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Duran Duran missing in Vice City soundtrack?


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Guess they never came to terms with Take Two Interactive... they are absent from VC stories as well.


Lots of good bands missing... they did do a good cross section of music from the period though..

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It isn't such a big thing. But true, Duran Duran is the most biggest band from the 80's. I love those times. I guess they never remembered to put Duran Duran to Vice City. No matter. Just enjoy the playing!

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I did get to see DD twice in 2005 in both the spring and summer... colgate.gif Pretty cool, though. Even without the original lineup now(now that Andy is gone), I still will see them in concert. smile.gif


Though if you make a DD connection with with one of the band members from Love Fist and Spandua Ballet appearing in Pop Quiz, losing to DD in that show. That could making an interesting DD connection, though, because Spandua lost to Duran Duran in the final round.





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On 6/26/2019 at 7:35 PM, KGBeast said:

Hungry Like the Wolf would have been a great song for Vice City. 


Then Rio for VCS.

Which Duran Duran song would be perfect for Vice City FM?

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The theme song from the James bond film "A View to a Kill" would have been appropriate for Vice City FM, as it was made by the same band that is mentioned here. 


Because the song is decent, but the film was a load of bad. 

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