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Liberty City Stories Total Conversion


Recommended Posts

What's is going on?? Why new topic is deleted?? cryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gif



Is retextured" byte smile.gif :


If someone have some suggestions i say, this is just beta 1 general and i have only 50% to make full Callahan Bridge.

Edited by HackMan128
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Just so ya guys now what's going on...


The old topic was closed because it was too long and ... well.. that's pretty much it, because it was too long.

So, now we'll use this one to keep you knowing what's going on with the updates and the "coming soon" Beta 2.


As I said in the old topic, i'm on vacation till March 5 and when I get back home I have to fix my pc, so, that may explain why I have little to no internet access right now.


I have sent all most of the team members a "pre-beta 2" with all the stuff made that Beta1 was lacking of; and hopefully the new beta will have most of the cars done and in one style (LCS style... also, I'll see if I can get permission to use the dll hook DexX and ModelingMan made so we can have actual real-time reflections... that's up to them in fact blush.gif )

Also, all the old buildings have been prelighted and now fit the whole LC lightning setup. A couple more map modifications have been added (Cock's Stadium Underconstruction for example) and others have been improved (Harwood underconstruction now has half-built apt. towers with red beams and scaffolds... ya know... like LCS).

Some peds have been fixed (example: Cop now isn't just a texture change but it has been remaped in some parts and I united some of the sharp edges between the arms, legs, etc), some new have been added (the dealer you met in Slacker for example).

Some gangs have been updated: Mafia goons now have a thiner body and look more like LCS ones, Colombian Cartel members are now are more like their LCS counterpairts and if I get to, I'll see if I can rig the Yardie's).

And last, but not least, the most awaited thing in this mods history by most: Missions! hopefully in the next beta we'll have real LCS missions coded by aradesh and using the real cutscene files, so, except for lip and eye movement, they'll be EXACTLY as LCS ones. inlove.gif


So... that's all I wanted to say.

The first post in this topic will be edited when the next beta comes out for the public and till then we'll use this topic for the same thing we used the old one: discuss stuff related to the mod tounge.gif.


For the last part, I'll try to check this as much as I can but I cannot asure you that I'll be on everyday and no progress from me till March 5 or so, that's kinda obvious but... tounge.gif. For pm's and that kind of stuff, a friend of my named Georgecito/Jorge_857 will be awnsering to simple questions in my account till I get back to normal, be nice with him since he doesn't speak too much english but I'm sure he'll do his best tounge.gif.


Thanks and as Maurice Chavez would say: Bye, and please, don't kill me!






@Hackman: I'll fix Callahan bridge textures when I get back home and get my pc fixed; yes, they are like the LCS screens you've got from LCS, but they NEED to be darker, as I said, I'll fix them, apart from that, no offense but, you seem to be taking too long to get the bridge done, i was thinking you could start working on Rockford station so in Beta 2 we could have boths ferry stations done and that could be coded, meaning: we'd have a fully working ferry biggrin.gif, that's up to you.

@Catzilla: I should reply you through pm, but screw it: as I said, I don't have Sal's files anymore... it's okey, they sucked, they'll be remade when I get back home, too.

@Everybody else: Keep posting here tounge.gif.

Edited by TripleAs
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Yes Sergant TripleAs sir!! We'll keep posting here sir!!


So anyways i almost craped my pants when i've red the news biggrin.gif

God damn it i'm so excited!

@TripleAs: Take me on vacation with you biggrin.gif becouse i've worked my ass off...

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Sory for prevorius post, I correct this little darkness etc...

This is 100% this model. This is only 10% Callahan B. But very hard work.

I make long time? I have vacation sometime ago.



user posted image

Edited by HackMan128
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I wonder how the game will look in Beta 2 becouse TripleAs said he'll change DLLs and sh*t if he'll get a permissionfrom DexX and the whole prelightning thing... I hope the graphics will be improoved like ParoXum did with GTA:SA smile.gif

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Now is little darkness i think, sorry i can't make models because NathanHenry is gone and only he like made screens of gta lcs. So some months ago i take vacation. Sorry, I very like make models but i must know, how make it.


@TripleAS try take HardDisc from your screwed computer and connect this disc for computer of your friend. moto_whistle.gif

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Hey! I still working on this. Don't forget about this ok.


user posted image


user posted image

Edited by HackMan128
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what cars need doing again?

scratch made?




and if you'd like to: a huge remodeling on the V8 ghost.

also, the RCBandit (which is just a scaled down bobcat with huge wheels).


some other stuff needs to be done too, but till i get my pc fixed...there isn't too much i can do right now.


Btw, i'm back from vacation = i'll be checking this more often.




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What's up now in gta lcs?

some new cars?

What about faggio??

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Good news.


Aradesh and I have placed almost all the vehicles (more on this), secret packages, health, weapons and other pickups in their correct locations by using a decompiled main.scm from the original LCS and converting the coordinates to fit LC.



TripleAs, I need a conversion table from you for the following cars:



Deimos SP

Campaign Van

Ballot Van

Hellenbach GT

Phobos VT

V8 Ghost


Sindacco Argentino

Forelli Exsess


By "conversion table" i mean which vehicles in existing GTA:LC will the above vehicles replace? i.e. Thunder-Rodd replaces Cuban Hermes, etc.


We also need somebody to make screenshots of every bike and the above cars AT THEIR SPAWNPOINTS. One screenshot per bike/car. The point of this is that we do not know the vehicle id's for bikes (and the listed cars), but we do have every vehicle's spawnpoint. We have temporarily replaced the "missing" vehicle id's with Deluxos.

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We've gotta see that asap. I know there are some unused car slots in LC so cars won't be a problem.


I know for a fact that Hotring, Hotrina, Hotrinb, Hotringc, regina, greenwood, virgo, and a couple more could work fine.

In the install i had before my pc got f*cked up, Phobos Vt was hotring, Sindacco Argento was Regina, Forelli Excess was greenwood, and so on.


well... it's time for me to tell ya tha truth:

Bad News: I won't have internet till... 72 hs from now according to Fibertel S.A. Argentina.

Good News: Most of my pc got fixed, so... it's just a matter of time till I grab myself a copy of 3dStudio9, Photoshop CS2, and a couple tools more that are of common use for me.

Bad News (again): I don't have my old HD functioning correctly (i have a 20 gb hd now sad.gif but i'll see what i can do)

Very Bad News: School starts March 12.

Good News (???): I finally ended my "sabbatic year" (it wasn't a year but... meh) from modding.



Life is beautiful, isn't it?




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Life is beautiful for people, which have money smile.gif


OK, still faggio is gta vc model.

always I try decompile gta3ps2 files but nothing sad.gif

...and everyday i made models for gta lcs pc smile.gif





Just remember... don't give up

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HearseDeimos SPCampaign VanBallot VanHellenbach GTPhobos VTV8 GhostThunder-RoddSindacco ArgentinoForelli Exsess



We need somebody to make screenshots of every bike and the above cars AT THEIR SPAWNPOINTS. One screenshot per bike/car. The point of this is that we do not know the vehicle id's for bikes (and the listed cars), but we do have every vehicle's spawnpoint. We have temporarily replaced the "missing" vehicle id's with Deluxos.

Edited by catzilla
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Nice to see every one working smile.gif maybe you should consider in buying a new PC? or something... anyways... What about Manchez? will you make another bike slot or something?

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yeah, those are done but there's no way we can make another bike slots.


and... what's with the "buying a new pc" thing? are you f*cking crazy? I tell you, at least in here, a PC is not being sale for a dime, especially one like mine, which is now...connected to the internet for some reason.

Also, i may be able to get everything i had, it'll be the same i think, but hey, i'm happy... i've got my pc, internet, porn, and all the stuff i used to have.


merry xmas.






catzilla: Ask futu... he loves to be bothered taking pictures.

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Well TripleAs as my friend who lives in USA says that everything is very cheap becouse here in Lithuania everything is very expensive it's like a PSP cost like 900 LT and in USA PSP costs like 225 dollars right? and believe me it's very expensive for us believe me it's like 200 LT is the same as 200$ for you...


Back on topic


So what are you going to do about those bikes?

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Okey dokey, i got my files back and everybody is happy... right?

If you aren't happy, get the f*ck outta here, k? biggrin.gif oh, and have a nice day.


Let's get to that list:

Hearse - Corpse

Deimos SP - Deluxo

Campaign Van - Burrito? (if i put a "?" it's because it isn't done yet)

Ballot Van - spand?

Hellenbach GT - sabretur?

Phobos VT - virgo

V8 Ghost - hotrina

Thunder-Rodd - cuban hermes/hermes?

Sindacco Argentino - regina

Forelli Excess - greenwoo

Ferry - tropic

Bickle '76 - borgnine


Now, before we make further changes on the scm, it would be nice to rename some stuff in the vehicles.col, default.ide, some names in the gtx and of course the dff and txd names.


Now, this are the unused slots that may or may not get turned into bikes:


rio - boat

hotring - car

fbiranch - car

hunter - heli

washing - car

cuban - car

chopper - heli

squalo - boat

seaspar - heli

caddy - car

skimmer - heli/boat

rcraider - heli/rc

glendale - car

oceanic - car

sparrow - heli

lovefist - car

hermes - car

sabretur - car

walton - car

burrito - car

spand - car

marquis - boat

baggage - car

kaufman - car

maverick - heli

vcnmav - heli

rancher - car

jetmax - boat

mesa - car

hotrinb - car

bloodra - car

bloordb - car



So, any ideas?

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I think we should leave the rc vehicles and helis alone, because in the main.scm there are 2 "toyz" vans.


The problem with turning cars into bikes is the fact that the bikes will sound like cars..


I'll speak to Aradesh about this later today, I hope I catch him on icq..



I still need the screenshots mentioned in the first post on this page.

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Woo i'm so happy biggrin.gif ok but can't you just change the car sounds like rename and overwrite?

Nearly all the car slots share engine sounds with another car, so you will run into problems that way.

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