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GTA IV Trailer Countdown


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He sounds more Russian than French, to be honest.


I don't get how people can be disappointed.

The only thing that disappointed me was the fact that its in Liberty City........Again. We've been there and done that. Yeah it might have a whole new look but still..



Ah well, I'll get over it. Probably just got my hopes up. If the character is Russian though I'll be a lot happier because maybe there will finally be some Russian mob stuff rather than the same old mafia.

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Royal Criminal
He sounds more Russian than French, to be honest.


I don't get how people can be disappointed.

It's because most (if not all) GTA fans wanted a break from the U.S.A. and it dosen't nessicarily have to be London just not in the U.S.

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the cities probably not called liberteen. im sure its liberty city and liberteen is like a magazine or something.

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I'm finally getting to see it. There's definitely a cinematic feel to it. Unlike other trailers who's backround music could be found on the radio in the game, I very much doubt the theme music for this trailer wil be on the radio in IV. It sounds more like a movie score. Very dynamic lighting, especially in the scenes with the time capture inside the glass cielinged building. It's definitely set in the present day which I expected. The main character (or atleas the one they're showing us) is definitely more intricately modeled than CJ. Seems Middle-Eastern.

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There's alot of assuming going on in here. We don't know that the game is set in Liberty City, we know Liberty City is in the game. There's a huge difference. The name of the game isn't GTA: Return to Liberty. It's GTA IV, which means the game is going to be drasticly different. I'm obviously not 100% sure about this and if I'm proved wrong I have no problem admitting it, but I really think this game is going to be set in more than one city. I always felt they were going to do GTA: World or GTA: International on day, but figured it wouldn't be on their first attempt at the next gen hardware. I think I might definitely be wrong. I could definitely see us going to cities in different countries in this game. I definitely think London or Japan or France are possibly going to be in this game.


Think of it like this. In the past, when Rock* would put the websits for the new GTA game out, they would unviel the playing environment piece by piece. Maybe they're doing that this time. Instead they're rleasing short trailers to introduce each city (or state). We weren't introduced to all of Sanandreas at once. We got it city by city. If they gave us a state to play in last game, what's stopping them from giving us a country or, a f*cking world to play in this time.

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Polish guy muahhahha he starts as a cleaner and ends up in prison i am sure that is the beginning

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Thanks guys for posting the images from it. I actually finally saw the damn thing I had to download it from some where else. But I finally saw it, and I take it back, it will be great! I had a feeling they would have to add at least eight more islands to it. Its New York AND Liberty City. Put together, not just Liberty City. And the main character is some Russian guy, that is way cool. Damn it looks stunning.

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Well it looks like people who wanted real cars might be getting what they wanted. Or at least look alikes (as always). Not sure what car this is in real life, but I know Ive seen one.


spoilers below


user posted image


also, this is going to be cool imo


user posted image


I know its a little early, but i thought this would be a nice change to all the disappointed views lol.

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In the first "scene" there is a billboard on the left side and the only words I can make out on it are "FlyUS". Maybe some sort of airline system where London and Tokyo are maps as well? The news ticker 1/3 of the way in says something about African markets as well as Dutch, Maybe Africa and the Netherlands is represented? And lastly I definitely see Kids about half way in. Apologies if i'm repeating anyone.



Love the "I Slept with your Mom" movie poster

Edited by SushiMasta
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Ahh just seen it, awesome. Can't really think how to describe it, the lighting looked awesome, but I highly doubt it will look much like that in reality.


I particuarly like the new character, can't quite figure out where he's from though, I'd guess Albania, his accent sounds South Eastern European.


I am a little annoyed at the fact that it is based in the US again, I was hoping for somewhere else, not that it's going to stop me getting the game.

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Ok, I admit it. I have been fooled. It still looks great and hopefully more insight unfolds as time goes on. Such as the character's background because his accent just smells of "crime syndication from across the pond".


This'll be a VERY interesting experience.


(Also, thank god it isn't in Carcer City. Blegh)


EDIT: Locked by STM to prevent server hiccup / bumpage.

Edited by Suction Testicle Man
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