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[WIP|SCR] The Green Light District

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Alright guys, nice mod.


Mind adding me to your "Special thanks" List?


I was the original creator of the Lynx district that Mafia stories where using wink.gif




- M57

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There will be a IV-port of this mod, but it will be done by Blaster_nl. Because the mod is still glitchy, unfinished and the lack of missions and a stortline, it will take some time to convert the mod to GTA IV. I will finish it in SA first, before converting it to IV.


Having that said, the IV-version will be different from the SA-version, because the mod plays in 1994 in SA and 2012 in the IV-version.


Another issue is the lack of multiplayer support, which i don't know if it iss possible at all with a Total Conversion mod.

its possible to have multiplayer... just gotta ask around, GTA United has a multiplayer component... so does Gostown and GTA RUssia... all use SA-MP as multiplayer...



also I heard that MTA can do it natively. although I have never found out if it was true or not...

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Monitor 57, your name has been mentioned in the Special Thanks list, at http://www.gtamodding.com/index.php?title=The_Green_Light_District_(Modification)


A few screens from the Mafia District. I will upload V1.7 very soon. The reason why the International version is delayed, is because of gtagarage don't allow me to upload a file size of 200 mb. So that's the reason why you can't download it for now.


If you still want it, you should create a account at the dutch gtaforum, and download it from there: http://www.gtaforum.nl/files/file/1446-the-green-light-district-v17-christmas-edition-2011/


Meanwhile, i've been working at the next version, V2.0 and I will promise that you are able to download at the release date.


The next version contains the new Mafia District, and Vestavia Hills island. These two islands were known as cita di curzione and Crowning Hills in the GTA Mafia Stories-mod.



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Thank you!

Very nice to see its alive!

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Why no vertex colours/prelighting? It would look great with it and currently it looks crap without it. :)

Edited by Frank.s

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That will be a final move, which don't have the priority for me at this moment.


The Island above, known as Mafia District (temporary) will get a namechange. The reason why I made this decision, is because of the 'time gap', between Mafia Stories and The Green Light District.


Mafia Stories setting is in the 50's or 60's, and The Green Light District is set in mid 90's. That is difference from a few decades.


In original concept of The Green Light District, there was a gang acting like the Mafia. The gang was known as the Zaibatsu.

The Mafia District will be known as Zaibatzu District from now.


Having that said, the island will not lose the Mafia setting, only the name has changed.

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