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[Zmod|VC] "Basic" modelling


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as I know a bit of modding, I want to share my knowledge, so here's an "easy to learn" tutorial. biggrin.gif


Recommended Programs:

Zanoza Modeler 1.07

IMG tool

TXD Workshop

(They’re all I use)

ok, lets get started, we wanna make a simple Gun for GTA:VC, first, you need ZModeler V1.07, it has to be registered.

Start it, if you want, you can get Blueprints, I use Suurland or The Blueprints, we’re going to make a Glock.

They are 4 views I use, 3D, Right, Front and Top.

The 3D view, is where you can see your model in 3D

Right, Model In Right

Front, Model In Front

Top, model From Top

pretty easy, huh?

user posted image

Oh, I almost forgot, to load a picture, click on the corner of thee view, in this case, the Right View, there is a little button at the corner, click on it, and you will get a list, select the last option "Background" and click "Load Image", then, select the image, and then open, then "OK"

this program is very, very easy to use, Lets use a Cube for the "Slider"

user posted image

there's the Cube, now we must make it fit, select the Verticles mode by clicking this little button user posted image

and click on the cube, now some red dots should appear on the Corners, now click Modify ->Move, and Drag the dots to fit: user posted image

now, we’re going to make the barrel, make a single tube

keep making shapes until you got all the picture in the background covered:

(continue to next post)

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user posted image

now, to texture it, you must use the UV mapper, as I told you, in the corner of the View thing, click on the little square, now, you should see the list, and somewhere there, it should say "UV Mapper", click on it, and a square should appear: user posted image

(the left lower), now, search the internet to get the Texture, a simple side pic of the gun should be good, click on the material Editor user posted image and a window should appear, where there is alotta stuff, and in the window there is a white ball, over it, it says "<Default material>": user posted image

and BESIDE it, it says "Copy" and "delete", click on Copy, on the <Default material> thing, there's a Downward arrow, click it, and you'll see list, click on the 2nd <Default material>, rename it to "glock" (in the bar that says "Name"), click on "Primary Texture", then on "Load map" and then another window should appear, press on "add", search for your Texture, the "OK", click on Select ->all, and then pres on "Faces Mode" user posted image , and click whit the right mouse button anywhere in the model, it should be red now (only the selected part!), and click anywhere whit the right mouse button in this list: user posted image

another list should appear, click on Faces ->Properties, then a dialog box will appear, there's a part that says "<Default material>, and there is also a downwards arrow, click it and select Glock, then, click OK, now, click on Surface ->mapping ->Assign UV, press Space Bar, now, on the red part of the model (not 3D!), and in the UV Mapper it should appear a box + the texture: user posted image

now, press Space bar again, and click on Modify, and use everything there to play around whit this box in the UV mapper until it's textured, do this whit every single part.

Now, you should have a Beautiful Glock. user posted image

now, you cant use this in VC, it would not appear, so you have to connect Everything, by using the Square Selection Tools: user posted image, select the Object mode, its the Red Square, close to the verticles mode, drag, and everything will appear red, now click on Create ->Objects ->UniteSelect, and click anywhere on the model, a box will appear, there you rename the object, to a single object, the default is Union, lets rename it to Glock.



if there is any grammar mistake, or anything wrong with this tutorial, tell me biggrin.gif


edit: darn, i forgot the most impotant of all in this tutorial, the credits, thanks to everyone who helped me:


92F: told me about connecting


Knowledge Novice: helped me much about coding, and much mor


REspawn: for giving me a warning...


Suction Testicle Man: well...he answered me alotta questions and is very nice


Lord Fido: gave me backup, and also is from same country as me, PODER CHILENO!! lol


-/TNT\-: helped me alot in modding


vinnygouveia: he liked most of my mods


AK-73: was nice with me, and told me about his great mod



if i forgot someone, im sorry, tell me.


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Ah, so you box model eh, pretty simple I guess. But if you do want to proceed, I'd try and start mesh modelling.


Btw, I think you might need to copy and mirror the trigger and trigger guard or just widen it and centre it. There off centre and a bit too thin.

user posted image
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The end result isn't too bad, with box modelling you can't expect much more. Like 92F said, you should start mesh modelling.


Oh, and thanks for adding me in the credits. Appreciated.

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idk when i try to load an image there is nothing there so press add image and there is no pic of the gun im trying to use, even though i saved it. is it because the pic is too big???

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How do you create the cube? I am searching it for hours and i just can't find the way! I think i'm gonna suicidal.gif

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user posted image


I'm using this gun, but if I apply it as a texture it puts lots of small pictures of the gun on mine. Like this:

user posted image


How do I make my gun look like a real gun? I'm using ver 2.0.9. Any help would be great! Also, can you apply two different colours to one item you've made?

Edited by GTAndy
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NEA Nouman Ejaz Awan

I've read it today,after 7 years. I apreciate you SILBERIO WILLIAMS. It will work for everyone in future. I am already modeling weapons so its not new for me. But its alright.

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The OP hasn't be active in three years. So I doubt he'll reply to help or to update the tutorial, so I'll lock it.

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