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NBA Discussion


Recommended Posts

Looking forward to the game on Tuesday. Will it be on ESPN?

Usually the games are on ABC for the finals. 9pm et

Sweet. Was wondering if I had to listen to the radio feed or have to go to a friends house to see it. Anxious to see how the Lakers perform in Orlando.

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I think its safe to say Lakers have this wrapped up. L.A needs a parade  colgate.gif

No its not. They'll get their home games. Then it'll be different. smile.gif

Lakers are best on the road, they will at least get one game over there. We should ended in Game 6. I'll be very surprised if this is a sweep.

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Pretty good game last night. Orlando won as expected. Who else watched it? Or at least the highlights?

Oh yeah, I watched the entire game. Glad the Magic won and I liked the way they played.


What they need to do is play like this for the rest of the games and win that championship. I'd love to see that.

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Lakers win the championship and no ones posted this? Wow, you guys must really hate the Lakers.

user posted image


We'll get above twenty wins next year. I hope. sad.gif

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Lakers win the championship and no ones posted this? Wow, you guys must really hate the Lakers.

The finals had it's own topic that was pinned for about a week, hence this topic being dead for a few days. Don't worry we all still love LA. biggrin.gif

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Lakers win the championship and no ones posted this? Wow, you guys must really hate the Lakers.

Damn, I completely forgot they were going to win last night, so I missed the riots.

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Lakers win the championship and no ones posted this? Wow, you guys must really hate the Lakers.

I was gonna post, but decided not too since I was gonna double post. tounge.gif


Cant wait for the parade on Wednesday. biggrin.gif The riot yesterday was great.

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Digital Warlord.

I was thinking a little bit about Cleveland's situation. Having just made it to the Eastern Conference finals there wouldn't appear to be much need for panic but... Their window of opportunity might be gone by the end of next year if they can't resign LeBron. Not knowing what he's going to do puts them in a very awkward position imo. If his decision really is uncertain at this point doesn't Cleveland have to either go for broke, pull all the stops and try to win it this year (signing a big FA and swalling the cost) with LeBron or essentially pull the rip cord on the whole operation and see what they can get for LeBron in trade. Obviously this assumes he doesn't have a no-trade clause which I'm not sure about. Even if he does have a no trade clause I'm sure that can be scrapped if LeBron and Cleveland agree on something that benefits both parties.


The possibilities really seem endless. I'm guessing if Cleveland wins a title next year LeBron would be far more inclined to want to stay. Especially, if most of the major components of that team are going to return for another year. Cleveland should know whether or not they're going to contend for the title by mid year I would assume. If mid year comes and Cleveland isn't looking like the top one or two teams in the East would it not serve Cleveland's purpose to see if they can at least get something for LeBron in trade rather than play out the year and have him sign with another team after the season is over essentially getting nothing for him except lots of salary space?


I'm so bad at the general manager game and a lot of you guys are pretty knowledgeable about what teams can do. What's Cleveland's best course of action?


Here's another crazy thought that went through my head. Say LeBron plays out his contract in Cleveland and they don't win the title next year leaving him a free agent. What's to stop LeBron from signing with one team for a year? Why on earth would he do that do you ask? Easy. To win a championship. Say he's a free agent and a team like the Lakers, Houston, Orlando or Boston has a mid-level exemption available couldn't he sign with that team for one year virtually making that team a lock to win a title? I know it's a big risk, he could have a career ending injury or whatever but he can buy a Lloyd's of London insurance policy to protect against that. Once he's won the championship he can sign for whatever team he wants for the max.


Just so many possibilities. Do you think he would ever put winning a championship ahead of salary for one year if winning was almost assured? He's still going to have plenty of time to make tons of $$$ and it's not like he wouldn't continue to make tons from Nike anyway. Seems like it would be pretty easy to find a scenario where he's going to have a high likelihood of winning a championship. Even if not with Cleveland he could position himself with another team pretty easily if he's willing to sacrifice a little money.


I'm interested in hearing what some of you guys have to say. Hopefully you won't flame me too hard if my post ended up being way off.

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Digital Warlord.

Hah just watched that Lakers interview. Really good stuff.


one thing i will say is that Kimmel gives an excellent interview. a 20 minute back and forth with eight athletes can be incredibly difficult and awkward, but this was really good. many NBA players just give canned responses- work hard, trust in teammates, never give up, god, etc. but he really got them to open up it was pretty cool.


This kills me to say but I'm liking Kobe more and more as time goes on too.

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Interesting thought, but 'sports star' and 'sacrifice money' do not work together in the same sentence. tounge.gif

This. Usually the "take a pay cut to win a championship" thing doesn't happen until later in their career, when they realize they only have a few more years left to win a ring and they haven't accomplished that yet. The horrible part about LeBron though is that if he goes to the Knicks, he's turning huge amounts of cash plus a championship opportunity, just for a little more cash with no hopes of a ring. Maybe if NY can land Bosh and LeBron they'll have a legitimate shot. That would sure make AG happy. tounge.gif


And Digital Warlord, that essay you wrote is blatant copy/paste...

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Do you think he would ever put winning a championship ahead of salary for one year if winning was almost assured?



As I've said before, I can't wait for him to waste away in New York 2 seasons from now.

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  • 3 weeks later...

A few Players better than MJ



plays better man to man defense

more VERSATILE scorer

more SKILLFUL passer

better LEADER

takes less shots

81 points



LED the bulls to SIX rings

better passer


better shot blocker

200steals and 100 blocks!!



better rebounder

better leader

better shot blocker

better LEADER



better passer

better rebounder


won the finals MVP in his ROOKIE YEAR(it took jordan about 8 years until he would rob pippen for the final MVP)



Meet me on the court an Im trouble,last week *beep* around and got a triple double

basically averaged a triple double in his ROOKIE year

the ONLY play to ever average a triple double FACT



kobe:In the last 10 years NBA competition has grown to a skill level never before seen. With un-paralleled athletes like Vince Carter, Lebron James, Dwayne Wayde, Allen Iverson, and Tracy McGrady the NBA has ushered in a new era of talent. If you look at that list of athletes there is one obvious superstar missing, Kobe Bryant.


Kobe has separated himself from every other person on this planet so viscously it's sick. This season alone scoring 10 50-point games. Michael Jordan is usually referred to as one of the best basketball players, if not the best of all time. And there is no denying he is great. But to truly compare and contrast the two superstars you must look at contributing factors in play, not just stats and titles.


In this age of basketball the game has developed into a highly spectated sport and career. The ability to study other athletes is more accessible for players around the league. Therefore it is easier to defend superstars. Athletes around the league scout and study Kobe Bryant's moves yet still can't defend them.


Coaches double him, players triple him, and Kobe mixes em. The mentality of Kobe Bryant is incomparable. He manages to get inside the heads of his defenders, every shot he takes is taken like no one is in his face. The confidence is supreme. Kobe doesn't just think, he knows he will make every shot.


Kobe Bryant is the most prolific scorer in NBA history. He is the youngest player to score 18 thousand points. He is the youngest athlete named to the NBA All-Defensive Team, an honor he has achieved five times. He is the youngest person to ever win the NBA dunk competition. Kobe stunned fans on a magical unforgettable February night when he dropped 81 points on the Toronto Raptors, the second highest single game score in NBA history. In a game against Dallas in the 05-06 season Kobe Bryant outscored the entire Maverick team through three quarters.



Pippen was the true LEADER. MJ did nothing w/o Pippen. Pippen led the Bulls to 55 wins and a playoff series win w/o MJ in 94 and led the Bulls in pts, rebs, asts, stls, and blks in 95. 2 things that MJ was NEVER able to do w/o Pippen.


Pippen was a better all around player than MJ.


SP career minutes: 41069

MJ career minutes: 41013

(almost identical)


SP career assists: 6135

MJ career assists: 5633


SP career rebounds: 7494

MJ career rebounds: 6672


SP career blocks: 947

MJ career blocks: 893




Both LeBron James and Michael Jordan are/were explosive offensive players with great playmaking ability, and have/had the ability to change a game in an instant. While some players start slow and need time to learn and grow within the NBA, Jordan and James started off their careers with a ####. In each player’s first career game, Jordan notched 16 points while James scored 25 points. Both players not only went on to win the Rookie of the Year award, but also joined former NBA great Oscar Robertson as the only players to average at least 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists per game in their opening season. In addition, take into consideration the following statistical comparison, which states each player’s season averages for field goal percentage (FG%), three point field goal percentage (3PT%), free throw percentage (FT%), offensive rebounds per game (ORPG), assists per game (APG), points per game (PPG), and turnovers (TO).



Jeez, where to begin...


Jordan's defense was definitely overrated to a certain extent. The Bulls were never recognized as a good defensive team during Jordan's first couple of years with the team. It wasn't until they acquired Grant and Pippen that Jordan even MADE the all-defense team.


Jordan made guys better? Like who?


Horace Grant played 17 years in the NBA. B.J. Armstrong played 11 years in the NBA... the ONLY time EITHER of these guys EVER made the all star team was 1994... the year Jordan was retired. Pippen got BOTH of these guys to an all star game.


The 90s had Ewing, Olajuwon and Robinson (and later on, Shaq)... but the NBA was not totally dominated by big men... most of the big men in the NBA sucked during the 90s. Luc Longley sucked...Bill Cartwright sucked....


Between Moses Malone in 1983 and Shaq in 2000, the only big men to win the MVP award were Olajuwon and Robinson...and they did it in the two years Jordan was retired (1994 and 1995).


The 90s also saw a HUGE influx of high school players who were not ready for the NBA. Of COURSE it's easier for a guy like Jordan to dominate that kind of a league, not only full of high school players but also several expansion teams, the immediate impact of which is always to dilute the talent level of each team.



Let's also not forget that David Stern helped Jordan immensely by instituting a number of rule changes, not the least of which was to MOVE THE THREE POINT LINE IN. Here are Jordan's 3 point FG percentages, year by year...


1985 - 17.3%

1986 - 16.7% (only played 18 games)

1987 - 18.2%

1988 - 13.2%

1989 - 27.6%

1990 - 37.6%

1991 - 31.2%

1992 - 27.0%

1993 - 35.2%

1995 - 50.0% (played 17 games)

1996 - 42.7%

1997 - 37.4%

1998 - 23.8 %

2002 - 18.9%

2003 - 29.1%


Wanna guess when the 3 point line was moved in?


Do we need to go into how traveling was no longer called, nor was palming the ball? (of course, it's not Jordan's fault that these rules were never enforced with him... he was smart to take advantage of the fact that the refs were never going to call him for these violations).


In his post-Jordan career, Pippen reached the Western Conference finals... Jordan never even made it into the second round without Pippen... Pippen also got the Bulls to the 2nd round in 1994, when the press predicted that they would be lucky to win 15 games without Michael.


Jordan's career playoff record without Pippen was about 1 win and 10 loses. This hardly suggests a player who should be considered the GOAT.


Pippen also made the All-Defensive team with Chicago, Portland and Houston . He played great defense no matter where he was... In fact, he made the all-defensive team FOUR times WITHOUT having Jordan as a teammate. Jordan never made the all-defensive team without Pippen. Jordan is one of the most overrated defenders in NBA history.


It's easy to say that James Worthy would be a hall of famer no matter where he played, but that's far from a foregone conclusion. Worthy had drawbacks in his offensive game, but didn't have to worry about these things being exposed, because Magic used Worthy's skills perfectly. Worthy was better as a #3 option on offense than he would have been playing for the Clippers as the franchise player.


As for Kareem, he was ready to retire by 1978. He'd won an MVP award in 1977, and dominated Bill Walton in the Western Conference Finals (although the Blazers swept the Lakers, Jabbar outplayed Walton in 3 of the 4 games, usually be huge margins)... but Kareem was sick and tired of busting his a$$ out there every night, and he was ready to call it quits. He hung on for a couple of more years, getting blown out each time by Seattle in the playoffs, and he was totally frustrated. Along came Magic, and Kareem "magically" was able to last another 10 years in the NBA, including some dominant wins against the greatest front line of all time, the Parrish/Bird/McHale Celtics.... and Kareem went on to become the 5th leading scorer of the 1980s, after being the leading scorer for the decade of the 70s.


Finally, there is not ONE player in the entire NBA during the 80s or early 90s that would have taken Jordan to have as a team mate over Magic. EVERYONE wanted to play with Magic, because he truly made his teammates better. Guys were taking less money to go play with the Lakers and Magic because of what he did for his teammates. Anyone ever do that with Jordan?


Jordan never made ANYONE better. As I said, Pippen made all stars out of Horace Grant and B.J. Armstrong. Historians will look at that feat and ask "how the *beep* did he DO THAT???" The answer is simple... magic.


And the 90s were HUGELY watered down.


So you complain that you're gonna hear about "Jordan didn't win without Pippen, etc". Well, HE DIDN'T. You're calling him the greatest of all time because he won 6 titles ... are you aware that 6 titles isn't a record??? Probably not. Well, it isn't.


Oh, and Bob McAdoo is a Hall of Famer ONLY because of his association with Magic...prior to his arrival with the Lakers, he was said to be a malingerer and a loser


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  • 2 months later...

hey nba season starts soon who do ye think will win it.I say Lakers for a repeat.they lost trevor ariza and picked up ron artest.Also i think Kevin Durant could win MVP

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  • 2 weeks later...


Also i think Kevin Durant could win MVP

Really? He would have to put up ridiculous numbers which I doubt he could do at this point in his career. Not to mention the voters tend to stay away from great players on bad teams (See: 08-09 Wade, 05-06 Kobe). As much as I hate to say it I think LeBron will most likely be getting the award again, since I don't see his numbers going down that much. If anyone has a good shot at overtaking him I think it's D Wade though.

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  • 2 weeks later...

No way Durant is going to get a MVP trophy this year, unless OKC in some magical way transforms in a great or at least good team. Yes, they have a big potential, but i think this season won't be better than the last for them. As for who could win the MVP trophy, I think it will be Howard or James.

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Dwight Howard wont win mvp.hes not good enough on offense.he will win defensive player of the year though. Durant will lead the league in scoring

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He wasn't good enough in offense last year, maybe this year he will be. Anyway Howard winning MVP trophy is way more realistic than Durant doing it.

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