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Who or What am I?


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The last one was locked due to the fact it had over 1,000 posts. Let's start again!



It's simple and it's called who am I.


Here is the tutorial:


Aim: The aim of the game is to guess what a said person is referencing. For example, if he says 'I am located in San Fierro', you have to guess what it is.




- Things that could be suggested are missions, people, locations/places of interest, suburbs (or simply localities), cars, objects and weapons.

- The person who answers correctly will ask the next question.

- Only the person who asks the question can say if an answer is correct or not.

- After every five incorrect guesse, some one is allowed to ask for a clue.

- This is an unlimited game. There are unlimited clues, and people are allowed to take unlimited guesses.

- Anyone is free to play, as long as you follow the rules.

- Good luck and enjoy!

- Please don't spam.

- No arguments. All disputes will be taken care of me.




I will make a top ten leaderboard for those who have guessed the most.


1 point = 1 correct guess














Here is the last score rank from the old topic by Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic:



1st: Gman91 = 21

2nd: XxDarkxPsychicxX = 14

3rd: Greene = 12

4th: Mr_Hym = 8

5th: Graugboy = 7

6th: Tommy’s right hand man = 7

7th: -/TNT\- = 6

8th: spazmo = 5

9th: Baity = 3

10th: Fear Factor = 4

11th: Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic = 3

12th: Gaja 90 = 3

13th: Pranjal = 3

14th: Lone Soldier D = 2

15th: Benimino234 = 2

16th: ya mum = 2

17th: Canoxa = 2

18th: rashon125 = 2

19th: lord fido = 1

20th: Lost-Fender = 1

21st: blackadder18 = 1

22nd: fareed = 1





We will not continue the last one and start over again. You may have go ahead and start off. Enjoy!

Edited by Lost-Fender
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Blind Joe Death
Are you keeping the old scores or starting a fresh?

I reckon he should start fresh! So all the people who have only seen it now get a chance of winning and plus it's a new topic starter so he should start over again.

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nobody guessed right yet

here's a hint:

a name of a character from previous gta series is written on my sign

(this should be easy now)

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The Zombotech Building is a reference to the Resident Evil Series.

Pass if correct.



@New Topic: I'm glad someone started a new one. No offence to Stefan but the old topic was out of control lately, probably due to his inactiveness. It had three or four specific guys who constantly spammed the topic. But I'm sure you can control this topic, Lost-Fender wink.gif

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nope, you're all wrong.

- i said gta series not resident evil series

- it has nothing to do with tommy vercetty


i'll quote myself


a name of a character from previous gta series is written on my sign


another hint: i'm close to the gym


how can this be hard? HOW?

Edited by Arthazzz
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The bridge facts?

No, but you were close.


HINT: I am probably a result of Easter Eggs in the previous GTA series.

Edited by The_Raven
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The text on the top of Gant Bridge thatt says 'there are no easter eggs here - go away'.

Excelent. This is the correct answer. Your turn icon14.gif

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