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GTA IV Trailer Countdown


Recommended Posts

Lol. I just spotted this literally seconds after you posted. biggrin.gif Can't wait, I can feel the hair on my neck standing up as I type.

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wow, this is brill. What ahve they done to the normal Rockstar that doesn't show any game footage until a week before the release?! wow.gif


Comes out on the same week and C&C3. That's going to be one hell of a week biggrin.gif

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Just as I was getting bored of GTAF this comes out biggrin.gif . Can't wait... hopefully we get something before the trailer comes out like a little bit of info or screen shots.

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You know it's going to be epic, look at that huge IV tbh.

Couldn't put it better 'epic'. And that is one hell of an impressive IV.


Looks like the hype starts early this year! inlove.gif

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That guess the date contest is for the first official screenshot. wink.gif


I cant f*cking wait to see this baby, awsome news inlove.gif


Edit: So excited typo's everywhere. biggrin.gif

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Awesome. i can't f*cking wait



anybody remember the SA days? as soon as the trailer hit, it was pretty much picked apart to get every single possible detail out of it? those were teh days.

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I hope R*'s servers don't crash... There's gonna be a lot of traffic when the trailer is revealed. sigh.gif


BTW, I'd rather see some in-game footage (or any showcase of the game engine) rather than a pre-rendered clip merely revealing the location. Well, anything is better than what we have now...

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Raymond Luxury-Yacht

I thought this would be a redunant 'guess the date' thread, but.....


I just hope this isn't a 5sec. teaser trailer that doesn't really show anything at all.


Of course, I don't expect it to be a full fledged trailer either, since it seems a bit early for that----but it'd better give us something based on which to start doing some REAL speculation!!!

Edited by Raymond Luxury-Yacht
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Although this is great news, something must be wrong, it's not like Rockstar to release a trailer so ealy before release date. IMO i dont think this trailer will be showing any gamefootage/gameplay. sad.gif

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A 20 second clip of the camera spinning around the main character with some awesome music in the background will be good enough for me. At least it reveals something we didn't know. then from that people can pick apart the scenery to find the location + time period according to the look of buildings?


So much you can get out of 20 seconds if you just try.



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