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Blind Joe Death

Album Collection

Recommended Posts

Blind Joe Death

Well, the title pretty much sums it all up. The point in this topic is to post your album collection. I do understand many people have a lot of albums so you don't exactly have to post all of them, just your favorites. Although, I have plenty of albums and I will be posting all of them, it's up to you whether you want to post them all or not.




Topic Rules


1. No Spamming - Please try and stay on-topic and don't get into any sort of quoted discussion.


2. Be Nice - If you don't like what albums someone has, there is no need to insult them. Keep your thoughts to yourself.





Currently under construction...
Edited by Ya Mum

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Twang of Cauliflower

Since I have tons of albums, I'll just post the ones I didn't steal on the internet.



Alice in Chains

- Dirt


Anarchy Club

- The Way and Its Power


Aphex Twin

- Richard D. James


(The) Beatles



Butthole Surfers

- Electriclarryland

- Hairway to Steven


Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains

- The Big Eyeball In the Sky



- Sound of Perseverance



- Eponymous



- Orchids and Ammunition


Faith No More

- This is It**


Galaxie 500

- On Fire



- Demon Days


Hank! On Ice!

- Eponymous***


Jane's Addiction

- Ritual De Lo Habitual


(The) Last Vegas

- Seal the Deal


MC Chris

- Life's a Bitch and I'm Her Pimp***



- Back to the Start...Greatest Hits**

- United Abominations



- Eponymous**

- Sliver*



- Once More With Feeling**



- They Can't All Be Zingers**


Queens of the Stone Age

- Songs for the Deaf


Red Hot Chili Peppers

- Stadium Arcadium



- The Shape of Punk to Come



- November-Coming-Fire



- Down on the Upside


Stormtroopers of Death

- Speak English or Die! (2000 re-issue)


That Handsome Devil

- Eponymous****


* = Other compilation

** = Greatest hits

*** = Free

**** = EP

Edited by Twang of Cauliflower

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I havent got all that many Albums coz i'm not really into the music thing, but the ones i have got are:


GTA: SA Official soundtrack + introduction

Eminem Presents the RE-UP

Eminem - Curtain Call

Eminem - Encore

Eminem - The Eminem Show

Weird Al Yankovic - Dare to be Stupid

Weird Al Yankovic - Off the Deep End

Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day

Weird Al Yankovic - Running With Scissors

Weird Al Yankovic - Poodle Hat

Weird Al Yankovic - Straight Outta Lynwood

Linkin Park - Meteora

Linkin Park - Reanimation New

Fort Minor - the Rising Tied New


My bro and mum have got loads of other albums between them but i cant remember them all or be bothered to list them.

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I only have a small collection of albums I bought. With money.



Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Soundtrack

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City OST - Volume 1: V-Rock

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Ark

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Awake

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Smile

Linkin Park - Meteora

Sean Paul - Dutty Rock

The Killers - Hot Fuss

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Art Brut - Bang Bang, Rock and Roll

Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

Radiohead - OK, Computer

Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

The Libertines - The Libertines

The Clash - London Calling

At The Drive In - Acrobatic Tenement

At The Drive In - This Station Is Non-Operational

yourcodenameis:milo - Ignoto

Explosions in the Sky - All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

Explosions in the Sky - Those Who tell the truth shall die, those who tell the truth shall live forever

Arcade Fire - Funeral

Minus the Bear - Highly Refined Pirates

Minus The Bear - Menos El Oso

Sigur Rós - Ágætis byrjun

Joanna Newsom - Ys

...And YoU Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - So Divided

Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Towards the Sun

Pele - The Nudes

The Samuel Jackson Five - Easily Misunderstood

Elliott Smith - From A Basement on the Hill


At least, thats all I can find right now, I have another 20 or so in various cupboards.

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Here it goes...




Back in Black



The Call of the Wretched Sea


Amon Amarth:

Fate of Norns


Arch Enemy:

Doomsday Machine




Piece of Time

Unquestionable Presence



Severed Survival


Bad Brains:

Bad Brains

I Against I





Nordland I


Black Sabbath:

Black Sabbath

Heaven and Hell


Blind Guardian:

Battalions of Fear

Follow the Blind

The Forgotten Tales

Imaginations from the Other Side


A Night at the Opera

Nightfall in Middle Earth

Somewhere Far Beyond

Tales from the Twilight World

Tokyo Tales

A Twist in the Myth


Bolt Thrower:

...For Victory

Honor Valor Pride

In Battle there is no Law

The IVth Crusade


Realm of Chaos

Those Once Loyal

War Master

Who Dares Wins


Bruce Dickinson:

Accident of Birth

Tattooed Millionaire



Bermuda Triangle

Buckethead and Friends: Enter the Chicken


Bucketheadland Vol.2


Condensed Chicken Noodles

Crime Slunk Scene

nice personoo Clocks of Hell

The Deli Creeps: Dawn of the Deli Creeps

Electric Tears

The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock

Giant Robot


Island of Lost Minds


KFC Skinpiles

Monsters & Robots

Population Override

Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse

Thanatopsis: Anatomize



Dauði Baldrs (Balder's Død)

Det Som Engang Var

Hvis Lyset Tar Oss





Cannibal Corpse:


Live Cannibalism



Buried Dreams (Bootleg)

Choice Cuts

Flesh Ripping Symphony


Live Dismemberment (Bootleg)

Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious

Reek Of Putrefaction


Symphonies Of Sickness

Wake Up And Smell The Carcass


Children of Bodom:

Chaos Ridden Years: Stockholm Knockout Live

Follow the Reaper

Hate Crew Deathroll


Something Wild


Cobra Strike:

Cobra Strike: 13th Scroll

Cobra Strike II: yy+bx+y


Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains:

The Big Eyeball In The Sky



None so Vile

Once was Not


The Cure:

Boys Don't Cry


Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me









The Mouse and the Mask




Individual Thought Patterns


Scream Bloody Gore

The Sound of Perserverance

Spiritual Healing



Deep Purple:

Perfect Strangers


Dimmu Borgir:

Death Cult Armageddon

For All Tid




Angry Machines

Holy Diver

Inferno: Last in Live

The Last in Line


Dr. Dre:

The Chronic

The Chronic 2001



Inhuman Rampage

Sonic Firestorm

The Valley of the Damned


Dream Theater:





Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk

In the Nightside Eclipse



Below the Lights



Mardraum: Beyond The Within


Vikingligr Veldi



Jaktens Tid


Visor Om Slutet


Frank Zappa:

The Best of Frank Zappa

Hot Rats






Beyond Hell



Crimson Thunder

Glory to the Brave

Legacy of Kings



Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt. 1

Walls of Jericho



Between Two Worlds


Iced Earth:

Alive in Athens

Burnt Offerings

The Dark Saga

The Glorious Burden

Horror Show

Iced Earth

Night of the Stormrider

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Tribute to the Gods



The Adversary



At the Heart of Winter

Battles in the North

Blizzard Beasts

Damned in Black

Diabolical Full Moon Mysticism

Pure Holocaust

Sons of Northern Darkness


Immortal Technique:

Revolutionary Vol. 1

Revolutionary Vol. 2


In Flames:



The Jester Race/Black-Ash Inheritance

Lunar Strain



Iron Maiden:

Brave New World

Dance of Death

The Essential Iron Maiden

Fear of the Dark


Live After Death

Live at Donington

A Matter of Life and Death

No Prayer for the Dying

The Number of the Beast

Piece of Mind


Rock in Rio

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Somewhere in Time

Virutal XI

The X Factor


Jedi Mind Tricks:

Servents in Heaven, Kings in Hell

Violent By Design

Visions of Ghandi


Jimi Hendrix:

Are you Experienced?

Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix


Judas Priest:

The Essential Judas Priest


The Killers:

Hot Fuss

Sam's Town


Killswitch Engage:

As Daylight Dies

The End of Heartache

Killswitch Engage


King Crimson:

In the Court of the Crimson King


King Diamond:


Deadly Lullabies: Live

The Eye

Fatal Portrait

In Concert 1987: Abigail

The Puppet Master



King Geedorah:

Take me to Your Leader



Pleasure to Kill


Led Zeppelin:

Led Zeppelin II


Liquid Tension Experiment:

Liquid Tension Experiment

Liquid Tension Experiment 2






Greatest Hits: Back to the Start


Mercyful Fate:


Dead Again

Don't Break the Oath

In the Beginning

In the Shadows

Into the Unknown


Return of the Vampire




...And Justice For All

Kill 'Em All

Live sh*t: Binge & Purge

Master of Puppets


Ride the Lightning


MF Doom:


Operation: Doomsday


Miles Davis:

The Complete Birth of Cool


The Misfits:

A box set that has pretty much all the Danzig era albums


The Moody Blues:

Days of Future Passed

In Search of the Lost Chord


Napalm Death:

The Code is Red...Long Live the Code






In Utero




Street's Diciple




Onset of Putrefication



Amongst The Catacombs of Nephren-Ka

Annihilation of the Wicked

Black Seeds of Vengeance

In the Beginning

In Their Darkened Shrines



Cause of Death

Slowly We Rot


The Offspring:





Blackwater Park



Ghost Reveries


My Arms, Your Hearse


Still Life



Speakerboxxx/The Love Below




I Hear Black


Relix IV

Under the Influence


The Years of Decay



Cowboys from Hell

Official Live: 101 Proof



Consuming Impulse



Pink Floyd:


Atom Heart Mother

Dark Side of the Moon

The Division Bell

The Final Cut

Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall: Live 1980-1981


A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Obscured by Clouds

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

A Saucerful of Secrets

The Wall

Wish You Were Here


Porcupine Tree:


In Absentia







The Brown Album

Frizzle Fry

Pork Soda

Sailing the Seas of Cheese

Tales from the Punch Bowl



The Very Best of Prince



The Unseen



A Night at the Opera




Hear in the Now Frontier

Operation: Livecrime

Operation: Mindcrime

Rage for Order

The Warning


Rhapsody of Fire:

Dawn of Victory

Legendary Tales

Power of the Dragonflame

Rain of a Thousand Flames

Symphony of Enchanted Lands

Symphony of Enchanted Lands II

Triumph or Agony





All the World's a Stage

Caress of Steel

A Farewell to Kings

Fly by Night

Grace Under Pressure


Moving Pictures

Permanent Waves







Beneath the Remains

The Best of Sepultura




Reign in Blood

Show No Mercy



Agent Orange



Sonata Arctica:


Reckoning Night


Songs of Silence

Winterheart's Guild


Strapping Young Lad:


The New Black





Sunn O))):

Black One

Flight of the Behemoth

White 2

White 1






Tiger Army:

Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite

III: Ghost Tigers Rise

Tiger Army



How Far to Asgaard

Eric the Red





Blood Inside


Nattens Madrigal

Perdition City











Wu-Tang Clan:

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)



Close to the Edge


Going for the One


Tales From Topographic Oceans

Time and a Word


The Yes Album


I didn't count singles or EP's or anything like that. Just full albums I have.

Edited by Scarface187

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D Jones

Impresive list, Scarface.


(No order)

Wu Tang Clan : Enter the 36 Chambers

Ghostface Killah : Fishscale

MF DOOM : Special Herbs 7 & 8

Madvillain : Madvillainy

Stone Throws : Chrome Children

Immortal Technique : Rev. V2

Gorillaz : Demon Days

Quasimoto : The Unseen

Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony : Art of War

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8-Bit Revolution

-The Parade of Eleanor Plague


The Advantage

-The Advantage



Allan Holdsworth

-Road Games






-Ruines Humaines



-From Within







Aphex Twin







-Piece of Time

-Unquestionable Presence


Babe Ruth

-First Base



-Depois Do Fim


Banco del Mutuo Soccorso


-Io Sono Nato Libero




-The Information

-Sea Changes


Behold... the Arctopus

-Nano Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning

-Orthrelm split


Birth Control

-Plastic People


Black Forest



The Black Keys

-Rubber Factory


-Magic Potion


Black Sabbath

-Black Sabbath



Blodwyn Pig

-A Head Rings Out




-Akuma No Uta

-Things Which Solomon Overlooked 2 & 3

-Rainbow (/w Michio Kurihara)

-Altar (/w Sunn O))) )

-Heavy Rocks









Campo Di Marte

-Campo di Marte



-Tago Mago

-Ege Bamyasi


Captain Beefheart

-Trout Mask Replica

-Lick My Decals Off, Baby



-Chicago Transit Authority



-Disraeli Gears


De Facto

-Megaton Shotblast



-The Sound of Perseverence


Death from Above 1979

-Heads Up!

-You're A Woman, I'm A Machine

-Romance Bloody Romance


Deep Purple

-Machine Head



-Grape Blueprints Pour Spinach Olive Grape

-The Gypsy Valentine Curve

-Hella split


Dire Straits

-Dire Straits


DJ Format

-Music For the Mature B-Boy

-If You Can't Join 'em... Beat 'em


DJ Shadow


-In Tune and On Time

-Preemptitive Strike

-The Private Press

-The Private Repress


Eddie Hazel

-Games, Dames & Guitar Thangs

-Jams from the Heart


Edgar Varese

-The Complete Works of Edgar Varese


Eric B. & Rakim

-Paid in Full


Explosions in the Sky

-How Strange, Innocense

-Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever

-The Rescue

-The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place


The Fall of Troy




Finch (Dutch)

-Galleons of Passion

-Glory of the Inner Focus



-Night on Bald Mountain




-II (Moving Waves)

-At the Rainbow


Frank Zappa

-Hot Rats

-Overnite Sensation

-Roxy & Elsewhere

-Sheik Yerbouti

-The Grand Wazoo


-You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore Vol. 2

-Fillmore East June 1971

-Just Another Band from L.A.

-Bongo Fury


-Lumpy Gravy

-Imaginary Diseases

-Uncle Meat



-Maggot Brain

-One Nation Under a Groove

-Cosmic Slop


Gastr Del Sol


-Serpentine Similar

-Upgrade & Afterlife


Genelec & Memphis Reigns

-Scorpion Circles




-Nursery Cryme


-The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

-Selling England by the Pound



Gentle Giant


-Three Friends

-Playing the Fool

-Gentle Giant

-Free Hand


-The Power and the Glory

-King Biscuit Flower Hour

-In A Glass House

-Acquiring the Taste





Glenn Branca

-Lesson No. 1 for Guitar

-Symphony No. 8 & 10

-The Acension



-Lady Lake

-In Spite of Harry's Toenail


Godspeed You! Black Emperor

-F#A Infinity

-Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada

-Yanqui U.X.O

-Lift Yr. Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven


Green Milk from the Planet Orange

-He's Crying "Look"

-City Calls Revolution

-Loop EP

-You Take Me to the World

-Kuruucrew split



-Red Queen to Gryphon Three

-Midnight Mushrumps



-Five Suns

-Black Oni

-Twisted Stems EP



-Hold Your Horse Is

-The Devil Isn't Red

-Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass

-Bitches AIn't sh*t But Good People

-Falam Dynasty


-Dilute split



Hisato Higuchi




-Domus Mundi

-With Vilest of Worms to Dwell


Iggy Pop

-Lust for Life





Iron Maiden


-The Number of the Beast


Jeff Beck




-Blow by Blow


Jimi Hendrix

-Are You Experienced

-Axis: Bold As Love

-Band of Gypsys

-BBC Sessions

-Blue Wild Angel


-Electric Ladyland

-First Rays of the New Rising Sun

-South Saturn Delta

-The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Box Set)


King Crimson

-In The Court of the Crimson King

-In the Wake of Poseidon


-Larks' Tongues in Aspic

-Starless & Bible Black


-The Great Deceiver



Led Zeppelin





-Houses of the Holy

-Physical Graffiti


-In Through the Out Door


-How the West Was Won

-The Song Remains the Same






Luiz Eca & Sagrada Familia

-Onda Nova do Brasil


Lykathea Aflame



Mahavishnu Orchestra

-The Inner Mounting Flame


The Mars Volta


-De-loused in the Comatorium

-Frances the Mute


-A Missing Chromosome



Mick Abrahams



Mr. Bungle


-Disco Volante




-Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX!!!

-Endless Summer Record



-In Their Darkened Shrines


No Rest for the Dead

-End of Space








-Ghost Reveries

-Blackwater Park



-Mothership Connection


Pink Floyd

-A Momentary Lapse of Reason


-Atom Heart Mother


-Dark Side of the Moon

-Wish You Were Here

-Piper At the Gates of Dawn



Premiata Forneria Marconic

-The World Became the World

-Chocolate Kings







-Fly By Night

-Moving Pictures

-Exit...Stage Left


The Samuel Jackson 5

-Easily Misunderstood







-Love Devotion Surrender (w/ John McLaughlin)


Secret Chiefs 3

-Second Grand Constitution & Bylaws

-Book M


Simon & Garfunkel








Sonic Youth





-Sonic Youth

-Daydream Nation



-Feed Me Weird Things

-Music Is One Rotted Note


Steely Dan

-Countdown to Ecstasy

-Can't Buy a Thrill


Steve Hackett

-Voyage of the Acolyte


Stuff Smith

-The Complete Verve Sessions


Sun Ra

-Mayan Temples

-The Heliocentric World of Sun Ra



-kotoba o mochiite kanaderu mono wa sainou ni ara zu, tada no kioku ni 'su'gi nu



-Secret of Runes



-Millions Now Living Will Never Die




-The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys



-Across the Horizon





Van Der Graaf Generator

-Pawn Hearts

-H to He, Who Am the Only One

-The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other


Vediog Svaor

-In The Distance


Volta Do Mar

-At The Speed of Light or Day


White Heaven



The Who

-Who's Next




-Nuclear Nightclub


-Live Music from the Twilight Zone





Yann Tiersen

-Amelie OST




-Close to the Edge


-The Yes Album


-Going for the One

-Tales from Topographic Oceans


ffff need new music


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Gantons Most Wanted

213 - Tha Hard Way

2 Pac - All Eyez On Me

2 Pac - 2Pacalypse

2 Pac - Better Dayz

2 Pac - Until The End Of Time

Above The Law - Black Mafia Life

B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta - Real Brotha's

Comptons Most Wanted - When We Wuz Bangin 1989-1999 The Hitz

Cypress Hill - Self-titled

Daz Dillinger - Retaliation, Revenge & Get Back

DJ Quik - Balance And Options

DJ Quik - Trauma

Dr Dre - Chronic 2001

Dr Dre - Dretox Mixtape

Dr Dre - Detox Mixtape

Hittman - Hittmanic Verses

Hood Surgeon - The Autopsy Mixtape

Hood Surgeon - The Family Tree

Ice Cube - The Predator

Ice Cube - Lethal Injection

King Tee - Tha Triflin' Album

Kurupt - Kuruption!

Kurupt - Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha

MC Ren - Shock of the hour

N.W.A - Straight Outta Compton

RBX - No Mercy No Remorse

Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle

Snoop Dogg - Tha Last Meal

Snoop Dogg - Tha Blue Carpet Treatment

Soopafly - Dat Whoopty Woop

Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Food

Tha Dogg Pound - Dillinger & Young Gotti II: Tha Saga Continuez

Tha Eastsidaz - Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz

The Game - The Documentary

The Game - The Doctors Advocate

Warren G - Regulate...G Funk Era

Warren G - I Want It All

Xzibit - Restless

Xzibit - Man Vs. Machine

Xzibit - Full Circle

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No Escape?

My CD collection is pretty standard, so I decided to post my recently uncovered vinyl stash instead. Featuring a wide array of prog rock, southern blues rock, obscure pop, and a fine selection of jazz.


Deep Purple:

-Perfect Strangers



-Yesterday And Today


The Jeff Lorber Fusion:



Lenny White:



Herman Brood And His Wild Romance:



Long Distance:



The Jukes:



Flash And The Pan:



Neil Larsen:

-Jungle Fever


Dixon House Band:

-Fighting Alone


Sly And The Family Stone:

-There's A Riot Goin' On


The Crusaders:

-Street Life 300 S.

-Those Southern Knights



-Watts In A Tank


The Kingbees:



The Fifth Dimension:

-Star Dancing


FM: Original Movie Soundtrack


Bryan Adams:

-Cuts Like A Knife



-Turn It Loud


.38 Specials:

-Wild-Eyed Southern Boys


Peter Gabriel:



The Fabulous Thunderbirds:

-Butt Rockin'


Live Wire:

-Pick It Up


Brian Eno:

-Another Green World


Tim Bogart:



Dave Sancious & Tone:

-True Stories


Joe Thomas:

-Get In The Wind


Spooky Tooth:

-The Mirror



-Hold On To It


Mike Silver:



Sea Level:

-Cuts On The Coast




-Close To The Edge


-Going For The One




Louisiana's Le Roux:

-Keep The Fire Burnin'



Mick Taylor:



Pat Moraz:




-Two For The Show


Various Artists:

-Cruisin' 1964


Rick Wakeman:

-Rick Wakeman's Criminal Record

-The Six Wives Of Heny VIII


Bob Seget And The Silver Bullet Band:

-Stranger In Town


Pousette-Dart Band:



Walter Egan:



Return To Forever:


-No Mystery


Joe Sample:

-Rainbow Seeker


The Charlie Daniels Band:

-Million Mile Reflections


Grand Funk Railroad:


-On Time



-English Settlement


John Lee Hooker:

-Endless Boogie


The Alan Parsons Project:



The Guess Who:

-Live At The Paramount


Siebert Brothers with Wendy West:

-She Looks That Way


Mike Oldfield:

-Tubular Bells






-Fire And Water


Benny Mardonis:

-Never Run, Never Hide


Ozark Mountain Daredevils:

-It's Alive


Steely Dan:



Ray Charles:



J. Geils Band:



Fast Fontaine:



Earl Klugh:

-Crazy For You


Chris Squire:

-Fish Out Of Water


Savoy Brown:

-Greatest Hits


Seals And Crofts:

-Sudan Village


Tonio K:

-La Bomba





Don Schiltz:

-Dreamer's Matinee


Larry Carlton:



The Beach Boys:

-The Beach Boys In Concert


Herbie Handcock:



The Reds:


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In Utero

MTV Unplugged in NY



Snoop Dogg

Doggy Style

Paid The Cost To Be Tha Boss

The Blue Carpet Treatment



Complete Discography



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Mainland Marauder

Between my girlfriend and I, there are ~500 albums we have here. Downloads excluded. Most genres covered. If I ever have nothing better to do at all, I will compile a complete list here.

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Quite a small collection....


Triple J Hottest 100 - N/A

Greatest Hits - 2Pac

Silent Alarm - Bloc Party

A Weekend In The City - Bloc Party

X&Y - Coldplay

Recurring Dream - Crowded House

Encore - Eminem

Doctor's Advocate - The Game

AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted - Ice Cube

Death Certificate - Ice Cube

Lethal Injection - Ice Cube

Greatest Hits - Ice Cube

Laugh Now, Cry Later - Ice Cube

Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Greatest Hits - Red Hot Chili Peppers


I also want The Predator by Ice Cube, but I can't seem to find it (I don't want to get it second hand)!


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Muse - Showbiz

Muse - Absolution

Muse - Black Holes & Revelations

Muse - Origin of Symmetry

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

Linkin Park - Meteora

Green Day - American Idiot

Green Day - Dookie

Green Day - Insomniac

Green Day - Shenanigans

Green Day - Nimrod

Green Day - International Superhits

Feeder - Swim

Feeder - Polythene

Feeder - Comfort In Sound

Feeder - Pushing The Senses

Feeder - The Singles

Feeder - Echo Park

Evanescence - The Open Door

Oasis - Stop The Clocks

Oasis - Definitely Maybe

Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

Oasis - Heathen Chemistry

Sting - Greatest Hits

The Offspring - Greatest Hits

Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

Kasabian - Kasabian

Kasabian - Empire

The Strokes - Is This It

Kanye West - College Dropout

Kanye West - Late Registration

The Darkness - Permission To Land

U2 - How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

N*E*R*D - Fly or Die

N*E*R*D - In Search Of...

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An Overdose of Heavy Psych Compilation

Birchville Cat Motel - Our Love Will Destroy the World

Blackalicious - Blazing Arrow

Charalambides - Strangle the Wretched Heavens

Christina Carter - Bastard Wing

De La Soul - Clear Lake EP

Little Wings - Discover Worlds of Wonder

Feathers - Gnomezic Live

Feathers - Pipeline at MIT

Fursaxa - Lepidoptera

Fursaxa - Alone in the Dark

Gary Higgins - Red Hash

Hella - Hold Your Horse Is

Hella - There's no 666 In Outer Space

The Sonics - Here are the Sonics

Hieroglyphics (first album, don't remember the name)

Horse Feathers - Words are Dead

It's All Meat - It's All Meat

Jewelled Antler Compilation

some Krautrock compilation

a Leadbelly compilation

Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow

6majik9 - Loquidiom

The Moving Sidewalks - Flash

Nick Castro and the Poison Tree - Further From Grace

Osibisa - Osibisa

Robert Wyatt - Shleep

Singing At The Moon - Singing Knives Compilation

Six Organs of Admittance - Untitled CD-R

Sleep - Holy Mountain

Slint - Spiderland

Soft Machine - Third

Spires That In The Sunset Rise - s/t

Subtle - For Hero: For Fool

Subtle - A New White

Sun Ra - Outer Space Ways Incorporated

Scienz of Life - The Blaxploitation Lessons

The Cramps - Smell of Female

Larrkin Grimm - The Last Tree

The Monks - Black Monk Time

The Tower Recordings - Fraternity

The Wilde Flowers - Tales of Canterbury

Thomas Dybdahl - Science

Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats

Tomorrow - s/t


That's not all of it. Not even half sad.gif. I'll update later.

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Hmm the ones that have been paid for are these:


Nirvana - NIRVANA (self titled)

Nirvana - Unplugged in NY

Nirvana - Nevermind

Nirvana - In Utero

Nirvana - From the muddy banks of the Wishkah

Nirvana - With the lights out (3CD/1DVD box set)

Faith No More - King for a day, fool for a lifetime

Metallica - St Anger


That's all I can think of at the moment, I got a sh*tload of music on this PC though.

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Only recently started getting albums:


Aesop Rock || Bazooka Tooth

Jay-Z || Resonable Doubt

Sway || This is My Demo

MF Doom || Is Viktor Vaughn Vaudeville Villain

NWA || Straight Outta Compton

RJD2 || The Third Hand

Circle of Tyrants || Circle of Tyrants

RJD2 || Dead Ringer

Aesop Rock || Float

Dizzee Rascal || Boy In the Corner

Kano || Beats and Bars

Immortal Tech || The Silenced Revolution

Immortal Tech || Revolutionary Vol 1 & Vol 2

Jedi Mind Tricks || Violent By Design

Jay Z and Linkin Park || Collision Course

Linkin Park || Live In Texas

Rage Against The Machine || The Battle of Los Angeles

Rage Against The Machine || Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine || Evil Empire

Atmosphere || The Lucy Ford (The Atmosphere EPs)

Dilated Peoples || Neighbourhood Watch

Dilated Peoples || The Platform

Dilated Peoples || Expansion Team

Dilated Peoples || 20-20

Necro || Gory Days

A Tribe Called Quest || The Low End Theory

Talib Kweli || The Beautiful Struggle

Necro and Ill Bill || The Street Villians Vol 2

Atmosphere || You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having

Jedi Mind Tricks || Servants in Heaven, Kings In Hell

Loop Troop || Modern day Symphony

Jurrasic 5 || Feedback


They are all what are on my PC, some are not in album folder so i probably have more. Good considering I never had any of them before Christmas wow.gif



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2Pacalypse Now - Tupac

3 Feet High & Rising - De La Soul

All Eyez On Me - Tupac

AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted - Ice Cube

Appleseed - Aesop Rock

Aquemini - Outkast

Bazooka Beard - Aesop Rock

Be - Common

Big Picture - Big L

Black Album - Jay Z

Black Bastards - KMD

Black on Both Sides - Mos Def

Black Star - Black star

Blacksmith The Movement - Talib Kweli

Boy In Da Corner - Dizzee Rascal

Breaktionary - DJ Q-Bert

Can I Borrow A Dolla? - Common

Capital Punishment - Big Punisher

Check Your Head - Beastie Boys

College Dropout - Kanye West

Criminal Minded - BDP

Daddy's Home - Big Daddy Kane

Daylight - Aesop Rock

Dead Ringer - RJD2

Death Certificate - Ice Cube

Don Cartagena - Fat Joe

Dummy - Portishead

Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers - Wu-Tang Clan

Evil Empire - Rage Against The Machine

Expansion Team - Dilated Peoples

Fast Cars, Danger, Fire & Knives - Aesop Rock

Fishscale - Ghostface Killah

Float - Aesop Rock

Fort Europa - Looptroop

Game Theory - The Roots

God Loves Ugly - Atmosphere

Gods Son - Nas

Greatest Hits - Gheto Boys

Hell On Earth - Mobb Deep

Hip Hop Is Dead - Nas

House Of Pain - House Of Pain

Illmatic - Nas

Ironman - Ghostface Killah

It's A Big Daddy Thing - Big Daddy Kane

It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold us Back - Public Enemy

It Was Written - Nas

Jurassic 5 - Jurassic 5

Kamikaze - Twista

Labor Days - Aesop Rock

Late Registration - Kanye West

Life After Death - Notorious BIG

Like Water for Chocolate - Common

Liquid Swords - GZA

Long Live The Kane - Big Daddy Kane

Looks Like A Job For - Big Daddy Kane

Lucy Ford - Atmosphere

Madvillany - MF Doom/Madlib

Me Against The World - Tupac

Mecca & The Soul Brothers - Pete Rock/CLC Smooth

Melody Nelson - Portishead

MF Doom & MF Grimm - MF Doom/MF Grimm

Midnight Marauders - Tribe Called Quest

Mm... Food - MF Doom

Modern Day City - Looptroop

More Fish - Ghostface Killah

Music for Earthworms - Aesop Rock

My Vinyl Weighs A Ton - Peanut Butter Wolf

Nastradoomus - MF Doom/Nas

Nastradoomus 2 - MF Doom/Nas

Niggaz4Life - NWA

OG Original Gangster - Ice T

OKComputer - Radiohead

One Day It'll All Make Sense - Common

Only Built For Cuban Lynx - Raekwon

Operation Doomsday - MF Doom

Paid In Full - Eric B/Rakim

Peoples Instinctive Travels And The Path of Rhythm - Tribe Called Quest

Portishead - Portishead

Power In Numbers - Jurassic 5

Quality Control - Jurassic 5

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine

Raising Hell - Run DMC

Reasonable Doubt - Jay Z

Reflection Eternal - Talib Kweli

Renegades - Rage Against The Machine

Revolutionary Vol.1 - Immortal Technique

Revolutionary Vol.2 - Immortal Technique

Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell - Jedi Mind Tricks

Special Herbs - MF Doom

Stillmatic - Nas

Storms Are Brewing - Blade

Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z - Tupac

Take Me To Your Leader - MF Doom

Taste of Chocolate - Big Daddy Kane

The Battle Of Los Angeles - Rage Against The Machine

The Beautiful Struggle - Talib Kweli

The Blueprint - Jay Z

The Beautiful Struggle - Tupac

The Chronic - Dr Dre

The Circle of Tyrants - Ill Bill/Necro/Goretex/Mr. Hyde

The Documentary - The Game

The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory - Tupac

The Further Adventures of Lord Quas - Quasimoto

The Low End Theory - Tribe Called Quest

The Mouse & The Mask - MF Doom/Dangermouse

The New Danger - Mos Def

The Outsider - DJ Shadow

The Ownerz - Gang Starr

The Struggle Continues - Looptroop

The Unseen - Quasimoto

The Very Best of Big Daddy Kane - Big Daddy Kane

Thug Life Vol.1 - Tupac

Tical 2000: Judgement Day - Method Man

True Magic - Mos Def

Vaudeville Villain - MF Doom

Venomous Villain - MF Doom

Violent By Design - Jedi Mind Tricks

Warriors - M.O.P


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

New Albums Updated Here:


Beats, Rhymes & Life - Tribe Called Quest - 12/04/07

The Love Movement - Tribe Called Quest - 12/04/07


The Cold Vein - Cannibal Ox - 13/04/07

FunCrusher Plus - Company Flow - 13/04/07

Little Johnny From The Hospital - Company Flow - 13/04/07

I'll Sleep When You're Dead - El-P - 13/04/07

Legacy Of Blood - Jedi Mind Tricks - 13/04/07

The Psycho Social - Jedi Mind Tricks - 13/04/07

Visions Of Ghandi - Jedi Mind Tricks - 13/04/07

Jedi Mind Tricks Present... - Outerspace - 13/04/07


Blackwater Park - Opeth - 16/05/07

Damnation - Opeth - 16/05/07

Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd - 16/05/07

Deliverance - Opeth - 16/05/07

Ghost Reveries - Opeth - 16/05/07

Headshots: Se7en - Atmosphere - 16/05/07

Humboldt Beginnings - The Pharcyde - 16/05/07

Illadelphia Halflife - The Roots - 16/05/07

Labcabincalifornia - The Pharcyde - 16/05/07

Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem - 16/05/07

Mo' Mega - Mr. Lif - 16/05/07

Morningrise - Opeth - 16/05/07

My Arms, Your Hearse - Opeth - 16/05/07

Nia - Blackalicious - 16/05/07

Orchid - Opeth - 16/05/07

Overcast - Atmosphere - 16/05/07

Ready To Die - Notorious B.I.G - 16/05/07

Sevens Travels - Atmosphere - 16/05/07

Still Life - Opeth - 16/05/07

You Cant Imagine How Much Fun We're Having... - Atmosphere - 16/05/07


3030 - Deltron - 26/07/07

A Long Hot Summer - Masta Ace - 26/07/07

Animal Magic - Bonobo - 26/07/07

Animals - Pink Floyd - 26/07/07

Apocalypse Now... 91 The Enemy Strikes Back - Public Enemy - 26/07/07

Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix - 26/07/07

Axis: Bold As Love - Jimi Hendrix - 26/07/07

Bad - Michael Jackson - 26/07/07

Band Of Gypsys - Jimi Hendrix - 26/07/07

Baptism By Fire - Apathy - 26/07/07

Beats And Places - Public Enemy - 26/07/07

Beauty And The Beat - Edan - 26/07/07

Black Elvis Lost In Space - Kool Keith - 26/07/07

Blazing Arrow - Blackalicious - 26/07/07

Blood On The Dancefloor - Michael Jackson - 26/07/07

Bryter Layter - Nick Drake - 26/07/07

Cry Of Love - Jimi Hendrix - 26/07/07

Dangerous - Michael Jackson - 26/07/07

Dangerous Connection - 7L & Esoteric - 26/07/07

Days To Come - Bonobo - 26/07/07

DC2: Bars Of Death - 7L & Esoteric - 26/07/07

Dead Prez Presents M-1: Confidential - Dead Prez - 26/07/07

Disposable Arts - Masta Ace - 26/07/07

Do You Want More!?!!?! - The Roots - 26/07/07

Dr. Octagonecologyst - Dr. Octagon - 26/07/07

Eastern Philosophy - Apathy - 26/07/07

Electric Circus - Common - 26/07/07

Electric Ladyland - Jimi Hendrix - 26/07/07

Emergency Rations - Mr. Lif - 26/07/07

Enter The Colossus - Mr. Lif - 26/07/07

Fear Of A Black Planet - Public Enemy - 26/07/07

First Come First Served - Dr. Doom - 26/07/07

Five Leaves Left - Nick Drake - 26/07/07

Gory Days - Necro - 26/07/07

Greatest Misses - Public Enemy - 26/07/07

How To Cut And Paste: 80s Edition - DJ Yoda - 26/07/07

How To Cut And Paste: Mixtape Vol. 2 - DJ Yoda - 26/07/07

I Need Drugs - Necro - 26/07/07

I Phantom - Mr. Lif - 26/07/07

Ill Bill Is The Future Vol. 2: I'm A Goon! - Ill Bill - 26/07/07

Internal Affairs - Pharoahe Monch - 26/07/07

It Came From The Sea - Solid Steel - 26/07/07

Kollage - Bahamadia - 26/07/07

Lets Get Free - Dead Prez - 26/07/07

Live At The Middle East - Mr. Lif - 26/07/07

Meddle - Pink Floyd - 26/07/07

Moment Of Rarities - 7L & Esoteric - 26/07/07

Muse Sick N Hour Message - Public Enemy - 26/07/07

New Whirl Odor - Public Enemy - 26/07/07

No Place Like Chrome - Apathy - 26/07/07

Obscured By Clouds - Pink Floyd - 26/07/07

Phrenology - The Roots - 26/07/07

Pink Moon - Nick Drake - 26/07/07

Plans - Death Cab For Cutie - 26/07/07

Rainbow Bridge - Jimi Hendrix - 26/07/07

RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta - Dead Prez - 26/07/07

Ressurection - Common - 26/07/07

Revolverlution - Public Enemy - 26/07/07

Roadkillovercoat - Busdriver - 26/07/07

Saul Williams - Saul Williams - 26/07/07

Sex Style - Kool Keith - 26/07/07

Sittin' On Chrome - Masta Ace - 26/07/07

Sleepyheads - Mr. Lif - 26/07/07

Slim Shady - Eminem - 26/07/07

Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs - Kid Koala - 26/07/07

Something About Aeroplanes - Death Cab For Cutie - 26/07/07

Speaking Real Worlds - 7L & Esoteric - 26/07/07

Take A Look Around - Masta Ace - 26/07/07

The Amazing Adventures Of DJ Yoda - DJ Yoda - 26/07/07

The Brick Bodega Chronicles - Joell Ortiz - 26/07/07

The Final Cut - Pink Floyd - 26/07/07

The Future Is Now - Non Phixion - 26/07/07

The Pre-Fix For Death - Necro - 26/07/07

The Sexorcist - Necro - 26/07/07

The Silenced Revolution - Immortal Technique - 26/07/07

The Soul Purpose - 7L & Esoteric - 26/07/07

The Torture Papers - Army Of The Pharaohs - 26/07/07

The W - Wu Tang Clan - 26/07/07

The Wall - Pink Floyd - 26/07/07

There's A Poison Going On - Public Enemy - 26/07/07

Things Fall Apart - The Roots - 26/07/07

Thriller - Michael Jackson - 26/07/07

Translanticism - Death Cab For Cutie - 26/07/07

Turn Off The Radio - Dead Prez - 26/07/07

What's Wrong Will Bill? - Ill Bill - 26/07/07

Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd - 26/07/07

Wu Tang Forever - Wu Tang Clan - 26/07/07

Yo! Bum Rush The Show - Public Enemy - 26/07/07

You Can Play These Songs With Chords - Death Cab For Cutie - 26/07/07

Your Mums Favourite DJ - Kid Koala - 26/07/07

Edited by Platinum.

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Long Haired Freaky Guy


Aphex Twin

Drugs people ( 2 Cds)

26 mixes for cash

Come to daddy


Chemical Brothers


Come With Us


Brothers Gonna Work It Out

Dig Your Own Hole

Singles ( 2Cds)

Exit Planet Dust



Clubland 1-10



Clubmix 2007

Gatecrasher Classics

Hard Dance Mania

The Best Club Anthem Classics

Ultimate NRG ( 2 Cds )


Daft Punk



Human After All

The Best Of Daft Punk


Deepest Blue

Late September




Sunday 8pm



Fatboy Slim

Live On Brighton Beach

Living Through Chemistry


Groove Armada

Love Box

Another Late Night

Back To Mine

Doin It After Dark

The Remixes



Hed Kandi

Disco Heaven 58 ( 2 Cds )

Twisted Disco ( 2 Cds )



Massive Attack

Blue Line

100Th Window

Best Of

Danny The Dog Ost



Clubbers Guide 2006


The Annual







The Altogether



Melody A.M


The Prodigy


Music For The Jilted People

Fat Of Land

Presents The Dirty Chambers Vol 1

Experience Expanded

Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned



Onkas Big Mooka

Magic Hotel



A Hundred Days Off

Beaucoup Fish

Dub No Bass With My Head Man



Second Toughest In The Infants


Drum And Bass




Live From Atlanta (2 Cds )

The Takeover Bid


4 Hero

Two Pages

Parallel Universe


A Guy Called Gerald

Black Secret Technology


Breakbeat Era

Ultra Obscence


Concord Dawn


Chaos By Design

Uprising Advance

Man For All Seasons



System Upgrade

The Human Resource


High Contrast

High Society

True Colours


Roni Size

Live Spoon Dark

New Forms

In The Mode

Return To V

Touching Down



Helter Skelter Vs Raindance

Harcore Adreniline



Bonkers 1 – 16

Best Of Bonkers


Clubland X-Treme Hardcore

Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 1-3


Punk, Rock, Indie & Pop


Acid Reign





Inside The Atmosphere



Artic Monkeys

Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not


Avril Lavigne

Let Go

Under My Skin


Blink 182


Enema Of State


Take Of Your Pants And Jacket

The Mark, Tom And Travis Show

Cheshire Cat

Greatest Hits


Bloc Party

Black Session

Silent Alarm


Christina Aguilera





X and Y

A Rush Of Blood To The Head



Life For Rent

No Angel



Out Of Nothing

This New Day



The Fallen


The Futureheads

News And Tributes




Demon Days



American Idiot


International Superhits





Guns And Roses

Appetite For Destruction


Greatest Hits

Chinese Democracy

Rock In Rio

Use Your Illusion

Use Your Illusion 2

The Spaghetti Incident


Gwen Stefani

Love Angel, Music Baby


James Blunt

Back To Bedlam



Get Born








Hopes And Fears

Under The Iron Sea


Kelly Clarkson



Linkin Park

Hybrid Theory

Greatest Hits

Project Revolution

Under Attack

Live In Texas





The Best Of M-People

Elegant Slumming



Ray Of Light








Best Of Nirvana


In Utero



Liberal Animation

Punk In Drublic


The Longest Line

Never Trust A Hippy

The Greatest Songs Ever Written

Wolves In Wolves Clothing

Pump Up The Valuum



What’s The Story Morning Glory

Definitely Maybe

Be Here Now

The Masterplan

Familiar To Millions ( 2 Cds )

Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants

Heathen Chemistry

Don’t Believe The Truth



Cant Take Me Home


Try This

Im Not Dead





Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Live In Hyde Park


Greatest Hits

Blood Sugar Sex Magic

Stadium Arcadium

Abbey Road

By The Way

Freaky Styley

Live Rare Remix Box

Mothers Milk

One Hot Minute

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

What Hits

The Uplift Mofo Party Plan

Under The Covers


Snow Patrol

Final Straw

Eyes Open




Just Enough Education To Perform

Language Sex Violence Other

Word Gets Around

You Gotta Go There To Come Back

Performance And Cocktails





Sum 41

Happy Live Surprise


Half Hour Of Power

Does This Look Infected

Go Chuck Yourself


Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday

Tell All Your Friends

Where You Want To Be


The Killers

Hot Fuss

Sams Town


The Kooks

Inside In Inside Out

Too Much Is Not Enough


The Libertines

Don’t Look Back

Up The Bracket


The Music

Welcome To The North

The Offspring



Greatest Hits


The Zutons

Tired Of Hanging Around

Who Killed The Zutons



Suck Fony

Too Soon Monsoon


Hand Over Your Loved Ones



Get Behind Me Satan


De Stijl

The Whitestripes

White Blood Cells


Urban, Hip Hop And Rap


8 Ball

Living Legends


50 Cent

Guess Whos Back

The Massacre


Abstract Rude

Making More



Magnificient City

A Book Of Human Language

Accepted Electic

All Balls Don’t Bounce

Grand Imperail

Love And Hate


All Natural



Aesop Rock




Labour Days


Fast Cars Danger Fire And Knives

Music For Earthworms


Aloe Blacc

Shine Through






Alicia Keys


Songs Of A Minor

Diary Of Alicia Keys



As The World Burns

Date Of Birth

SRS Presents Arsonists Originals





Athletic Mic League

Jungle Gym Jungle


The Thrill Is Gone



God Loves Ugly

Sevens Travel


Awol One


Soul Doubt

The Chemikillz


The war of Art




Self Tilted


Beastie Boys

The Sounds Of Science

Ill Communication

Pauls Boutique

Root Down

Solid Gold Hits

The In Sound From Way Out

The Stones Throw Remixes

Check Your Head

Hello Nasty

License To Ill

Pollywog Stew


Beenie Man

Tropical Storm

Back To Basics



Arch Nemisis




Dangerously In Love


Big Bruvas

Nu Flow


Binary Star




Black Eyed Peas


Monkey Business




The Craft

Blazing Arrow


Bobby Valentino

Bobby Valentino

Specail Occasion


Brother Ali

Shadows Of The Sun


Bubba Sparxxx

Dark Days, Bright Nights




Fear Of Black Tangent

Temporary Forever


Busta Rhymes

Extinction Level Event


It Aint Safe No More

The Coming

Turn It Up – Best Of

When Disaster Strikes

The Big Bang



C Rayz


We Live

Return Of The Beast

Year Of The Beast





Winter ( 2 Cds )



Purple Haze

Sports, Drugs And Entertainment

Killa season


Cannibal Ox

The Cold Vein

The F Word






The Sounds Of Revenge







Christina Millian

So Amazin




The Evolution



Time Traveling Reprise

One Day It’ll All Make Sense



Kiss Jamz

Massive R’n’ B


Cool Calm Pete




Gangstas Paridise

My Soul

The Return Of The Gangsta


Crystal Method

Legion Of Boom

Community Service Vol 2




A Piece Of Stranger

Sloppy Seconds


Will Rap For Food


Cypress Hill

Till Death Do Us Part



Stoned Raiders



D12 World

Devils Night


Delinquient Habits

Delinquient Habits


De La Soul

3 Feet High

Aoi Bionix

Art Offical Intelligance, Mosaic Thump

Buhloone Mind State

De La Mix Tape Remixes

De La Soul Is Dead

Live At Tramps

Stakes Is High

The Grind Date

The Works



Dilated Peoples

Neighbourhood Watch

Expansion Team

The Platform

Dilated Peoples

Back Again

Long awaited


Dizzie Rascal

Boy In The Corner



Dj Shadow

In Tune And On Time

Funky Skunk

The Outsider

The Private Press



And Then There Was An X

Its Dark And Hell Is Hot

Year Of The Dog Again


Dr Dre

The Chronic

Presents…The Aftermath


Dr Dre 2001


Dr Octagon

The Return Of Doctor Octagon


Dungeon Family

Even Darkness


Elephant Man

Good To Go



Collecting The Kid



The Underground Collection

8 Mile-Orginal Soundtrack

Curtain Calls

Don’t Call Me Marshall

Curtain Closed

Off The Wall

Fukin Crazy

Eminem Show

Presents The Re-Up

Get The Guns



Marshall Mathers LP

The Slim Shay LP


Evil Nine

You Can Be Specail Too



Ghetto Fabolous

Street Dreams


Fat Joe



Fatman Scoop

In The club



No More Mr Nice Guy

Step In The Arena

The Owners

Big Shug Whos Hard

The Best Of Gangstarr

Fullclip Decade Of Gangstarr



Ghostface Killah

Bulletproof Wallets

More Fish

Pretty Toney

Supreme clientele

718 Stapleton To Somalia


Fried Fish




100% Ginuwine

The Senior

The Bachelor

Back To The Basics

Greatest Hits

The Life


Gnarls Barkly

St Elsewhere


Grandmaster Flash

The Message

Greatest Hits



Beg For Mercy


Hangar 18

The Multi Platinum



Full Circle

One Big Trip

3Rd Eye Vision


Hocus Pocus

73 Touches


Ice Cube

Death Certificate

Americas Most Wanted

Greatest Hits

The Predator

Laugh Now Cry Later


Immortal Technique

Behind The Bars

Black Cargo

Revolutionary Vol 1

Revolutionary Vol 2

The 1St Passage

The 2ND Passage

The 13 Amendments

The Silenced Revolution

Bin Laden

Potable Immortal


Jamie Foxx




Hood Hop



This Is me …Then

On The Six




Ja Rule

The Last Temptation

Pain Is Love


Blood In My Eye



Kiss Of Death


Jagged Edge



A Jagged Era


Jay Z

Kingdom Come

Hard Knock Life Vol 2

The Black Album

The Blueprint

Collision Course


Jedi Mind Tricks

The Psycho-Socail Biological

Servents In Heaven Kings In Hell

Voilent By design

Visions Of Ghandi


The Age Of Sacred Terror



Falling Down

Return Of Drifter


Joe Budden

Joe Budden


Juelz Santana

Back Like Cook

What The Games Been Missing


Jurassic 5

Power In Numbers

Pre-Historic Rarities



Justin Timberlake


Future Sex- Love Sounds


Kayne West

College DropOut

Late Registration


Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland


King Geedorah

Take Me To Your Leader


Lady Sovereign

Public Warning

Vertically Challenged


Lethal Bizzle

Against All Odds


Lil Jon

King Of Crunk

Certified Crunk

Crunk Juice


LL Cool J


Mr Smith

Bigger And Deffer

Mama said Knock You Out

Todd Smith

Walking With A Panther


The Definition

14 Shots To The Dome

All World



Lloyd Banks

Hunger For More

Rotten Apple



Back For The First Time

Word Of Mouf

Chicken And Beer

Release Therapy

The red Light District


Mack Dawg

Mack Dawg Productions


Macy Gray

The Id

On How Life Is

The Best Of


Maraiah Carey

The Emancipation Of Mimi


Mario Winnans

Hurt No More


Mary J Blige

The Breakthrough

Refletctions ( A retrospective )



Double Up

Harlem World

Welcome Back


Masta Ace

The Best Of Cold Chillin

A Long Hot Summer

Hits You Missed


Method Man


How High

The Day After


Mf Doom

Specail Herbs

The Mouse And The Mask

Is Viktor Vaugh VaudeVille Villian

Operation Doomsday


Missy Elliot

This Is Not A Test


Mobb Deep

Free Agents

Murda Musik

The Infamous

Hell On Earth



Mos Def

Black On Both Sides

The New Danger

True Magic


Mr Lif

Enter The Colossus

I Phantom

Mo Mega

Emergancy Rations


Mr Vegas

Pull Up

Mr Vegas



End Of The Beginning

316 The 9TH edition



Fly Or Die

In Search Of



The Posse

Straight Outta Compton

100 Miles And Running

Niggaz For Life

The N.W.A Legacy Vol 1

The N.W.A Legacy Vol 2

Greatest Hits



Cookin Soul

Carry The Cross

Death Of Escobar

Hip Hop Is Dead

Hova’s Son

I am

It Was Written


Street Disciple



I need Drugs

Gory Days

The Pre-Fix For Death



Country Grammer





Nelly Furtado




In My Own Words


Non Phixon

The Future Is Now

The Green Cd


Non Prophets



Notorious B.i.g

The Final Chapter

Life After Death

Best Of biggie Smalls

Born Again

Ready To Die


Obie Trice



Ol’ Dirty Bastard

The Dirty Story







The Best Of Outkast



We Invented The remix

The Saga Continues

Press Play

No way Out



People Under The Stairs



Pharell Williams

In My Mind


Public Enemy

It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

Beats And Places

Fear Of Black Planet

Power To The People & The Beats


R- Kelly

Greatest Hits ( 2 Cds )


Ray J




Docs Da Name



Dare Is A Darkside

Muddy Waters

Whut Thee Album






Constant Elevation ; The Say Word mix


RJD2 Is God

Since We Last Spoke

The Horror

Your face Or Your Kneecaps

Getting Jukie Wid It ( 2 cds )

The third Hand


Rob Sonic



Roll Deep

In At The Deep End

Roll deep Presents Grimey 1


Roots Manuva

Awfully Deep

Run Come Save Me


Sage Francis

Personal Journals

Road Tested

Still Sick …Urine Trouble

A Healthy Distrust

Sickly Business

Sick Of Waging War



My Homies

The Fix

Mr Scarface Is Back

The Last Of The Dying Breed


Sean Paul

Dutty Rock



Point Of No Return



Godfather Buried Alive


Snoop Dogg

Paid The Cost To be The Boss

Rhythm And Gangsta The Masterpiece


Tech N9ne

The Clam Before The Storm


From Here And there


Absolute Power




The Alchemist

No Days Off


The Game


Doctors Advocate


The Roots

Tipping Point

Game Theory



The Streets

The Original Pirate Material

The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living


Tony Yayo

Thoughts Of A predicate




Best Of Both Worlds

The 7 Day Theory

A Decade Of Silence

Born Leader

Are You Still Down ( 2 Cds )


Meets The Wu-Tang Clan

2Pacalypse Now

Thug Life

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Better Dayz

Black Days

Greatest Hits

Don’t go To sleep

Murder Plan

Too Gangsta For Radio

Loyal To The Game

Me Against The World


Still I Rise

Strictly For My Niggaz

The Lost Tapes

The Way He Wanted It

Thug Passion

The Here After


You Never Heard


Twice As Nice

Urban Club Classics

The Weekender



Adrenaline Rush

The day After




I wanna Go There






Warren G

Take A Look Over Your Shoulder

G Funk Era



The Big Dawg


Wu-Tang Clan

Gza- Liquid swords


Young Buck

Born to Be A thug

Case Dismissed

Straight Outta CashVillie

Chronic “006


Street Life


Young Jeezy

Thug Motivation

The Inspiration



Needs updating seen as it's a very old album list taken off word, and LOADS of artists are missing.

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Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak

Kings of Leon - Because of the Times

RHCP - Stadium Arcadium

RHCP - By The Way

Tenacious D - Self Titled

Tenacious D - Pick Of Destiny

My Chemical Romance - Black Parade

White Stripes - White Blood Cells

The Hush Sound - Like Vines

Paramore - All We Know Is Falling

Cute Is What We Aim For - Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch

AFI - Decemberunderground

Enter Shikari - Take To The Skys

Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree

Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High

Panic At The Disco - Fever You Can't Sweat Out

+44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating

Days Away - Mapping An Invisible World

Coldplay - Rush Of Blood To The Head

Paulo Nutini - These Streets

Bring Me The Horizion - WIWTEOYSWMF

Bring Me The Horizion - Count Your Blessings

Evanescence - Fallen

Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now

LostProphets - Liberation Transmittion

Fray - How To Save A Life

Fratellis - Costello Music

Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This To Memory

Muse - Black Holes and Revelations

Nirvana - Nevermind

Bloc Party - Weekend In The City


Not all of them

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my itunes album collection,







dane cook(lol):harmful if swallowed

korn:Korn greatest hits vol1

disturbed:the sickness


disturbed:ten thousand fists

ac/dc:back in black

ac/dc:dirty deeds

the bravery:the bravery

H.I.M.:dark light

KISS:symphony aliveIV

lamb of god:ahses of the wake

rock and roll soldiers:so many musicians to kill


the who:whos next(remastered)

rammstien:du hast ep

" " :amerika ep

" ":mutter

" ":frier frei

as you can see i like totally random music music.gif


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Sir Million Knives

All non-pirateyear ones.



UGK - Blood Money

Bun-B - Trill

Young Buck - Straight Outta Cashville

Young Buck - Buck The World

G-Unit Radio 1

G-Unit Radio 2

G-Unit Radio 4

G-Unit radio 7

G-Unit Radio 16

Be South 7-16

Elastinen - Elaksis Kivi

Elastinen - Anna Soida

Elastinen & TPH - E.T.T.E

Voittajafiilis - Jokanen on voittaja

Voittafiilis & Skandaali - Miks teip sen?

Herrasmiesliiga - 112

Cheek - Käännän sivuu

50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin

50 Cent - The Massacre

Ludacris - Release Therapy

Ludacris - Beer 'n Chicken

Fat Joe - Jealous Ones Still Envy

Young Jeezy - Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101

Young Jeezy - Thug Motivation 102

Young Jeezy - Snowman pt1 & 2

Nas - All Albums

Snoop - All Albums

P.Diddy - Press Play

T.I - King

T.I - Trap Muzik

T.I - Urban Legend

Evil Empire x5

Gangzta Grillz x12



and more.

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I can safely say I have music from every letter except for X. Almost all of these cds were in store bought, a few of them were paid for downloads from Rhaposity, and a few of the harder to find albums were aquired in other ways. I've probley missed a few that I haven't copied to my pc yet.

And the collection will continue growing untill I simply can't find anything else to listen to.




A New Found Glory - Catalyst

A Perfect Circle - eMOTIVe, Thirteenth Step

Abruptum - Casus Lucifer

AC-DC - The Razors Edge, For Those About to Rock, Back in Black, Ballbreaker

Aerosmith - Pump, A Little South of Sanity, Honkin on a Bobo, O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits

AFI - December underground

Akashic - A Brand New

Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits

Alice In Chains - Dirt

Angels & Airwaves - We Don't Need to Whisper

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92, Come to Daddy EP

Apocalyptica - Plays Metallica By Four Cellos, Apocalyptica

Atrocity – Werk 80

Audioslave – Audioslave, Revelations, Out of Exile





Bad Company - Original Bad Company Anthology

Billy Idol - 11 of the Best

Biohazzard – Biohazard, Urban Discipline, Kill Or Be Killed

Black Label Society - Kings of Damnation: Era 1998-2004, Mafia, Shot to Hell

Blacksabbath - We Sold Our Soul for Rock and Roll, Heaven and Hell, Dehumanizer

Bleeding Through - This Is Love, This Is Murderous

Blue Oyster Cult - Some Enchanted Evening

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - Greatest Hits

Brian Dead Monkeys - Blood Sausage, Weenie Roast

Buckethead - Giant Robot

Bush - Razorblade Suitcase

The Black Crowes - Greatest Hits 1990-1999: A Tribute to a Work in Progress





Cradle of Filth - From Cradle to Enslave, Damnnation and a Day, Princible Evil Made Flesh, Cruelty and the Beast, Nymphetamine

Creed - My Own Prison, Human Clay, Weathered

Charlie Daniels Band - Decade of Hits

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Chronicle V1/V2

Cancerslug – Battle Hymns I/II, Bloodbath, Book of Rats, Soulless, Whore

Chaos Star – ChaosStar

Coal Chamber - Coal Chamber, Dark Days

Coheed & Cambria - Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Vol. 1- From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness, Live at Starland Ballroom

Coprofago - Unorthodox Creative Criteria

Cyndi Lauper\True Colors

Cypress Hill - Black Sunday, Skull & Bones, Till Death Do Us Part




Disturbed - The Sickness, Belive Ten Thousand Fists

Drowning Pool - Sinner, Desensitized

Damageplan - New Found Power

Danzig – Danzig

Dark Angel - Leave Scars

Days of the New - Days of the New

Deadsy – Commencement, Phantasmagore

Death From Above 1979 - You're A Woman, I'm A Machine

Deathstars – Synthetic Geneneration, Terminal Bliss

Def Leppard - Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection

Depeche Mode - The Singles 81 – 85/86-98, Playing the Angel

Der Bote - Kalt!

Devo - Oh No It's Devo

Dimmu Borgir - StormblastGodless Savage Garden, Spiritual Black Dimensions, Old Mans Child

Dope – Group Therapy, American Apathy

Dope Stars Inc - Make A Star (Limited Edition EP)

Dragonforce - Inhuman Rampage

Dream Theater - Dark Side of the Moon

Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Food





Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP, Encore, The Eminem Show, Curtain Call

The Eagles - Hotel California




Faith No More - Angel Dust, Epic and Other Hits

Fantomas – Delivrium Cordia

Fear Factory – Archetype, Digimortal, Transgression

Foo Fighters - In Your Honor

Fort Minor - The Rising Tied

Front Line Assembly - Complete Total Terror




Godsmack - Faceless, Godsmack, Awake, The Other Side, IV

Green Day - Insomniac

Guns 'n Roses - Use your Illusions I and II, The Spaghetti Incident, G 'n R Lies, Appetite for Destruction

Good Charlotte - The Young and the Hopeless, The Chronicles of Life and Death

Garbage - Bleed Like Me

Garth Brooks – Garth Brookes, Fresh Horses, Ropin’ The Wind

Genesis - Invisible Touch

George Thorogood & the Destroyers - The Baddest of George Thorogood and the Destroyers

Godhead - 2000 Years of Human Error

Gravity Kills - Manipulated

Green Carnation- The Burden Is Mine... Alone, Light Of Day Day Of Darkness, The Acoustic Verses





Hootie & the Blowfish - Cracked Rear Veiw, Fairweather Johnson, Musical Chairs

Hoobastank - The Reason

(hed)PE – Blackout

Hellyeah – Hellyeah

Hurt - Vol. 1




Iced Earth - Tribute to the Gods

In Flames - Reroute to Remain

Incubus - Morning View

INXS - Kick

Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death




Jackyl - Choice Cuts Night Of The Living Dead

Journey - Time 1, 2, & 3

Jamie Cullen – Twenty Something

Jane's Addiction - Ritual de lo Habitual

Jekyll-and-Hyde – Deviator

Jerry Cantrell - Boggy Depot

Jet - Get Born

Jimi Hendrix - Kiss the Sky

Johann Sebastian Bach - Best of Bach

John Frucicante – When Shadows Collide With People, From the Sounds Inside

Judas Priest - Demolition

Juno Reactor - Odyssey 1992-2002, Labyrinth, Bible of Dreams





Korn - Take a look in the Mirror, Untouchables, Follow the Leader, Greatest Hits Vol. 1, Chopped Screwed Live & Unglued Disc 2, See You on the Other Side

Kadenzza - The Second Renaissance

Kansas - Ultimate Kansas

Kiss - Kiss Unplugged

KMFDM – Opium

The Killers - Hot Fuss, Sam's Town




Led Zepplin - IV

Linkin Park - Meteora, Hybrid Theory, Splitting The DNA, Reanimation

Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz - Put Yo Hood Up

Limp Bizkit - Significant Other

Live - Throwing Copper

Ludacris - Word of Mouf

Ludwig van Beethoven - Best of Beethoven

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Thyrty: The 30th Anniversary Collection, 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection




Marilyn Manson - Golden Age of Grotesk, Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, Holywood, Portrait of an American Family, Smells Like Children

Megadeth - So Far So Good So what, Killing is my Bussiness, Countdown to Extinction, Rust in Peace, The System Has Failed

Metallica - Kill em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of the Puppets, ...And Justice for All, Black album, St. Anger, S&M, Reload, Various live concerts

Motley Crue - Theator of Pain, Decade of Disodence, Motley Crue

Mushroomhead – XIII, Xx, Savior Sorrow

Machine Head - Burn My Eyes, Burning Red

Manowar - Kings of Metal

Marty Casey & Lovehammers - Marty Casey & Lovehammers

Marvin Gaye - 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection

Mindless Self Indulgence - You'll Rebel To Anything

Ministry - In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up, Rantology, Rio Grande Blood

Modest Mouse - Good News for People Who Love Bad News

Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante

Mudvayne - L.D. 50, Lost and Found

Murderdolls - Beyond the Valley of Murderdolls

My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, The Black Parade




Nickleback - Long Road, Silverside Up, All the Right Reasons

Nirvana - Nevermind, Nirvana, In Utero, Unplugged In New York

Nine Inch Nails - And all the Could Have Been, With Teeth, The Downward Spiral, The Day the World Went Away(Single), Pretty Hate Machine, Head Like a Hole, Further Along the Downward Spiral, Fixed, Broken, Closer to God, Year Zero

Nelly Furtado - Loose

New Order - Singles

Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom, Rock Steady

Nonpoint - Recoil

Nuclear Assault – Survive, Out of Order, Third World Genocide




Original Soundrack - Queen of the Damned, Last Action Hero, Private Parts, Half Baked, Mission Imposible 2, 8 Mile, Advent Children, Blackhawk Down(Game), Bleach, Cowboy Beebop, Rainbow 6, The Spirits Within, Ghostbusters, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Oblivion, Powerslide, Resident Evil, Rock Star, Saw 1, Testdrive 5, Vampires, Tribes, Sims, FF I/VI/VII/VIII/X, Fable, Warcraft III, Diablo II, Half Life 1/2

Ozzy - Ultimate Sin, No More Tears, Down to Earth, Diary of a Madman, Ozzmosis, Diary of a Madman, Bark at the Moon

Orgy - Candyass

OutKast – Aquemini

The Offspring - Greatest Hits





P.O.D. - Fundimental Elements of Southtown, Testify

Pantera - Cowboys from Hell, Far Beyond Driven

Papa Roach – Infest, Getting Away With Murder

Pearl Jam - VS, Ten, Pearl Jam

Pain - Dancing With The Dead

Peeping Tom - Peeping Tom

Pink Floyd - The Wall, Animals, Delicate Sound of Thunder

Powerman 5000 - Tonight The Stars Revolt

Project Pitchfork - Early Years 89-93

Public Enemy – Rebirth Of A Nation




Queensryche – Empire, Operation: Mindcrime, Operation: Mindcrime II

Queen - Platinum Collection

Quemonia – Void of Malice




Rob Zombie - Past Present Future, Educated Horses

Rush - Moving Pictures, 2112, Counterparts, Snakes and Arrows

Rage Against the Machine - Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium

Raism - Aesthetic Terrorism

Ramstein – Rosenrot, Sehnsucht

Razed in Black - Sacrificed

Rebel Meets Rebel - Rebel Meets Rebel

Red Hot Chili Peppers - What Hits!-, Stadium Arcadium, Mothers Milk, By The Way, Californication, Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Revolting Cocks - Linger Ficken' Good

The Prize Fighter Inferno - My Brother's Blood Machine

The Rolling Stones - Aftermath






Slayer - Reign in Blood, Devine Intervention, South Of Heaven, Christ Illusion

Slipknot - Iowa, Subliminal Verses

Smashing Pumpinks - Siamese Dream, Machina II

Static-X - Shadow Zone, Wisconsin Death trip, Beneath...Between...Beyond..., Start a War, Machine, Cannibal

Stone Temple Pilots – Core, Purple

Styx - Grand Illusion, Brave New World, Crystal Ball, Cyclorama

Staind - Dysfunction

Soundgarden - Superunknown, A-Sides

System of a Down – Toxicity, System of a Down, Steal this Album, Mesmerize, Hypnotize

Sopor Aeternus - Es Reiten Die Toten So Schnell

Samael – Passage, Reign of light

Satarial - Tanz Mit... Tod

Satyricon - Rebel Extravaganza 1999

Scorpions - Gold

Scott Stapp - The Great Divide

Sevendust - Next

She Wants Revenge - She Wants Revenge

Shinedown - Leave a Whisper

Silk Bischoff - Phoenix From the Flames

Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong of the Right, The Singles Collect, Mythmaker

Sons of Butcher - Sons of Butcher, Left Behind I/II

Soulfly - Dark Ages

Stage - Stage

Steppenwolf - Best of Steppenwolf: 20th Century Masters

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Soul To Soul

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Couldn't Stand the Weather

Stone Sour - Come What(ever) May

Strapping Young Lad - Alien, The New Black

Suicidal Tendencies - Prime Cuts





Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog

Tool – Undertow, Lateralus, Ænima, 10,000 Days

Tom Petty - Wildflowers, Fool Moon Fever, Highway Companion

The Black Mages – The Black Mages, The Black Mages II

Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever

Tesla - Psychotic Supper, The Great Radio Controversy

The Temptations - 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection

Three 6 Mafia - Choices- The Album, Da End, Da Unbreakables

T-Pain - Rappa Ternt Sanga

Trapt - Someone In Control

Type O Negative - Life Is Killing Me




U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Ulver - Themes From William Blake's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell, Svidd Neger

Unheilig - 2006 - Moderne Zeiten




Velvet Revolver - Contraband

VNV Nation – Futureperfect, Matter + Form, Standing 1/2, Judgement, various live




White Zombie - Astrocreep 2000, La Sexorcisto- Devil Music, Vol. 1

The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan

The Who - Who's Greatest Hits, Who's Next

Weezer - Make Believe

Whiplash - Messages In Blood: The Early Years




Yngwie Malmsteen - War To End All Wars




ZZ Top - Greatest Hits

Zeromancer - Zzyzx, Eurotrash, Clone your Lover



Various Artist

A Tribute to Nine Inch Nails [Tributized]

The Blackest Album - An Industrial Tribute to Metallica

The Blackest Album - Vol. 4: An Industrial Tribute to Metallica


Nonstop Industrial

Rock Phenomenon - DJ Vlad and Roc Raida (Hosted_by_Mike_Shinoda)


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time for a little update;


GTA: SA Official soundtrack + introduction

Eminem Presents the RE-UP

Eminem - Curtain Call

Eminem - Encore

Eminem - The Eminem Show

Weird Al Yankovic - Dare to be Stupid

Weird Al Yankovic - Off the Deep End

Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day

Weird Al Yankovic - Running With Scissors

Weird Al Yankovic - Poodle Hat

Weird Al Yankovic - Straight Outta Lynwood

Linkin Park - Meteora

Linkin Park - Reanimation

Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight New

Fort Minor - the Rising Tied

Breaking Benjamin - Phobia New



My bro and mum have got loads of other albums between them but i cant remember them all or be bothered to list them.

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Ace Of Spades - Motörhead

Alien - Strapping Young Lad

All Killer No Filler - Sum 41

Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned - The Prodigy

American Idiot - Greenday (Don't ask.)

American Psycho - The Misfits

Americana - The Offspring

Antology - Alien Ant Farm




Back To Basics - Beenie Man

Before The Storm - Darude

Best Trips - Fatboy Slim

the Black Parade - MCR ( suicidal.gif )

Blood Mountain - Mastodon

Blur - Blur




Call Of The Mastodon - Mastodon

Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavored Water - Limp Bizkit

City Of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold

Come Clean - Puddle Of Mud

Come To Daddy - Aphex Twin

Conspiracy Of One - The Offspring

Cowboys From Hell - Pantera





Dead Letters - The Rasmus

Demon Days - Gorillaz

Dig Your Own Hole - The Chemical Brothers

Divine Intervention - Slayer

Don't Believe The Truth - Oasis

Driven - Leroy




Educated Horses - Rob Zombie

Elephant - The White Stripes

Enema Of The State - Blink 182




Faceless - Godsmack

Fallen - Evanesence

Fat Of The Land - The Prodigy

Feuer Frei! - Rammstein

Fight Club Soundtrack - Fight Club

Finally Woken - Jem

Fine Malt Lyrics - House Of Pain

Follow The Leader - KoRn

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo - The Bloodhound Gang

From The Muddy Banks Of The Whiskah - Nirvana




Get Behind Me Satan - The White Stripes

the Gift Of Game - Crazytown

Gorillaz - Gorillaz

Gran Turismo - The Cardigans

A Grand Don't Come For Free - The Streets

Grand Theft Auto Soundtrack - GTA

Graveyard Classics - Six Feet Under

The Great Sudden Trendkill - Pantera

Greatest Hits - The Smashing Pumpkins

Greatest Hits - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Greatest Hitz - Limp Bizkit



And I can't be bothered typing any more up right now. Will update with the next few letters tounge.gif.

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Here's my new album collection


Audioated - Cause We Pissed It In The Snow*

Audioated - Still Feeding You Propoganda*

Guns 'N Roses - Greatest Hits

Megadeth - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

Megadeth - Greatest Hits: Back To The Start

Metallica - Master Of Puppets

Metallica - Metallica (The Black Album)

Mojo Pinball - Add Eight*

NewSession - NewSession*

NewSession - Surroundings Of A Sunday*

Splendid - Another Fine Day On The Rocks*

* Unsigned


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Here's my collection. It's not that many, but meh. Artists on the left, and their Albums on the right.


The Game: The Documentary

Jamie Foxx: Unpredictable

Snoop Dogg: The Blue Carpet Treatment

Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP

Teddy Pendergrass: Teddy

Michael Jackson: Invincible

NE-YO: In My Own Words

R. Kelly: TP3 Reloaded

Stevie Wonder's Greates Hits

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I'll try and keep this confined to my hip hop collection, which is my largest, and not to include any mixtapes. It's incredible on how many albums I've come up on in such a short amount of time, since I haven't really started to collect until maybe a year or two ago. I'd say at least 80% I have in hard copies, along with some that I solely have on my HDD or even a few on vinyl. But I can gurantee all of these are whole albums, not four or five of the best tracks.


I also noticed that I don't have too much variety, meaning I mostly have other albums from the same artists. Cool, I guess... biggrin.gif



(Italicized = Favorite Album of Artist)


2Pac - 2Pacalypse Now

2Pac/Thug Life - Thug Life Vol. 1

2Pac - Me Against the World

2Pac - All Eyez on Me

2Pac - The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory

2Pac - R U Still Down? (Remember Me)

2Pac - 2Pac Greatest Hits (And a bunch of his original work)

2Pac/Outlawz - Still I Rise

2Pac - Better Dayz

2Pac - Resurrection O.S.T.

2Pac - Loyal to the Game

50 Cent - Power of the Dollar

50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin'


Big Daddy Kane - Long Live the Kane

Big Daddy Kane - It's a Big Daddy Thing

Big Daddy Kane - Looks Like a Job For...

Big L - Livestylez of da Poor & Dangerous

Big L - The Big Picture

Big Pun - Capital Punishment

Big Pun - Endangered Species

Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) - Black Star

Bloods & Crips - Bangin' on Wax (collaboration)

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Creepin' on ah Come Up

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - E. 1999 Eternal

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - The Art of War

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - BTNHResurrection

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Thug World Order

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Strength & Loyalty

Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded

Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep

Brotha Lynch Hung - Season of da Siccness

Brotha Lynch Hung - EBK4

Brotha Lynch Hung (Feat. C-Bo) - Blocc Movement

Brotha Lynch Hung - Lynch By Inch - Suicide Note

Brotha Lynch Hung (Feat. MC Eiht) - The New Season


Common - Resurrection

Compton's Most Wanted - Straight Checkn 'Em

Compton's Most Wanted - Music to Driveby


D12 - Devil's Night

D12 - D12 World

Da Lench Mob - Guerillas in tha Mist

Dead Celebrity Status - Blood Music

dead prez - Let's All Get Free

DMX - It's Dark and Hell Is Not

DMX - Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood

DMX - ...And Then There Was X

DMX - Grand Champ

DMX - Year of the Dog...Again

Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Food

Tha Dogg Pound - 2002

Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Chit

Dr. Dre - The Chronic

Dr. Dre - Chronic 2001


E-40 - In a Major Way

E-40 - The Hall of Game

Eminem - Infinite

Eminem - The Slim Shady EP

Eminem - The Slim Shady LP

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP

Eminem - The Eminem Show

Eminem - 8 Mile O.S.T.

Eminem - Encore

Eminem - The Re-Up

Eric B. & Rakim - Paid in Full

Eric B. & Rakim - Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em


The Game - The Documentary

The Game - Doctor's Advocate

Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele


Ice Cube - AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted

Ice Cube - Kill At Will

Ice Cube - Death Certificate

Ice Cube - The Predator

Ice Cube - War & Peace - Volume 2 (The Peace Disk)

Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. 1

Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. 2


Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt

Jay-Z - In My Lifetime, Vol. 1

Jay-Z - Vol. 3...Life and Times of S. Carter

Jay-Z - The Bluprint

Jay-Z - The Black Album

Jedi Mind Tricks - The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness

Jedi Mind Tricks - Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell

Jurassic 5 - Jurassic 5 LP

Jurassic 5 - Quality Control


Kool G Rap - Wanted: Dead or Alve

Kool G Rap - Live and Let Die

Kool G Rap - 4, 5, 6

Kool G Rap - Roots of Evil

Kool Moe Dee - How Ya Like Me now

Kool Moe Dee - Jive Collection Volume 2: Kool Moe Dee


Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor


Method Man - Tical

Mos Def - Black on Both Sides

Mos Def - True Magic


Nas - Illmatic

Nas - It Was Written

Nas - Stillmatic

Nas - The Lost Tapes (compilation)

Nas - God's Son

Nas - Street's Disciple

Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead

Notorious B.I.G. - Ready to Die

Notorious B.I.G. - Life After Death

Notorious B.I.G. - Duets: The Final Chapter

Notorious B.I.G. - Greatest Hits

NWA - NWA and the Posse

NWA - Straight Outta Compton

NWA - 100 Miles and Runnin'


Obie Trice - Cheers

Obie Trice - Second Round's on Me

Tha Outlawz - Still I Rise (w/2Pac)

Tha Outlawz - Ride Wit Us Or Collide Wit Us

Tha Outlawz - Novakane

Tha Outlawz - Can't Sell Dope Forever (w/dead prez)


Paris - The Devil Made Me Do It

Paris - Sleeping with the Enemy

Paris - Guerrila Funk

Paris - Unleashed

Paris - Sonic Jihad

Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet

Public Enemy - Rebirth of a Nation


Run DMC - King of Rock

Run DMC - Raising Hell

Run DMC - Crown Royal


Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle

Snoop Dogg - Tha Doggfather

Snoop Dogg - Tha Last Meal

Snoop Dogg - R&G: The Masterpiece

Snoop Dogg - Tha Blue Carpet Treatment


Talib Kweli - Quality

Talib Kweli - The Beautiful Struggle

Talib Kweli - Ear Drum ( wink.gif )

Tech N9ne - The Calm Before the Storm

Tech N9ne - Anghellic

Tech N9ne - Absolute Power

Tech N9ne - Vintage Tech

Tech N9ne - Everready (The Religion)


Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever

Wu-Tang Clan - The W


X-Raided - Psycho Active

X-Raided - Xorcist

X-Raided - The Unforgiven Vol. 1

X-Raided - Vengance Is Mine

X-Raided - The Initiation

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Step away from the CDs BM! Flip me you have a lot.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Soundtrack

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City OST - Volume 1: V-Rock

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Ark

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Awake

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Smile

Linkin Park - Meteora

Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight

Sean Paul - Dutty Rock

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles

The Killers - Hot Fuss

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