away (singles not albums).


I do have my own compilation of the 80's (3CD); but that's after I've legally downloaded the song(s) first.


And I have All albums by these artists:




Gnarls Barkley

Chemical Brothers

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You asked for it.... OK!



|| 2nd II None ||

2nd II None


|| 213 ||

The Hard Way


|| 2pac ||

2pacalypse Now

Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.

Thug Life Vol. 1

Me Against the World

All Eyez on Me

The Don Killuminati: 7 Day Theory (Makaveli)

R U Still Down? [Remember Me]

In His Own Words

Loyal to the Game

Better Dayz

Until the End of Time

Still I Rise (with tha Outlawz)

Ready 2 Die

Greatest Hits


|| A Tribe Called Quest ||

The Low End Theory


|| A.L.T. ||

Stone Cold World


|| Above the Law ||

Livin' Like Hustlers

Vocally Pimpin'

Black Mafia Life

Uncle Sam's Curse

Time Will Reveal


Forever Rich: Thugs (Book One)


|| The Alkaholiks ||



|| AMG ||

Bitch Betta Have My Money

Ballin' Outta Control

Bitch Betta Have My Money 2001


|| Arabian Prince ||

Brother Arab

Where's My Bytches?


|| Battlecat ||

Gumbo Roots


|| Big Hutch (Cold 187um) ||

Executive Decisions

Live From tha Ghetto


|| B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta ||

Real Brothas


|| Blackalicious ||

Blazing Arrow


|| Blood of Abraham ||



|| Bloods & Crips ||

Bangin' on Wax

Bangin' on Wax II


|| Brownside ||


Eastside Drama


|| Brotha Lynch Hung ||

Season of da Siccness

Nigga Deep (with Sicx)



The New Season (with MC Eiht)


|| Big L ||

Lifestyle ov da Poor & Dangerous


|| Big Pun ||

Capital Punishment


|| Bone Thugs-n-Harmony ||

E 1999 Eternal

Art of War

Strength and Loyalty


|| Busta Rhymes ||

The Coming

When Disaster Strikes




The Big Bang


|| C-Bo ||

The Autospy

Westside Ryders


|| C.I.A. ||

My Posse


|| Cavie ||

Ghetto Star



|| CJ Mac ||

True Game

Platinum Game


|| CPO (Capital Punishment Organization) ||

To the Hell & Black


|| Compton's Most Wanted ||

It's a Compton Thang

Straight Checkn 'em

Music to Driveby

When We Wuz Bangin: the Hitz


Music to Gang Bang


|| Coolio ||

It Takes a Thief

Gangsta's Paradise

My Soul

Fantastic Voyage (Greatest Hits)

Return of the Gangsta


|| Cypress Hill ||

Cypress Hill

Black Sunday

III: Templates of Boom


Skull & Bones

Los Grandos Exitos En Español

Stoned Raiders

Till Death Do us Part


|| The D.O.C. ||

No One Can Do It Better

Helter Skelter



|| Da Lench Mob ||

Guerillas in tha Mist

Planet of da Apes


|| Da Youngstas ||

The Aftermath


|| Daddy V ||



|| Damu Ridas ||

Damu Ridas

Damu Ridas II: How Deep Is Your Hood


|| Das EFX ||

Dead Serious


|| Daz Dillinger ||

Retaliation, Revenge & Get Back


|| Defari ||

Odds & Events


|| Digital Underground ||

Sons of the P


|| Dilated Peoples ||

Expansion Team

Neighborhood Watch


|| Dirty Red ||

Street Heat


|| DJ Pooh ||

Bad News Travelz Fast


|| DJ Quik ||

Quik is the Name

Way 2 Fonky

Safe & Sound

The Best of Quik (The Finale)


Balance & Options

Under the Influence



|| DJ Yella ||

One Mo Nigga Ta Go


|| DMX ||

It's Dark and Hell is Hot

Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of My Blood

Then There Was X...

The Great Depression

Grand Champ

Year of the Dog.. Again!


|| Tha Dogg Pound ||

Dogg Food

Dillinger & Young Gotti

Dogg Chit

Cali Iz Active


|| Dr. Dre ||

The Chronic

Dr. Dre Presents... the Aftermath



|| E-40 ||

In a Major Way


|| Eazy-E ||


4140: Home of tha Sick

It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa

Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphucckin Compton

Impact of a Legend

In Lovin' Memory...


|| Tha Eastsidaz ||

Snoop Dogg Presents... tha Eastsidaz


|| Eminem ||

Marshall Matters LP

Slimshady LP

The Eminem Show



|| Eric B. & Rakim ||

Paid in Full

Follow the Leader

Let the Rhythm Hit 'em

Don't Sweat the Technique



|| Foesum ||



|| Flesh-n-Bone ||



|| Kid Frost (Frost) ||

Hispanic Causing Panic

Eastside Story

Smile Now, Die Later


That Was Then, This is Now Vol. 1

That Was Then, This is Now Vol. 2

Still Up In this sh*t!

Welcome to Frost Angeles

Till the Wheels Fall Off

Blunt and Ballerz


|| The Game ||

The Documentary

Doctor's Advocate


|| Gangstarr ||

Daily Operation


|| Gangsta Dre ||

Inner City Poet


|| Geto Boys ||

We Can't Be Stopped

The Foundation


|| Gospel Gangstaz ||

Do or Die


|| Goldie Loc ||

Still Eastsidin'

Loc'd Out

Eastside Ridaz


|| Grandmaster Flash ||

The Message

Greatest Hits


|| Havoc & Prodeje ||

Kickin' Game

Truez Neva Stop


|| Ice Cube ||

AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted

Kill at Will

Death Certificatez

The Predator

Lethal Injection

Bootlegs & B-Sides

War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc)

War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)

Greatest Hits

Laugh Now, Cry Later

In the Movies


|| Ice-T ||

Rhyme Pays


Freedom of Speech... Just Watch What You Say

O.G. Original Gangster

Home Invasion

VI - Return of the Real

Greatest Hits - The Evidence


|| Jayo Feloni ||

Take a Ride

Watcha Gonna Do?

Crip Hop


|| Jay-Z ||

Reasonable Doubt

In My Lifetime

Hard Knock Life

Life and Times of S. Carter

Roc La Familia

The Blueprint

The Black Album

Kingdom Come

American Gangster


|| JT Tha Bigga Figga ||

Playaz n' the Game


|| K-Dee ||

Ass, Gas, Cash (No One Rides for Free)


|| Kam ||

Neva Again

Made in America



|| King Tee ||

Act a Fool

At Your Own Risk

The Trifflin' Album

IV Life


|| KMG ||

Ear Candy


|| Knoc'turn-al ||

The Way I Am


|| Kokane ||

Who Am I?

Funk Upon a Rhyme

They Call Me Mr. Kane

Mr. Kane II


|| Kool G Rap & DJ Polo ||

Wanted: Dead or Alive


|| Kool Moe Dee ||

Kool Moe Dee

How Ya Like Me Now


|| KRD ||

Sac Town Funk

This is How My Hommies Play


|| KRS-One ||

Return of the Boom Bap


I Got Next

The Sneak Attack

Spiritual Minded


Keep Right

Hip-Hop Lives


|| Kurupt ||


Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha

Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey

Against tha Grain

Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Same Shit, Different Day


|| Latin Alliance ||

Latin Alliance


|| LBC Crew ||

Our City


|| Leaders of the New School ||

Future Without a Past


|| Lil ½ Dead ||

The Dead Has Arisen

Steel on a Mission

Showtime EP


|| Lil C-Style ||

Greatest Hits


|| LL Cool J ||


Mama Said Knock You Out


|| Low Profile ||

We're In This Together


|| Ludacris ||

Back for the First Time

Word of Mouf


|| Luniz ||

Operation Stackola

Lunitik Muzik


|| Lupe Fiasco ||

Food & Liquor

The Cool


|| Mac Dre ||

What's Really Going On?


|| Mac Mall ||

Illegal Business



|| Mac Shawn ||

Funk Mobb (If It Ain't 4 Play)


|| Mack 10 ||

Mack 10

Based on a True Story

The Recipe

The Paper Route

Bang or Ball

Ghetto, Gutter & Gangsta


|| Mausberg ||

Non Fiction


|| MC Chill ||

Tha Chill Wind Factor


|| MC Eiht ||

We Come Strapped

Death Threatz

Last Man Standing

Section 8

'N My Neighborhood

Tha8t'z Gangsta

Underground Hero

Hood Arrest

Veterans Day

Smoke in tha City



Compton's OG


|| MC Ren ||

Kizz My Black Azz

Shock of the Hour

The Villain in Black

Ruthless for Life



|| Mellow Man Ace ||

Escape from Havana

The Brother with Two Tongues

From the Darkness into the Light

Vengo a Cobrar

Ghetto Therapy



|| Method Man ||


Tical 2000: Judgment Day

Tical 0: The Prequel



|| Mobb Deep ||

The Infamous



|| M.O.P. ||

To the Death



|| Mr Doctor ||

Setripn' Bloccstyle



|| Mr Capone-E ||

A Soldier's Story



|| N2 Deep ||

The Golden State


|| Nas ||


It Was Written

I Am...



God's Son

The Lost Tapes

Street's Disciple

Hip Hop Is Dead




|| Nate Dogg ||

G-Funk Classics

Music & Me



|| Nationwide Rip Ridaz ||

Nationwide Rip Ridaz

Betrayed (Can't Trust Nobody)



|| Naughty by Nature ||

Naughty III


|| Notorious B.I.G. ||

Ready to Die


|| N.W.A ||

N.W.A and the Posse

Straight Outta Compton

100 Miles and Runnin'


The N.W.A Legacy (Volume 1 & 2)

Greatest Hits


|| Outkast ||





|| Outlawz ||



|| Paris ||

Guerilla Funk


|| Penthouse Player Clique ||

Paid the Cost


|| Pharcyde ||

Bizarre Ride II


|| Pomona City Ridaz ||

Walking Game


|| Priceless Game ||

Once a Playaz Gone...


|| Psycho Realm ||

The Psycho Realm


|| Public Enemy ||

Yo! Bum Rush the Show

It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Fear of a Black Planet

Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black


He Got Game

Rebirth of a Nation


|| Rakim ||

The 18th Letter

The Master


|| Rappin' 4-Tay ||

4-Tay is Back


|| Ras Kass ||

Soul on Ice


Eat or Die


|| RBL Posse ||

An Eye for An Eye

Ruthless by Law


|| RBX ||

The RBX Files

No Mercy, No Remorse

The Shining

Ripp tha Game: Bloody

Broken Silence


|| Redman ||

Whut? the Album...


|| Richie Rich ||

Half Thang


|| Run DMC ||


Raising Hell


|| Sav Sicc & Bleezo ||

Twin Evilz


|| Scarface ||

Mr Scarface is Back

The Diary


The Fix



|| Sen Dog ||

Sen Dog Presents... Fat Joints Vol. 1


|| Sicx ||

Dead 4 Life

If These Walls Could Talk


|| Slick Rick ||

The Great Adventures


|| Smif-N-Wessun ||

The Album


|| Snoop Dogg ||


Tha Doggfather

Da Game is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told

No Limit Top Dogg

The Last Meal

Paid tha Cost to Be the Boss

R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta)

The Blue Carpet Treatment

Ego Trippin'


|| Soopafly ||

Day Whoopty Whoop

Westcoast Bangin'


|| South Central Cartel ||

South Central Madness

'N Gatz We Truss

All Day Everyday

We Have the Right to Remain Violent


Tha Hoodz in Us


|| Spice 1 ||

Let It Be Known

Spice 1

187 He Wrote

AmeriKKKa's Nightmare

The Pioneers

Keep It Gangsta

Criminal Intent


|| Suga Free ||

Sunday School


|| Swizz Beatz ||

One Man Band Man


|| Tash ||

Rap Life


|| Too Short ||

Born to Mack

Life is... Too Short

Short Dog's in tha House


|| Treacherous Tree ||

Old School Flava


|| Tweedy Bird Loc ||

187 Ride By

No Holds Barred


|| Twinz ||



|| Twista ||

Runnin' off at da Mouth



|| UGK ||

Ridin' Dirty


|| Warren G ||

Regulate... G-Funk Era

Return of the Regulator


|| Wascals ||

Greatest Hits


|| Watts Gangstas ||

The Real


|| WC ||

The Shadiest One

Ghetto Heisman

Guilty by Affiliation


|| WC & the Madd Circle ||

Ain't A Damn Thing Changed

Curb Servin'


|| Westside Cartel ||

Partners in Crime


|| Westside Connection ||

Bow Down

Terrorist Threats


|| Whodini ||


Back in Black


|| Wu-Tang Clan ||

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)


The Wu

Iron Flag

8 Diagrams


|| X-Clan ||



|| X-Raided ||

Psycho Active


The Unforgiven Vol. 1


|| Xzibit ||

At the Speed of Life

40 Dayz & 40 Nightz


Man vs. Machine

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Appetite for Destruction (Mixtape)

Full Circle


|| Young Dre D ||

Trouble Minded


|| Yukmouth ||



|| Zion I ||

Mind Over Matter

Edited by Flesh-n-Bone

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Gabriel Constantin

The Misfits - Static Age

The Misfits - Walk Among Us

The Misfits - Earth A.D./Wolfsblood

The Misfits - Collection

The Misfits - Collection II

The Misfits - Famous Monsters

The Misfits - American Psycho

The Misfits - Cuts From The Crypt

45 Grave - Only The Good Die Young...

The Vibrators - The Best Of: 25 Years Of Pure Mania

The Damned - The Best Of: Total Damnation

Son Of Sam - Songs From The Earth

Agnostic Front - Warriors

Bad Brains - Banned In D.C.: Bad Brains Greatest Riffs

Chelsea - Urban Kids - A Punk Rock Anthology

Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - The Late, Late, Late Show

The Clash - The Singles

Gallows - Orchestra Of Wolves

Various Artists - Destroy!: 15 Tracks From The Year Punk Broke

Various Artists - NME Classics

Madball - Infiltrate The System

AFI - The Art Of Drowning

AFI - All Hallow's E.P.

The Cure - Greatest Hits

Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards - Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards

My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

Evanescence - The Open Door

Rancid - ...And Out Come The Wolves

Bad Religion - New Maps Of Hell

Sum 41 - Underclass Hero

Sex Pistols - Anarchy Live

HIM - Dark Light

Ms. Fits - Hate Is Your Mistress

Eminem - Encore

The Stranglers - No More Heroes

The Dead Boys - Young, Loud And Snotty

Panic! At The Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

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Well my colection is very small =/

European Hit Radio - The Best of 2003

DJ Tiesto - Element's of Life

European Hit Radio - 2008 Vol.1

2Pac + Outlawz - Still I Rise

2Pac - The Best of 2Pac - Part 1: THUG

2Pac - Greatest Hits

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mine are:


Tom Petty Greatest Hits [1993]

Eminem Encore

Eminem The Real Slim Shady

Billy Joel River of Dreams

Billy Joel Nylon Curtain

Billy Joel Greatest Hits

Metalica [Don't remember album name]

Queen Greatest Hits

Queen Classic Queen

Queen [Don't remember album name]

Run DMC Raising Hell

Twisted Sister We're not gonna take it

Nickelback All the right reasons

A ton of Aerosmith albums

Guns and Roses Greatest Hits

Guns and Roses Interview with the Vampire

Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction

Frankie Goes to Hollywood Unknown (i dont listin to them i just have Relax)

and a lot more

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Absolution - Muse

Air Guitar 2 and Air Guitar 3 - Various

All That You Can't Leave Behind - U2

All the Lost Souls - James Blunt

All The Right Reasons - Nickelback

All Time The Best Hits - Louis Armstrong

American Idiot - Greenday

Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses



Back In Black - AC/DC

Back to Bedlam - James Blunt

Bat Out Of Hell III - Meatloaf

The Best Of - Jimi Hendrix

The Best Of - Dire Straits

Black Holes and Revelations - Muse

Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers

By The Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers



Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Chocolate Starfish - Limp Bizkit

Contraband - Velvet Revolver



Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd

Definitely Maybe - Oasis

Demon Days - Gorillaz

Devil's Got A New Disguise - Aerosmith

Devil Without a Cause - Kid Rock

Don't Believe the Truth - Oasis



Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace - Foo Fighters

Evil Empire - Rage Against the Machine

Eyes Open - Snow Patrol



Fallen - Evanescence

Final Straw - Snow Patrol

Forty Licks - Rolling Stones

Freaky Styley - Red Hot Chili Peppers



Graduation - Kanye West

Greatest Hits - Queen

Greatest Hits & Videos - Red Hot Chili Peppers



Have a Nice Day - Bon Jovi

Heathen Chemistry - Oasis

The History of Rock - Kid Rock

How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb - U2

Hypnotize - System of a Down



If You Want Blood - AC/DC

In Silico - Pendulum

In Time - REM

Infinite Steve Vai Anthology - Steve Vai

It Won't Be Soon Before Long - Maroon 5

iTunes Originals - Red Hot Chili Peppers



The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Jimi Hendrix



Keep the Faith - Bon Jovi



Language, Sex, Violence, Other? - Stereophonics

Light Years - ELO

Live at Slane - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Live Era 87-93 - Guns N' Roses

Live in Hyde Park - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Live In San Francisco - Joe Satriani

Lost Highway - Bon Jovi



Mesmerize - System of a Down

Mothers Milk - Red Hot Chili Peppers



Nevermind - Nirvana



Octavarium - Dream Theater

One by One - Foo Fighters

One Hot Minute - Red Hot Chili Peppers

One Love: The Very Best Of - Bob Marley

One More From The Road - Lynyrd Skynyrd

One Wild Night Live 1985-2001 - Bon Jovi



Passion and Warfare - Steve Vai

The Pick of Destiny - Tenacious D

Planet Earth - Prince

Proof of Youth - The Go! Team

Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix



Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red, White & Crüe - Mötley Crüe

Robbers & Cowards - Cold War Kids

Rock N Roll Jesus - Kid Rock

A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay



S & M - Metallica

Silver Side Up - Nickelback

Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers



Ten - Pearl Jam

Tenacious D - Tenacious D

There Is Nothing Left To Lose - Foo Fighters

This Left Feels Right - Bon Jovi

Thunder, Lightning, Strike - The Go! Team

Tired Of Hanging Around - The Zutons

Toxicity - System of a Down



Ultimate - Prince

Uplift Mofo Party Plan - Red Hot Chili Peppers



The Very Best Of - U2

The Very Best Of - The Eagles

The Very Best Of - Van Halen

Vitalogy - Pearl Jam

VS - Pearl Jam



The Wall - Pink Floyd

Who Killed the Zutons - The Zutons

Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd



X & Y - Coldplay



You Can Do Anything - The Zutons


There's a lot there so I alphabetised them. Straight copy off the good ol' iPod.

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Make Love, Not Warcraft

I Have very few albums.


Michael Jackson


Bad: Special Edition

Dangerous: Special Edition

Thriller 25: "Deluxe Edition" (CD+DVD)

HIStory 2001 Edition (1 CD instead of 2)

Number Ones (lost the CD ages ago, Still have DVD)

Got To Be There

King Of Pop (Limited Edition)

Off The Wall (Special Edition)



The 12th Man



UPDATED on 17th Sept. 08 (added king of pop, Off The Wall and Invincible).

Edited by Make Love, Not Warcraft

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Hey Guys,


There are many favorite albums.


However, my latest favorite album is big bang theory. Have you heard songs from this album?




Edited by Justinb1234

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Where to begin...




- Suede

- Dog Man Star

- Coming Up

- Sci-Fi Lullabies (B-Sides collection)

- Singles


The Stone Roses


- The Stone Roses

- The Very Best Of




- Definitely Maybe

- (What's The Story?) Morning Glory

- Be Here Now

- The Masterplan (B-sides collection)

- Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

- Familiar to Millions (Live album)

- Heathen Chemistry

- Don't Believe the Truth


The Verve


- Urban Hyms

- This Is Music - The Singles 92-98

- Forth


The Lightning Seeds


- Jollification

- Dizzy Heights


The Police


- Outlandos D'Amour

- Regatta De Blanc

- Zenyatta Mondatta

- Ghost in the Machine

- Synchronicity




- The Dream of the Blue Turtles

- Nothing Like The Sun

- The Soul Cages

- Ten Summoner's Tales

- This Cowboy Song EP

- Mercury Falling


Red Hot Chilli Peppers


- Californication

- Greatest Hits


Tears For Fears


- Tears Rolls Down (Greatest Hits)

- The Collection


Depeche Mode


- The Singles 81>85

- The Singles 86>98

- 101 (Live)

- Playing The Angel




- The Slim Shady LP

- The Marshall Mathers LP

- The Eminem Show

- Encore




- Under A Blood Red Sky (Live)

- The Best of 1980-1990


Phil Collins


- ...But Seriously

- Hits



Greatest Hits/Singles collections of...


- Blur (The Best Of)

- Pulp (Hits)

- Ocean Colour Scene (The Collection)

- Greenday (International Superhits)

- Will Smith (Greatest Hits)

- The Spice Girls (Greatest Hits)

- Simply Red (Greatest Hits)

- Eric Clapton (Complete)

- R.E.M (In Time)

- Dire Straits (Private Investigations: The Best Of)

- Fine Young Cannibals (The Finest)

- Fleetwood Mac (Greatest Hits)

- INXS (Greatest Hits)

- Marvin Gaye (The Very Best Of)

- The Stranglers (Singles: The UA Years)

- The Jam (The Sound Of)

- Genesis (The Platinum Collection)

- Madness (Complete Madness)

- Seal (Best: 1991-2004)

- The Who (My Generation: Best Of)

- Queen (Greatest Hits (Vols I & II))




- Nirvana - Nevermind

- Robert Miles - Dreamland

- Wishbone Ash - Argus

- Elastica - Elastica

- Tin Tin Out - Always

- Primal Scream - Screamadelica

- Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob

- Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad

- Amy MacDonald - This Is The Life

- Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish...

- Sum 41 - All Killer, No Filler

- Good Charlotte - The Young and the Hopeless

- Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

- Guns & Roses - Appetite for Destruction


And whole load of compilations (Best of the 90s et al). Bear in mind, this isn't a comprehensive list.



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Blind Joe Death
Hey Guys,


There are many favorite albums.


However, my latest favorite album is big bang theory . Have you heard songs from this album?

This topic is here for people to post their album collections, not to have a chat about certain albums. Try and follow the rules shown on the first page, thanks.

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I'm still Building my Album Collection..


But, Here's what i have so far:


Disturbed - The Sickness

Disturbed - Believe

Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists

Disturbed - Indestructible


Insane Clown Posse - Carnival Of Carnage

Insane Clown Posse - The Ringmaster

Insane Clown Posse - The Riddle Box

Insane Clown Posse - The Great Milenko

Insane Clown Posse - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers


Korn - Follow the Leader

Korn - Issues

Korn - See You On The Other Side


Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill


Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe


Slipknot - Slipknot

Slipknot - Iowa

Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone

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I have a sh*tload. Where do we begin...?


All Eyez On Me - 2Pac

Strictly 4 My NIGGAZ - 2Pac

Better Dayz - 2Pac

Until the End of Time - 2Pac

Me Against the World - 2Pac

Greatest Hits - 2Pac

R U Still Down? - 2Pac

Makaveli The Don: The 7 Day Theory - 2Pac

Get Rich or Die Tryin' - 50 Cent

The Massacre - 50 Cent

Power of the Dollar - 50 Cent

Seven Travels - Atmosphere

Capital Punishment - Big Pun

The Art of War - Bone Thugz N' Harmony

E 1999. Eternal - Bone Thugz N' Harmony

Be - Common

Finding Forever - Common

IV - Cypress Hill

Devil's Night - D12

D12 World - D12

The Chronic - Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre 2001 - Dr. Dre

Eazy-Duz-It - Eazy-E

Str8 Off The Streetz of Compton - Eazy-E

Eternal E - Eazy-E

The Slim Shady LP - Eminem

The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem

Curtain Call - Eminem

The Rising Tied - Fort Minor

Supreme Clientele - Ghostface Killah

Fishscale - Ghostface Killah

Hidden Darts - Ghostface Killah

Liquid Swords - GZA

Amerikkka'z Most Wanted - Ice Cube

Death Certificate - Ice Cube

War & Peace: Vol. 1&2 - Ice Cube

Original Gangster - Ice T

Reasonable Doubt - Jay-Z

The Blueprint - Jay-Z

The Blueprint 2 - Jay-Z

The Black Album - Jay-Z

Collision Course - Jay-Z/Linkin Park

Hybird Theory - Linkin Park

Meteora - Linkin Park

Radio - LL Cool J

Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J

Mr Smith - LL Cool J

College Dropout - Kanye West

Tical - Method Man

Tical 0: The Prequel - Method Man

Blackout - Method Man & Redman

Illmatic - Nas

Stillmatic - Nas

It Was Written - Nas

God's Son - Nas

Street's Disciple - Nas

Untitled - Nas

Life After Death (Disc 1 only, 2nd was lost) - The Notorious BIG

Ready to Die - The Notorious BIG

Cheers - Obie Trice

Return to the 36 Chambers - Ol' Dirty Bastard

Nigga Please - Ol' Dirty Bastard

Digi Snacks - RZA

Hot Cool N Vicious - Salt 'N' Pepa

Very Neccessary - Salt 'N' Pepa

Quality - Talib Kweli

Beautiful Struggle - Talib Kweli

Eardrum - Talib Kweli

Absolute Power - Tech N9ne

Misery Loves Kompany - Tech N9ne

Killer - Tech N9ne

Regulate - Warren G

I Want It All - Warren G

Return of the Regulator - Warren G

Bow Down - Westside Connection

Enter the Wu-Tang - Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Forever - Wu-Tang Clan


Eeek...looking at that, that's err...alot. cry.gif.








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Tommy Vercetti111
Well, the title pretty much sums it all up. The point in this topic is to post your album collection. I do understand many people have a lot of albums so you don't exactly have to post all of them, just your favorites. Although, I have plenty of albums and I will be posting all of them, it's up to you whether you want to post them all or not.




Topic Rules


1. No Spamming - Please try and stay on-topic and don't get into any sort of quoted discussion.


2. Be Nice - If you don't like what albums someone has, there is no need to insult them. Keep your thoughts to yourself.





Currently under construction...

Alter Bridge-Metalingus

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Pink Floyd - The Wall

Ben Harper - Ben Harper

Alice n chains - Greatest hits

Pearl Jam - Rear view mirror

Collective soul - 7 year itch

Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire

Staind - Break the Cycle

Stone Temple pilots - Core

Tool - 10,000 days

Disturbed - 10,000 fist in the air

Disturbed - The Sickness

Disturbed - Believe

AC/DC - Back in Black


Greenday - Dookie

White Zombie - La Sexorcisto

Matchbox 20 - Yourself or Something like you

Snoop Dog - "his first one not sure of the name"

Bob Marley and the Wailers - Greatest hits.

Foo fighters - In your honor


Incubus - Make yourself

Incubus - Science

Incubus - A crow left of the Murder

Incubus - Morning View

Foo Fighters - The Color and the shape

Foo Fighters - There is nothing left to lose

Foo Fighters - One by One

Foo Fighters

Staind - Dysfunction

Metallica - Ride the lighting

Metallica - S&M

Metallica - Metallica

Ozzy Osboure - Ozzmosis

Tenacious D

Mudvayne - LD 50

Mudvayne - Lost and Found

Slipknot - Subliminal versus and Live disc

Pantera - Best of

Lamb of God - Sacrement

Metallica - Master of Puppets

Metallica - kill em all

Unloco - Becoming 1

Megadeth - Cryptic Writings

Seether - Disclaimer 1 & 2

Coal Chamber

311 - Transistor

Metallica - Garage Inc

Metallica - And justice for all

Drowning pool - sinner


Korn - Life is peachy

AC/DC - Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap

Saliva - Every six seconds

Egypt Central

Rob Zombie - Hellbilly deluxe

Offspring - smash

Tool - Undertow

Tool - Lateralus

Tool - Aenima

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium.

/Blood sugar sex magik

/greatist hits

/ By the way

Stone Temple Pilots - Thank you

Nirvana - Nevermind/ In Utero /Unplugged

Led Zeppelin - The Mothership

Sublime -40oz to freedom and greatist hits

A perfect circle - Mer de noms/ Thirteenth Step

System of a down Toxicity

Seven dust - best of chapter one

The Eagles - Greatest hits

Kc and the Sunshine band - Greatest hits.



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Aesop Rock

Non Shall Pass







Beastie Boys

License To Ill

The Mix Up


Missy Elliot

The Cookbook


Big Daddy Kane

Long Live The Kane


Black Eyed Peas

Behind The Front


Monkey Business


Bone Thugs N Harmony

Strength & Loyalty


Breaking Benjamin




Busta Rhymes


The Big Bang



Movies For The Blind



Fish Market



The Sound Of Revenge

Ultimate Victory





Viva La Vida



Will Rap For Food

A Piece of Strange

Dirty Acres



D12 World

Devil's Nigght

Return of the Dozon


Daft Punk



Human After All


Dead Prez

Lets Get Free


Dizzee Rascal

Boy In Da Corner

English and Maths


DJ Shadow



Doug E Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew

Oh My God!

The World's Greatest Entertainer


Dr Dre

The Chronic




Inhuman Rampage


Eazy E

Eazy Duz It




Slim Shady LP

Marshall Mathers LP

The Eminem Show


Curtain Call: The Hits

8 Mile

Eminem Presents The Re Up

Don't Call Me Marshall

Diss Me, Diss You




Fight With Tools


Fort Minor

The Rising Tied


Gnarls Barkley

St. Elsewhere

The Odd Couple




G Side

Demon Days

Liaka Come Home


Handsome Boy Modelling School

White People


Ice Cube

Raw Footage


Ice T

OG Original Gangsta


Jay Z

Reasonable Doubt

The Black Album

The Blueprint

Collision Course

JayZ Vs Coldplay


J Dilla

Ruff Draft EP

The shining

Jay Love Japan


Jedi Mind Tricks

Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell


Joel Ortiz

The Brick


Jurassic 5

Jurassic 5 LP

Qiality Control

Power to The People



Kanye West

Late Registration

College Dropout


808's and Heartbreak


Kardinal Offishal

Not 4 Sale


Limp Bizkit

Significant Other

Chololate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavoured Water


Linkin Park

Hybrid Theory



Minutes To Midnight


Lupe Fiasco

Food & Liquor

The Cool








Fly Or Die

Seeing Sounds



Silver Side Up

All The Right Reasons

Dark Horse


Non Point



Notorious B.I.G

Ready To Die



Straight Outta Compton



Hold Your Colour

In Silico


Public Enemy

It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back


Rage Against The Machines

Self titled

Evil Empire

Battle For Los Angleas




King of Rock

Raising Hell

Tougher Than Leather

Back From Hell

Down With The King

Crown Royal


Slick Rick

The Great Adventures Of...


Snoop Dogg


Tha Blue Carpet Treatment


Snow Patrol

Eyes Open


Tenacious D

Tenacious D

The Pick of Destiny



Shock Value

Shock Value (Instrumental)


Timbaland and Magoo

Welcome To Our World

Under Construction Part 2






2Pacalypse Now

Me Against The World

Thug Life


GTA IV Soundtrack


Will Smith

Lost And Found

Greatest Hits


Westside connections

Bow Down


Weird Al Yankovic

Dare To Be Stupid

Bad Hair Day

Off The Deep End

Running With Scissors

Poodle Hat

Straight Outta Lynwood

Edited by kippers.

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-Slipknot - Vol. 3 (The subliminal verses)

-Korn - Life is Peachy

-Korn - Untouchables

-Korn - Take a look in the Mirror

-The official Vice City soundtrack

-System of a Down - Mesmerize

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