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hmm not right


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Hi, finnaly decided to download VC-MP(version 3)


I started it up fine, clicked the internet tab got the server list, then tried to join a server and it came up "GTA Vice City executable not found (C:\Programfiles\RockstarGames\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\VC-MP documentation\gta-vc.exe) so i go to my rockstar\vicecity folder and the exe isn't there (i have uninstalled and reinstalled this 3 times)


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Vercetti Gangsta

Your path is kind-of wierd?

C:\Programfiles\RockstarGames\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\VC-MP documentation\

You sure you haven't installed VC-MP at an incorrect directory?

Please be sure it's installed at the correct directory and that the path is set to the correct place in the server browser.

Also be sure that your Vice City is clean, which means it doesn't have any other modifications installed onto it!


I also noticed you've posted your question inside the Help And Questions topic, which is the right place for it. Please do this in the future aswell!

Edited by Vercetti Gangsta
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yea i posted there first and got no response so thought it appropriate to move it here tounge.gif and thanks for your help

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Whn u browse to ur vc folder it wont show any files other than folders, just double click on vc folder and click ok, it will run.

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