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Who or What am I?


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OH OH I KNOW!!! your the strip club by the clown's pocket!!!

Negative. Anyone else?

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City Planning Department?

This is the correct location and it is the third guess at it I think but What am I is blueprints on the same level as the Caligula Casino Blueprints and tha answer is the Name on the upper left is Starkweathers Estate. So I pass to whomever wants it but one of the people guessing the planning department would be most fitting the first I think was Spazmo but there is a list of them.

Edited by HolyGrenadeFrenzy
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that was hard................

To get to, perhaps. To figure out confused.gif notsomuch I think. But then again I went a got a photo of the corner of said blueprints, so. colgate.gif

Edited by HolyGrenadeFrenzy
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Name the vehicles that drive around Los Santos with the crazytown cheat activated.

Is this the cheat where you have the food people as peds?


If so, the ones I can remember are: hot dog van, caddy, kart, tug, bf injection, quadbike, mr whoopee, hotknife, pizzaboy.


Did I miss something? =)

Edited by Saget
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I look like a star. Who or what am I?


(The question is supposed to be vague, because it isn't something too hard to guess and I have lots of hints to give).

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I'm thinking that this is some sort of trick question. So are you the "Comet" car?

Nah. It's more obvious than you think.


Hint: I'm a 4 points star...

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